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Hey Ron Paul, How About A Statement? Please!

We all need Dr. Paul to address us in this time of confusion. Does Dr. Paul support his son Rand's decision to support Romney? Why the recent e-mail and then Rand's support of Romney?

Message to Dr. Ron Paul:

We have many questions Dr. Paul. Most of us, including myself, have dedicated our lives to this movement. Many of us would take a bullet for you... You are the leader of this grass roots movement and we need your input, not your silence. Please address us and let us know where you stand and what your thinking.

Signed,... all the people who voted this up.

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He already said it

in his speech at the Texas convention. Flat out The only thing we should be uniting behind is the Constitution and liberty. Whats the point of uniting the party if its around the wrong ideas.


then there was his speech at the concert later that same day


I agree

He'll talk when he wants to talk.

You can, like a dictator, demand all you like, Doesnt mean he will talk He'll talk when he is ready too.

Plus he already has! Get on with Saving the Constitution and the Republic!

we're waiting ....

has anyone noticed that Ron Paul has not even been on a tv news interview in a long long time .... before Benton and Paul's emails he was one once or twice a week ... just talking about current issues, economy etc... now total silence. Who's decision?

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I'm very worried.

The fact that Ron Paul has said nothing about this issue makes me very worried. Ron Paul released his Texas Straight Talk audio on 6/11/12 as usual, but still nothing about this. It has been enough days to say either yes, I agree with what Rand did or no, I don't agree.

Conclusion: If Ron Paul was against the Romney endorsement by Rand Paul, he would have surely said so by now.

As I said, I'm worried.

Rand Paul was on the Peter

Rand Paul was on the Peter Schiff Show earlier today. He said that he had consulted with his father before making the endorsement.


I'd still like to hear a statement from Ron Paul.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

He's not going to try to tell

He's not going to try to tell us how to think. Did you all ever consider the difficult saituation this has put him in? I for one, do not believe for one moment Ron Paul endorses Romney, but what would you do if you were in his shoes-would you come out openly and speak against your own son? I too believe as the previous poster below, that Ron Paul's views have not changed, look up the Texas speech and listen carefully. You will see and hear the same consistency he has always held to. This has to be a very hard trial for him as well as us, I think we should be supportive of him, pray for him and continue on the path he has shown us. You all remember the media blackouts?

This Silence is Deafening!

You there?

He has

At the Texas convention he made his statement. Watch the video, it gave me inspiration. Never not once did he say it was over. Texas tore the roof off for Ron Paul. He has told everyone all along what to do. Get involved! What happens when its all over if God forbid he isn't the president we just lay down and let the government roll over us? NO we don't. He educated and inspired, remember we are partners he wants you to continue on the fight. There was another great man in history our first president, they offered him a kingdom and he refused it for liberty. Ron Paul understands this, it is not just about one person its about We The People.

I saw that and I agree

I saw that and it was awe inspiring. I agree with you. I still would like him to address us and give us some feedback on Rand's shocking move supporting "Robama". A lot of people emotionally tied themselves with both Ron and his son Rand. I know that Ron will say Rand makes his own decisions, but many of us thought that Rand would carry on where Ron left off someday. Disappointing to say the least.

I am also worried about how Ron feels about this personally. A son's Betrayal, if indeed that's what it is, is a hard pill to swallow and can weaken the soul, especially to a family man like Ron Paul.

Just to clarify, I believe strongly that Ron will never stop the fight for liberty. I think however, that the pain everyone is feeling is that when Ron can no longer fight, we thought Rand would take over as the focus of our grass roots movement. I also know the movement is not about "one man", but leaders are important to keep us focused and on the righteous peaceful path.

Maybe he doesn't have time or feel a need

to hold your hand while giving the MSM ammo to spin against him.

Exactly! Stop whinging!

Why do you need someone to show you what to do? You have Principles, You know whats wrong, Work towards fixing that! Work towards getting Paul the nomination!

Why do you need to be babied?


Absolutely! We want to hear straight from your mouth exactly why this is happening, Mr. Paul!

Here's Ron's statement

Ron Paul Speech Texas Republican State Convention June 7, 2012

We didn't you just state that Ron Paul made a speech yesterday Thursday, June 7,2012 at the Texas Republican Convention and before Rand came out on Hannity with obvious lies about him conceded the Presidency?
This shows that he has no intentions of doing so and makes me feel much now that I've seen this speech and Video.

This is the first time I've seen Ron Paul since he said he would not be campaigning in the last primary states last month.


you must of missed his speech in Minnesota


history will record...

...The movement Ron Paul started...he re-invigorated what Marxist public schools/compromised churches tore down; civic duty and the "consent of the governed"...we are building something, SHAME on all Paul-bashers; you know NOT what has been accomplished...



20 Years of solid integrity...

I will not turn my back on Ron Paul, he had chances for 20 years to play the game, he didn't.

Who can control a child? There could be a family problem here, let's wait and see what Ron Paul says.

Oh please,

Ron endorsed Reagan during his 1976 presidential campaign, who turned out to be quite the president (Iran-Contra affairs?). It's just politics and in order to get endorsements for a future presidential run, you must endorse participants of the party your affiliated with. It has nothing to do with him sharing the same views as Romney or agreeing that he would make a good president. It's for the sake of the movement. Understand that.

Yes he did but

Reagan ran on a a lot of Goldwater-Libertarian leaning rhetoric once he got in and Ron Paul saw he'd been neo-conned he no longer supported Reagan.

or DOES NOT. I would not want him to tell to us

that Rand is not Ron!!! Why should he embarrass himself?

Ron's statement would be pretty simple

Rand is a big boy and he can make his own decisions.
For various reasons I am not going to discuss, Rand feels this is the best path for him going forward.
This does not mean that my life long efforts will end today. I will continue to fight for the cause of liberty. This is not the end... don't give up now... the young people will be the future... blah blah blah.
Rand is obviously a politician.. worse... a politician that will ride on the father's coat tails to get close enough to stab him. I've lost allot of respect for this individual. I am beginning to wish the TSA performed a cavity search on this traitor.

Don't be so quick to jump the

Don't be so quick to jump the gun on your feelings before we hear from the Good Doctor himself. I do not think Rand would make a move like this past his father and compromise everything that has been worked so hard for. We are taking this story on it's face and I think that there is something that lies deeper than just what is on it's face.

What can he say, but that "he is a free man."

The gossiper wants us to see nothing but a story of Oedipus Rex in modern times.

What was so important that he was willing to throw away his base? Rand knows quite well that we are not drones that he can aim at political enemies.

Without his base he is a lone man, like you and I.

It was a fake handshake, IMO.

Free includes debt-free!


and a fatal handshake, IMO.

Everyone needs to relax

I know that everyone is upset by the recent events but you have to understand what is going on. The paul's as a family are trying to take back the whitehouse from the most powerful group of men in the history of America. This is not an easy task. No family since the Kennedy's has accomplished this. The Paul's do not have the money and power that the Kennedy's had. I would argue that everything done in recent days is calculated and done for a reason beyond our understanding. Dr Paul has played the game for a long time and has come a long long way. Is his campaign officially over?? NO! Has he filed paperwork indicating that he is not running for president. NO. Of course the campaign is not over. In my opinion Paul is playing the wounded duck role. Why would he not. From a practicle standpoint Paul as it stands now has enough support in Tampa to win this thing. SO let the media think it is over, and HOPEFULLY his enemies think it is over and when their guard is down he strikes. I truly feel this is all part of the chess match that is playing out in front of us. Paul is going to Tampa with a force behind him. He is not going anywhere. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Donate as much time and energy as you can and be prepared to witness history in Tampa. Ron Paul 2012 WILL restore America NOW!

Defending Liberty Night and Day!
The Northern Avenger

Agree, except one little thing.

Ron Paul will not strike, we must carry him to victory in Tampa, if we can manage it.

The way to do it is not by playing "King of the Hill" with the GOP.

Where we have a majority, the Rules of Order allows for a easy transition.

Plan the work and work the plan. Deal only obstacles that are real, not conjured by the MSM.

It was ugly in a couple of States, but our delegates took the high road. Now we wait to see if justice is done.

Go Ron Paul! Peace!

Free includes debt-free!

Try watching

the speech Ron Paul made yesterday at the Texas state convention. He's not done. Apparently the GOP invitation was to include unity in his speech. He did but not the way they wanted. http://therealpoliticalnews.blogspot.com/2012/06/ron-paul-sp...


What I was about to say! I think Ron Paul gave a pretty darn clear message in his speech from TX yesterday! It's his son that had to muck everything up. He's the one we need to hear from.

Did Rand sacrifice

Did Rand sacrifice his political future with liberty supporters to get his dad that speaking slot at the GOP Texas Convention?

Politics must be really rotten or he just loves his _____.

Free includes debt-free!