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Please Help: Who Are The Leading Voices On Youtube For Ron Paul?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jeremy Richter and I'm finishing up a groundbreaking short film on Ron Paul. My most recent video about this can be found here:


Without giving too much away, I'd like to do a temperature check on who you guys feel are the leading voices for Liberty on YouTube and Twitter/FB (though YouTube is strongly preferred). Strategically speaking, I'm looking for ones that have a sizable audience (ie. 100,000+ views). I have MatLarson10, TMOT, Ben Swann and several others.......But I would like to get your perspective to see if I missed any major hitters. FYI, I'm looking more for grassroots activists than any super high profile individuals (ie. The Judge, John Stossel, etc.). The piece I'm working on is off the charts AMAZING and I'm trying to do my best not to miss anyone significant. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

In Liberty,


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corporal Jesse Thorsen (the soldier cnn blacked out) has been very out spoken about Ron Paul despite warnings from the higher ups, also really liked his speech at the Ron Paul choice of the troops march on the whitehouse.

Josh Tolley is another guy i like.

and here's a couple of vids of celebs and what not, talking about Paul..


not sure if this helps but good luck, i am excited about the film.

edit: oh also Smiley Chris made a great song which has over 244k views..


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Any news about the project?

SORRY. No one need bother answer this question. I just saw news about this on the Front page of the DP. I'm not sure how I missed it.

How is the project coming along? I thought the release was supposed to be yesterday. Either you have a lot more info to put in then you realized or you have hit some roadblocks. Things seem to be very quiet at the moment. But something is going on because everything seems too quiet.

Two shorten the road.

If Paul is to get the nomination,

we will need everyone to do their share of link bombing EVERYWHERE, im talking facebook pages, profiles, comments, #twitter, reddit, tumblr, you get the idea. We need to get as many viewers as possible (preferably all of America). We also need to keep accumulating delegates so that we WILL win this year. Conventions arent over guys, well they are if you are a MITT ROMNEY supporter, get the hint? Go become delegates and make inroads for future liberty candidates as well as Ron Paul, we need as much erosion as we can against the establishment. If we can reseat gop state chairmen with Paulbots, that would be exponentially unfathomable goodness.