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Poll: Do you support Rand's Decision to Endorse Romney? 87% No

Poll: Do you support Rand Paul's Decision to Endorse Mitt Romney?

Yes = 70 Votes
No = 458 Votes

Vote @ http://libertychat.com/breaking-rand-paul-endorses-mitt-romney

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the endorsement is absolutely meaningless

it's has both positive and negative connotations. i feel emotionally neutral. it changes nothing in Tampa.

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Wow, so many can't see the bigger picture!

Do I support Rand Paul feeding the Establishment Media a juicy T-Bone "Looks like this might be the end of Ron Paul" Steak, knowing how effing gullible the MSM is and even more so how easy to manipulate Romney people are and they'll eat this up and hopefully even more of them stay home now because of this and many may decide they don't need to even go to Tampa anymore???

Yes. I do.

I can read between the lines. This is a master mindf@#k against the Establishment. I wish more could see that.

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current stats are:
Yes 11.4% (80 votes)
No 88.6% (622 votes) I VOTED NO, BTW!
Total Votes: 702

I admit I don't know the reason Rand endorsed Romney and ESPECIALLY now, instead of AFTER Tampa...but I am beyond upset. I have always hated politics; I have frequently stated that it's slimy and the mind-boggling turn of events over the past 3 weeks from the campaign just reinforces that notion. Something slimy is going on! I feel like I need several showers today.

I don't want to hear any crap from those that say "we" are being emotional. So what? Like that's a bad thing! I'm tired of hearing that--it's emotion that creates; it's emotion that changes things; it's emotion that gets things done! Without emotion, there never would have been a rEVOLution! So just shut up!

I'm also tired of hearing the names Jindal and Rubio, neither of whom are constitutionally eligible to be POTUS--therefore neither are eligible for the VP slot, either. Haven't we had enough of the "natural born citizen" issue these past several years??

I don't know where I'm going from here. I will 'stick around' until after Tampa, for sure. Of course, I will always champion the cause of Liberty, I'm just not sure how much money I'll wish to donate or how much time I'll wish to donate in the future. I am not comfortable dealing with being kept in the dark...and only those in the midst of the campaign know "what's really going on". The supporters are "in the dark".


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This is why the Ron Paul

This is why the Ron Paul "movement" wont expand any larger than what the libertarian party is today. Its a constant battle between everybody about whos penis is larger and who is "not owned by the globalist nazi NWO bildersbergers". Im starting to feel that Paul supporters like Jack Hunter and I, are the last sane ones left.

The Libertarian Party has had this plaque of constant bickering since their founding, and as of today, still cant concentrate on expanding and promoting libertarian policies. We are experiencing the same stuff, as you can see right now with everybody on the daily paul saying Rand's a "sellout NWO bilderberger", or some other nonsense.

But hey, i cant wait for one of you to carelessly call me a "traitor" in the next few minutes...

Date rape

Where you blame the victim for the rapist's crime, thats what you sound like. We are the few awakened to mass fraud, to a usurped government, country, monitary system, we are not bickering or fighting. We have once again been betrayed by leadership as if some leader will gain our freedom. Thats why I say Ron Paul just a messenger the battle is a individual leaderless revolution with enlightened disengagment being the weapon of choice.


Eleven Percent Voted Yes?

How much paint do you have to huff, in order to vote yes?

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Was Rand coerced into backing Romney? Thumbs up = Yes

Thumbs down = No

Just look at the lame explanation Rand gave for backing Romney:
similar family structure, I trust Romney to audit the Fed, etc.

Rand gave no rational argument for backing Romney.

Rand was coerced...ditto for Ron. They are protecting their family and even us from some mean ass people willing to do all sorts of immoral and illegal things.

I didn't see an option for...


I'll let you know when I get more facts.

I would support him conditionally in his choice if the reasons or trade-off were good enough. If Rand winds up as veep I might even vote for the Romney/Paul ticket. If it's Romney/Jindal, Romney/Trump, Romney/Palin, or almost any other combo I can think of there is absolutely no way!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Say no more

At 5:25pm Central
Total Votes: 666

Yes 12.01% (80 votes)

No 87.99% (586 votes)

Its an online poll....

and we all should know by now that online polls dont portray our opinions and size accurately...

Rand is Smart

He is much smarter than you give him credit for. He knows what he is doing. He obviously discussed this over with Jack Hunter and his father and this is the bridge to get Ron Paul's ideals on the front stage. Rand has the name recognition, the voting record, and the principles to win in 2016.


This video is on Ron Paul's campaign website and Jack Hunter made it saying how it was a good idea for Rand to do this. Besides, Rand Paul is a US senator if he does not support the nominee he is doomed in his state.


If Romney wins, Rand needs to be on his good side in order to get as many of our policies put into effect.

Ha ha ha!

It's called keeping the enemy fat and happy as he strolls into the kill zone - Tampa. Brilliant plan.

The words

betrayal and traitor echo over and over through my head


As of this moment? NO.

If Romney has promised something BIG to the liberty movement, I haven't heard it yet.

Why would we support him? Just because Rand Paul endorsed him?

Give me a break.

Rand might have just alienated his biggest support base. Too bad.

Here's what I think about it.

Anyone making any absolute decisions about the matter is an ignorant douchebag who propagates lies and deception and causes our world to suck to the degree that it does.

I don't care which side of the issue you are on. You have NOT got all the information. Period.

So quit making these hyperbolic all-encompassing statements that are 100% guaranteed to bite you in the ass. YOU DON'T KNOW why he did it and it's impossible to make a call. You can't say "He obviously did this for a strategy that we aren't fully aware of" and you can't say "He obviously is just an establishment goon who cares about power"... THERE IS SIMPLY NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO ENOUGH INFORMATION TO MAKE ANY OF THESE CONCLUSIONS.

Open your minds people! That's what this whole thing was supposed to be about, but it's painfully obvious that a bulk of our crowd has extremely closed minds and does NOT consider all variables before making a stupid decision that they will then defend to the death.


right on

Thanks for the voice of reason,

although I must admit to a sickening gut reaction of my own. I know that you are right and we truly do not have the inside information available to us. That being said, I would just as soon vote for my cat as Romney. In fact, I think my cat would make a better president. He at least wouldn't pass any mandates and he knows all about being left alone.


Thanks- I like your view-

Never react too quickly to a given situation.

Especially when you don't have all the data.

Just keep moving forward-

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With the exception one post where I was defending Carol Paul, I've been very circumspect with my comments about Rand.

1. Because the only thing I know absolutely is that I don't know.

2. My Mamma always told me not to say words I may have to eat at a later date!!

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It is up to 88% now


Because it could lead to Ron Paul delegates and alternates amassing since Rmoney is the presumptive nominee, why show up and pay all that money just to go to tampa since he has already won it? :) this could be a brilliant strategic move, which allows RP to stealth win and claim the nomination, lets see how it plays out. Cross your fingers!!



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It depends

If it's in return for being on the ticket (as VP), and Ron supported this, which I suspect he does given his letter, then I support it too.

Ron Paul's "not enough to win" concession letter did not make sense until Rand announced his endorsement.

Rand's endorsement will not make sense until Romney announces his VP.

Helping Romney be president instead of Obama is a small price to pay in order for a great chance that your son will be VPOTUS.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


NO !!!!

Rand is just a person, who betrayed his own father.
This is like the story of Judas Escariote who betrayed Jesus of Nasareth.

Never give up fighting for your Liberty!

Go Ron Paul 2012 !

NO to neo-con MR!


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Absolutely not! It goes

Absolutely not! It goes against everything Ron Paul has advocated over many years.



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I vote YES here

Now the state conventions as well as the national convention will look
more like Ron Paul rally's than actual conventions. Makes it easier to get Liberty business done this way.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow