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Jack Hunter Defended Rand Paul Today on The Jerry Doyle Show

Worth listening to. Don't know if I agree but here's what he had to say on the show. I think Jerry asked Jack some very good questions....


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rand is leaning towards the right more and more but i dont think hes evil just yet. first off from the start rand was never a libertarian like his father so we have to remember that. for most social issues he is conservative, not pro gay marriage, not even pro state law sometimes. hes normally socially conservative and we have to remember that- with that said- their voting record IS going to be different and 90% being rands worse year (2012 according to jbs.org) doesnt really seem to shabby. i mean of course who wouldnt rather have an a+ but an a- isnt shameful. rightfully he did say that he would eventually support the GOP nomination no matter who it was- rand has also ALWAYS been speerheading the movement to remove obama, have anyone in office office in 2012 that was anti obama etc. he just hates obama, too him and his true fans/followers their doing the right thing. their campaigning to beat obama which honestly seems like the real tea party to me from the start. i appreciate the tea party, i do. but their motives AT THE START were not really to change the republican party, it was anger towards the upcoming possibility of obama and/or hilary. but there is something that DOES piss me off that NO ONE is pointing out. rand couldve done this next week and changed EVERYTHING. by doing this this week and that very day (the 7th i believe) paul was at the texas state convention, the convention was going away and the kentucky state convention which is rands home state was about to take place the following day. the statement was expected- the timing was truly not and it truly fractured people and honestly probobly discouraged ALOT of people in kentucky to not show up. he wont want to talk about that though. in conclusion people- be VERY sketched out and prepare for rands political moves and new relationships. i dont think he has sold out but his voting record this year will attest to it because honestly thats the most important thing

Bothers me to see so much negativity ...

Rand Paul was always the one who was gonna play politics and actually try to pass bills/win elections/take the presidency. Should be no surprise ..

Ron Paul was just the wedge breaker to allow other freedom candidates to run and win office. He took all the heat and all the jokes and all the criticisms for all those years so that other candidates following him wouldn't have to.

I think you have to give Ron Paul the benefit of the doubt after everything he's done. It's hard to imagine what more he can do ... it's up to us now, and falling apart and getting angry isn't a good way to go and does not follow Dr. Paul's example.

Sorry, Jack.

Like I posted here....


"I'm sorry to be blunt or crass about it, but the simple fact is: you can't un-suck a d**k. And as soon as you do it once, guess what it makes you?

"That's why you don't sell out or do it in the first place."

Wrong Jack Hunter: Rand voted for Economic Sanctions

against Iran, a country that has done nothing to the USA on 9/11 or since.

Rand's voting record is already looking compromised.

He has already voted DIFFERENTLY than his father.

Rand may be "a liberty leaning Conservative" - but I am sorry, after we've gotten a true taste of a real liberty Statesman, we cannot accept anything less.

For that reason, I hope Obama crushes Romney. Then Obama is out in 4 years and the R3VOLution is back on!


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Why do we have to wait till 1016?

Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in Nov. Don't tell me a Libertarian has no chance because if you think the judge will run as a Republican YOUR NUTS! The Judge has more morals than run with that tyrant Nazi party!


Gary Johnson is on the LP

Gary Johnson is on the LP ticket but the guy isn't really even a libertarian. He doesn't even understand the axioms of libertarianism.

1st rule of Libertarianism...

You can't run as a Republican. First clue of Romney wing-man potential (RP) see rule 1. Duped!

Gary Johnson can however...

Run and manage his campaign better than Ron Paul has. I am sad to see this Ron Paul is God movement and can do no wrong sub-movement. Every potential candidate needs a wing-man......thanks Ron! For the Libertarian party we have been keeping it real.

Probably because the flux

Probably because the flux capacitor will not be ready until last week!

Four responses:

Alex Jones:

Penny Freeman, well-known strategist, board member of RevPac--requires 36 minutes of careful attention:

Justin Raimondo:

Footnote--Tom Woods:

The Liberty Movement is Moving On After Tampa!!!

Time Stands Still for No One Man or Famly!!

From One Act of effectively Quitting the Campaign for President on May 14th to a Second Act of a Son betraying his father and the Liberty Movement, the Paul Family has truly created a political nightmare in just 4 short week.

Jack Hunter or anyone else simply cannot defend these actions. The Liberty Movement has been deeply hurt and is now as deeply divided.

My prediction is that this very Liberty Movement will move on to others after the Tampa Convention.

There is only one Ron Paul, but after Tampa and the end of this year he will become an elder statesmen and teacher for the Liberty Movement.

A leader will be needed and my guess is that it will definitely not be Rand Paul. His actions of June 8th are burned into the hearts of the Grassroots and will never be forgiven.

A second prediction, is that many in our Movement will no longer follow the Campaign for Liberty if it is still led by John Tate and Jesse Benton. That organization will fade as a result of its' leaders and others will be started to carry the torch.

Our Movement is made up of us, the people, not one man or one Family.

This is a joke. All those

This is a joke. All those money bombs, they took your money and ran. If I knew they were going to sell out to evil than you wouldn't have got my money in the first place, traitors. This campaign is a joke and I guess the media was right. It's about the message? Since how is our message being heard when laws like the NDAA-HR-347--CISPA - get passed. Pathetic! They gave up or they sold out. What a bunch of cowards. Romney will never get my vote. Who ever supports Mitt Romney, Supports Obama. FINAL! PERIOD. END OF STORY.

Don't Help Them Defeat Us!

Talk like that is playing into the hands of the enemy perfectly! Did you think the power elite would just give up? No, they are going to fight like Hell! Stop whining, pick yourself up and get back on the horse! If you give up they win! The battle has just begun and it's going to get worse before it gets better. And really, do we have any choice? The war is at our front doors and there is nowhere to run. We HAVE to fight!



I brought up NDAA-HR-347--CISPA all I got from my fellow campaigners was, " shut up and be quiet, you don't want to ruin it for Dr. Paul..."

Okay so we get tyranny, and THIS is the payoff... Horse(bleep!) What was the point of the last four eight years? To give up, just when we were about to use our delegates and influence at the grassroots level to change the fascist state of this country. No explanation is justifiable. None!

We were so wrapped up in the campaign that we were silent and they got a free hand to take us further down the road to perdition. And now those who would rally to fight and defend the republic are defeated by the betrayal of an inept (once again) or worse, an inauthentic shell/con game. I never thought it could get any worse than the last campaign, I was sorrowfully mistaken. Dammit!

These people have been sold...

A lie that Ron Paul was/is the savior. But you and me are Trolls for waking people up. God bless you.


Ron Paul needs to denounce his son. If he does not, my support for him is gone.

“First they Ignore you,

“First they Ignore you, than they laugh at you, than they join you, than they black you out, than they cheat at the state conventions, And then they THREATEN YOUR LIFE and or your FAMILY to stop the movement. The more power they loose the more dangerous they become. We must not give up the fight no matter what. MY OPINION OF RAND PAUL AND RON PAUL HAS NOT CHANGE AT ALL.

So what was the point?

If you were going to drop when they inevitably threaten you... What the hell are you/we doing? Selling people a bill of goods, that's what! MLK didn't back down... and many others didn't as well... And we have to all suffer under this tyranny because of veiled threats. Tell that to my children and children's children. Oh hell with that, they have no future, I might as well abort them... under that logic. The Paul movement has reached it's apex if this holds out, and will inevitably decline. If this is what they will settle for. Don't blame people for being rightfully pissed at this level of betrayal.

That would be the one excuse I can think of:

"They" are holding your family hostage in the basement with guns to their heads.

But you skip one step. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they co-opt you with an offer you lack the moral integrity to refuse, or, if you do refuse, then comes the threat.

Peter Schiff was right????....

Then Tarpley schooled them all! Webster dropped the insight and now I'm eating crow!

Hats off to Jerry for stomping on Jack's spin

Listen carefully when Jerry puts Jack Hunter on the carpet on Hannity and the RNC saying Paul is out of race. I here Jack making a spin and singing and dancing.

I think Jack Hunter is trying to stay relevant.

Something is not making sense here...

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Jack Hunter is the official blogger for the campaign.

He speaks for the campaign.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Why Rand ? Why at that time ? Why No Damage Control ?

Ron Paul is a great man, a 30 year record for liberty. It's the right message, when we need it the most.

We could have smashed Romney - America doesn't want global intervention. And if we don't End the Fed, well heaven help us all. Listen to Rand with Tom Woods on 5/21/12 Schiffradio, hear him carefully, he foreshadows the Hannity event.

Jesse Benton who apparently brings Trygve Olsen. This guy does not seem to be in line at all Ron Paul philosophically. Look at his Linkedin profile


"Who is Trygve Olson? A former official of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a tax-funded "regime-change" operation under the rubric of the National Endowment for Democracy, Olson was involved in several of the "color revolutions" that swept Eastern Europe and the central Asian former Soviet republics during the Bush years."

I wish I had looked into this earlier.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Then there is no campaign

Goodbye r3VOLution. Hello same-old-same-old. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Should have waited

until after the convention. No excuse.

That is why I'm pissed.

This was a betrayal. It made no strategic sense. If they knew he'd be threatened again. Why run? Why have Rand even consider running? What did they think was gonna happen? And we have to suffer for it?

Yeah, exactly

very good point. Does this open the door for Ron Paul to run as an independent or other after the convention?

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

Before, during, or after the Convention,

to support an anti-Liberty advocate of Evil is to become complicit in Evil.

Stubborness & Hate By RP Spporters Will Sink RP Efforts

Where is the RP effort going to go after this election cycle? I do not like Romeny either, but Rand may be the closest thing you Ronulans have to gaining your end goal (for those that think taking over the GOP is th answer)! Support Liberty Candidates with the same enthusiasm you have given Paul and support Rand as senator or run for POTUS. I believe Rand is manuevering to keep the libertarian ideas alive in the GOP. I truly believe that - and he knows he has to make polticl manuevers now if there is to be a chance. I hope it works out for him and you people get a clue. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, but he obviously shares a good deal of his father's ideas.

That's like saying the cow that resists the coming slaughter

is stubborn and hateful. You are blind. Sucking up to them will never work. I say we should support liberty ideas by staying in the republican party, continue to vote each other in (as much as possible), cause a RESPECTFUL ruckus in every election convention until this country either collapses or we win. Of course, we will do it all in a LOVING and RESPECTFUL way. Tee Hee! If we don't win - you don't either. We will all go down together. I will vote Ron Paul whether he likes it or not (by write-in if necessary). I simply do not care if Obama wins over Romney - to me they are very much the same.