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How many are NOT giving up on Ron, Rand, Jack Hunter, and the Campaign for Liberty?

Hello? Is anybody out there?

And, yes, I lumped all of them together because for some of us (well, at least ONE of us) think they are ALL still parts of a winning strategy for liberty.

But I am tired of sifting through all of the rants, tantrums, and negativity to find those soul mates who are still wanting to move forward with Ron Paul's GOP strategy.

P.S. For those who hate Rand etc., could you at least resist the urge to down vote so the rest of us can find each other? If you do I promise to leave you the rest of the Daily Paul to trash all of the above unmolested.


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How does a post like this get

How does a post like this get 152 upvotes? Seriously the site must have been hacked, because when reading the comments it's pretty hard to find anyone who would dare lump Rand, Jack, Ron and the liberty movement into the same lump.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

It's just your distorted view of things

which never really reflected the actual situation on this site.

You're not alone, but there are not nearly as many haters as you thought.

For some reason as I look

For some reason as I look down the comments of this post and see the ones that are upvoted, it's obvious that the majority isn't so pro Rand/Romney, and are making a great distinction between Rand and Ron.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Of course not

John Dennis is running one-on-one against Pelosi. all California activists should make it out to help him, grassroots style, Ron Paul style.

Delegates do your thing, pull off the greatest upset in American politics.

Everyone else, find some campaigns (state, local, congress) and work on them! Keep spreading the message of Liberty. Keep handing out Super Brochures. Do what you can.

Jack Wagner

My support is for Ron

My support is for Ron Paul.

Screw Rand, screw Jack Hunter...


I'm not going to sit here after 10 years of RP support and cheer on the slow infiltration, pandering, or acquiescence to the GOP or GOP 'friendly' ideals.

If you wanna support that crap go ahead, but MANY of us have had enough of the capitulation to the GOP.

No support for Rand! No deal! No dice!

Friend to Minarchists, AnCaps, Voluntaryists, Agorists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Paul Supporters, Free Marketeers, Jeffersonians, Status Quo Buckers, and Ron Paul Fans.

Pax Libertas. Semper Veritas. Semper Res Publica.

I am for Dr Ron Paul as far as I know the others aren't running

for anything. Go Ron Paul



I'm with you all, and maybe with Ron Paul but not with C4L

Yesterday, I unsubscribed from C4L in response to their plea for money. They resubscribed me, so I promptly unsubscribed again. Their email list is probably worth less money the fewer email addresses on it.

If Ron Paul demonstrates that he's not part of that subterfuge of Rand Paul, I'm with him.

But, I'm not with Jack or Jessie.

I think Carol's for real. I'm with her.

My Faith is in God

My support is for Ron Paul
Nuff said

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina


Ill not turn my back on Ron Paul.


Some people feel Rand is a sell out or traitor or whatever name used.

Some people feel he is not, or is doing what he thinks will move Liberty forward.

I do not know which is correct as I do not know what is in Rands heart.

Why are people getting so upset and so vicious in response to some that doesn't agree with their opinion?

Which ever way you feel about Rand, Jake or whoever why do people feel compelled to get angry at someone who see it differently?


Liberty = Responsibility

To even call those guys

sellouts is beyond me. Rand is not my senator, a little thing called the constitution tells me that. Its up to kentuckyans to deal with him. As for Ron, LOL, his face should be in the dictionary right by principle. Hunter, definately a strategist, I say let him strategize.

Ron, no.

Rand, Jack Hunter and John Tate? Absolutely!

Nope. No giving up

Never giving up on RON ...

Not giving up...

And still writing in Ron. No other presidential candidate will get my vote.

Nice Post Mr Space,

Here's something that will keep it all in perspective:


Guess we can't argue with the truth...personal responsibility.
No matter what happens between now and November.
Your thoughts apreciated.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I support the Paul family. If

I support the Paul family. If they endorse Romney-bot, then there must be a good reason and I will vote for him.

Victory is ours if we play the game right!

your low life thinking that lacks courage and is hypocritical.

you stated that you are not your own person and do not have the courage to think on your own. you refuse to fight. all you want to do is go along to get along. so you want someonelse to make all your decisions for you and for you to be irresponsible.

you should have your own reasons for your sick love to romney. truth is that you are the worst kind of romneybot - a serial hypocrite at the core.

victory will never be yours. you gave it up long time ago. you said i will never make my own decisions, i will allow someonelse to do it for me so i can live in fear.



No, wrong, false.

There is such a thing as trusting someone's judgement. The CHOICE being made here is that he is putting his trust in that person.

Imagine a company where you couldn't believe what the project managers told you? Imagine a company where you had to make every decision yourself?

A Representative Republic is all about the kind of trust you're saying lacks courage and is hypocritical. Just because it's across a state line that you're trusting someone's judgement doesn't make it any different.

Eric Hoffer

trusting someonelse's judgment is inappropriate.

and you should know that. that is what obama supporters do - they just trust him bec he first appeared like a charming prince to them saying he was against the iraq war. then, those supporters stopped thinking and let obama do whatever he wants.

eric - you are doing the same. something about paul attracted you. so now, you allow paul's gop establishment officials make all the deciions for you, and you think you are not worthy enough to know why and think for yourself. that is disgusting and makes you a serial hypocrite for pickign on people like newt who were truly against romney.



Come on man, tell me you're joking.

Trust is NOT blindness. You're equating the two and that's wrong. You're going the, "yeah I trust him therefore I'm down with whatever route." You have to base trust on something. Trust that is given too easily is worthless. Trust has to be built over time. I'd argue that Obama supporters for the most part aren't even trusting him, they're just riding the emotional high coming from shouting slogans like "Hope" and "Change" all day.

As to your second paragraph. Hogwash. I've got more arrogance than that, thank you very much. Ask anyone that works for me. Part of the knowledge that at a certain point you have to trust people comes from my being a business owner. You CAN'T do everything yourself. You have to trust people and you have to trust their judgement. You can't make all the decisions for them, and when you hear them make decisions you don't agree with you have to work with them or lose them. If you fire every person in the company who isn't like you, you're going down the tubes and fast.

So I have to believe in people. That doesn't mean I don't believe they'll make mistakes, nor does it mean that I believe they'll always see the world as I do. In fact, if there's a guy who believes exactly as I do, I'm pretty sure he's selling something, and I'm not going to trust him too far.

I'll tell you one thing for sure. This gum flapping about Rand amounts to basically chin music. It's not helping anything. It's not logical discussion. It's emotional knee-jerkism with a betrayal flavor. At a certain place, you either hold true and trust someone or you don't. Sometimes someone rocks that trust and has to work to win it back. That's OKAY. That's how people work. They make mistakes, or they do things for a reason they believe in that you either don't understand or don't agree with.

From what I've seen and know of Rand working in the Senate, he's the BEST we've got there. Name me one other who is better. Heck, name me one who comes close. He works towards achieving the goals I want and he seriously impressed me during NDAA. Do I like him as much as his father? No, but heck, I don't think I look up to a single person on this planet more than Ron Paul. At the same time, I think he believes pretty close to I do and that he's doing the best job he can in the circumstances. I BELIEVE in him to do what he sees as best. I may not agree, I may have a different idea, but my belief is in him as a good guy who I philosophically have a lot in common. Will he gets things wrong? ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY. Heck, I think the Romney endorsement was the wrong play, but he's got information I don't, so I'm going to believe in him enough that I think he was doing what he thought was right given the situation. I'm not going to say it was the right move, but I'm not going to damn him forever on it or start name calling because of it.

All I'm saying is not to throw people out over mistakes that you don't have all the details on. A measured approach is called for here. Watch and see. If he lost your trust, give him a chance to earn it back through his ACTIONS over time. Don't listen to the chin music. Watch what people DO when the votes start to fly.

Eric Hoffer


Rand has cooked his goose.
Jack has shown his true beliefs of compromise as well.
The Campaign for Liberty people I don't know enough about.
Peter Schiff is more of a warmonger, & I noticed that prior.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one I still admire, and you can throw Mrs. Paul in with him. They are two really astounding & wonderful people. Oh, and let me add Doug Weade & Lew Rockwell & Tom Woods, too!

If the allegations are true about Jessie Benton, then, I will be disappointed in him, too, although I don't think he was professional enough, nor was he blessed with tactfulness I suspect. I would like to know if he really did make $500,000 in salary. If true, my opinion of him would go to the toilet, because he made that on the backs of us. Who has the accounting information who can verify these charges?? It did seem to me that he did attempt to keep Ron from the group. The "group" would have really had his best interests at heart, I daresay, more than some of these so-called RP supporters & visible people.

I do hope we hear from the good doctor, though......soon!

you have given up your independence and don't think

you are trustworthy. you don't believe the people should have power, and you want politicians to make all the decisions for you. you want no involvement or participation.

when you absolutely trust someone you have never met, then you give your soul away and follow like a slave blindly.

sure, you should keep limited trust, but always take care of yourself and be on guard. you never know when something comes up for others or their circumstances. you liked rand, but he endorsed romney which was a long time coming. now ron is taking tremendous pressure to do the same and has yet to come out against romney.

you are full of fear and don't trust yoruself and lack courage and can't stand on yoru on two feet with dignity, hence you feel blind trust is best. you don't think you worthy of your judgment.

i pity you. you are a weak man.



Listen, since you've taken to insulting me, lets clear one thing up: After the period ( . <--- This thing) you're supposed to capitalize the first letter of the next sentence. I know it's a little thing, but like 1/4 of an inch is all your finger needs to travel to make you look like less of a fool.

you are trustworthy. you don't believe the people should have power, and you want politicians to make all the decisions for you. you want no involvement or participation.

You make false statements with absolutely no justification for them. The sky is green. Cheese tastes like grass. Up is down.

Congratulations on that front, we're all very proud of you. Please keep telling people what I want when you so obviously have no idea and seem to have had some trouble understanding the content of my post. Is English your second language?

when you absolutely trust someone you have never met, then you give your soul away and follow like a slave blindly.

What in the heck are you talking about? How do you know who I have and haven't met? Why does that matter? Are you going to tell me you've never been taken in by a snake-oil salesman in person? Come on pal.

What is all this slave and blindly following talk? Are you responding to another person? Did you fail to read my previous comment? Should I use pictures and smaller words?

you liked rand, but he endorsed romney which was a long time coming. now ron is taking tremendous pressure to do the same and has yet to come out against romney.

Apparently you don't understand. Endorsements like this in politics are chin music. (In case you don't understand what chin music is, I've included this handy link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chin_music) They don't mean anything. They an empty symbolic show of togetherness for a future goal. Romney doesn't need Rand's endorsement. His endorsement won't effect delegate totals or what will happen on the convention floor. His endorsement doesn't effect votes on the Senate floor. His endorsement really doesn't come at much, if any, cost. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/77475.html <---- that sort of thing is what matters. Bills filed. Votes on the floor. Stands on the issues. Not, "I'll stand with Romney as the nominee". That's just idle talk.

you are full of fear and don't trust yoruself and lack courage and can't stand on yoru on two feet with dignity, hence you feel blind trust is best. you don't think you worthy of your judgment.

LOL You're kidding yourself. You've failed to read and address any of the points I make, but if you just repeat the mantra, you feel you're going to win some sort of argument here. I run a fully functional American business and put food on the table for numerous people. You can't find the shift key on the keyboard. Don't tell me that I'm afraid to stand on my own two feet, it'd be insulting if it came from someone who had even a vague handle on the truth. Coming from you it just makes you look like a total prick. As for trusting someone? That IS a judgement. Just like every time you sit in a car, you trust the engineers who built it. You trust the driver. You trust the other drivers on the road.

You can only control so much. The rest of your life is built on trust. Without it, you'd be living in a cave.

Eric Hoffer

Your user name is "lib,"

Your user name is "lib," you've been here 28 weeks and you can't even write in proper English. LOL! Stop babbling you demented fool and get out of your Mom's basement!!!

being exposed for foolishness hurts your ego,

but in the long term you will be better off with words of truth and courage that you have not heard from the politicians you secretly love and follow like romney and tate.


Yes, you have exposed me...

Yes, you have exposed me... darn!

Great job!

This lib

has been a disruptor troll since the day it arrived.
As far as I can tell, lib is an utter imbecile.
Rarely does it ever make any sense, with what it writes.
Sometimes it even seems like a "bot".

SteveMT's picture

The most important consideration for your post....

is the use of the word "and." I take it that this is a package deal, meaning all or none because you didn't use the word "or." Is that correct, all or none?

We've taken some blows recently

and they seem to come out of nowhere, and they kinda hurt. I have had my negative reaction moments, but then I think, Ron Paul has been taking these damn blows for 30 years!!! They have hit him left and right, and sucker-punched him in interviews and ganged up on him in debates!!! And he continued, fighting back the brainwashed warmongering zombies. I will support Ron until the day I die. Others will have to prove themselves over at least a decade before I will trust them like I do Ron.