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Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Coming in October!

Looks like Atlas Shrugged will be brining the film to us even sooner than we expected! The producers are even asking for extras and taking marketing WAY more seriously this time around. I suspect a great turn out. I'm happy to say that more than one liberty film will be released before the year is over!



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I loved part 1

hated for it to end, Can't wait for part 2!!

Yeah, especially liked the part where the train crosses the

bridge made of Reardon Metal.

Wanted to like the first one.

Saw part 1 just recently on netflix and didn't dig it. It felt like it had bad acting and directing to me. I guess part of that problem was that it had a pretty low budget since hollywood was against the movie being made. I hope I'll enjoy the second one more.

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Hannity and Bob Beckel are going to be in AS, Part 2?

I just heard this on Hannity. Not happy about this.

Maybe they will be some of the moochers and looters

that Rand wrote about. That would be suitable. They sure ain't Galt or Reardon.

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Hannity said that he is playing "himself?"

I hope that they are not modernizing the book too much.

Too much?

It's already been updated by a half century or thereabouts. As for (Stop the)Seanhannity(!)'s cameo... completely appropriate. He is a perfectly plausible (and well practiced) apologist for the state, in our continuum or in Atlas'.

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a novel of another america

Me too, it would be a tragedy to pervert Ayn Rand's message...

the first film did not, thankfully.



I saw the first film three times - not as bad as the critics

said. But then I don't pay attention to the critics anyway. I'm just glad it got brought to the screen. I have read Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead several times each. Ayn Rand is not always right but she is very inspiring.


are certainly promoting it to us.

I just saw the ad. The first one was kinda lame. I will be watching all three of them though.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Agreed. They still did a good

Agreed. They still did a good job with such a small budget though.