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Jack Hunter Defended Rand Paul Today on The Jerry Doyle Show

Worth listening to. Don't know if I agree but here's what he had to say on the show. I think Jerry asked Jack some very good questions....


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If you are calling us Ronulans, then you must be a Romnian.

You are clueless of the basics if you don't know that Obama and Romney are heads of the same Goldman Sachs/Military Industrial Complex Hydra. To tell us to support Rand as senator would be like telling George Washington to hand a Regiment over to Benedict Arnold AFTER Benedict Arnold had gone over to the other side. What is going to save this R-evol-ution is Integrity and the ability to discern it when we see it.

I'm Not Romnian Since I'm Voting GJ - Fuck the GOP

. And Romney.

Okay, glad to hear you're not

Okay, glad to hear you're not a Romnian.

Well i'm on of the few here that agree with Jack Hunter

Rand Paul as been saying all along he would endorse the nominee.

Why Does everyone say Romney is the Nominee?

What am I missing? I thought the show wasn't over until the fat lady sings. The tally isn't in yet. There are still states that haven't voted and the delegates are supposed to decide this in Tampa. That's why we are supposed to keep collecting delegates. Is this not right or am I really out of touch?


he could have waited

until just maybe his FUCKING dad dropped out, that argument is insulting my intelligence, now because of this we get to watch the revolution get smashed into a thousand pieces.sorry i'm not a tool of the fascist rebulican party.

Yes, but he should've dropped

Yes, but he should've dropped the "I'm happy to" from the endorsement sentence. Also, Mitt is not the nominee yet, he becomes the nominee at the convention. If he is the nominee why do we do the convention then??

Why do the convention?

Many reasons, chief among them to amend GOP rules to make it easier for Liberty candidates to take over at the local level.

By giving the half-hearted endorsement now rather than later, Rand helped assure that the RP delegates will be seated by the credentials committee. This is no time to anger the insiders. That comes is Tampa. :-)

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

"wanting to defeat Barack Obama"

This statement is straight out of the GOP playbook, straight out of the GOP playbook!
Jack Hunter has been compromised!!!! He cannot be trusted any longer!


...maybe the statement was made for GOP ears, eh?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

"GOP ears"?

And who are the "GOP ears"?? The morons sitting at the TV? No, but no, thanks! When you start catering to morons I'm out!
Ron Paul would never exist if it wasn't for us, and now to "dumb" the message down for the masses, that's just not acceptable for most of us! We shouldn't be dumbing down the message, rather we should try to get the dumbed-down populace to understand what we're saying or at least repeat it like zombies. What's better for the masses to repeat like the zombies that they are: "Freedom works" or "We must defeat Obama", eh? Eh?

"Ron Paul would never exist if it wasn't for us"

Your arrogance is breathtaking.


Play Along To Get Along!
Where has that got us??
It has got America right where we are!
LOST in a sea of fecal matter.
Time has long passed, to play along!!
On the other hand
WiLLard stands for?
War on drugs- check!
War on America- check!
War for the banksters- check!
Bigger government- check!
Treat folks as fools-check!
Puts on his COMMON FOLKS clothes& Build a fence LOL-check!
YEP my kind of guy!!! OBAMo is oops Willard is!

Utopian Idealists

Utopian idealists are going to destroy the liberty movement. Some people here are totally irrational.

Obviously Rand Paul recieved Ron Pauls blessing to go and endorse Romney. Rand Paul told me to my face in New Hampshire that no matter who the Republican Nominee was, he would endorse the Nominee. So Rand is a man of integrity, and keeping to his word.

He has not given up on his principles one bit. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. Instead, Rand has formed a COALITION with Romney and the RNC to advance some of Ron Pauls Platform. Those items include, Audit the Fed, Internet Freedom, Reins act, and possibly more.....

This COALITION helps advance our cause and brings the Liberty Movement one step closer to changing this country and the world.

I really wish the children here would stop crying over spilled milk. We LOST THE ELECTION....BUT that is OK....Cause while we lost the Battle, we are winning the War for Liberty in the Long Run....

We now need to stay together, regroup, get local candidates into office, and set up for 2016 when we take over this country....

Now grab your balls and lets go!

What coaliton?

Obama supporters bought the same crap. And look where they are!!! Don't be naive

So now we are "Utopian Idealists" if we don't support Evil???

You may capitalize the letters in COALITION, yet you confuse COALITION WITH COMPROMISE OF PRINCIPLES, and a pathetic compromise at that. Look at your list of what you think are gains that a certified flip-flopper is promising us and compare: just as white phosphorous, the NDAA, Preemptive Unconstitutional Wars, the maiming and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents, siphoning off money from those who actually work, giving that stolen money to Elite Banksters, dumbing down the underclass, lobotomizing more and more of the country with government subsidized over-priced dangerous pharmaceuticals and calling it Medical Care is evil, it is evil to support evil. To refuse to support evil or compromise with evil is not being a "Utopian Idealist" it is holding onto foundational Principles and results in the sense of wholeness that comes from doing good AND true community that comes with Integrity. The only "Long Run" you are going to get is a Totalitarian State. The Liberty Movement IS a R-evol-ution!


No one is asking you to vote Romney or endorse evil. All I am asking is that you cut Rand Paul a break here. That you look at his voting record and see all the times he haS stood for liberty. That you realize sometimes we will choose different paths to get to our shared goals. But that doesn't make one a sell out. Be rationale, not an emotionale ideologue.

Where is your logic? What do you think an endorsement is?

You name call, but you have neither logic nor reasoned argument on your side. An endorsement is to ask others to vote the way you are voting, otherwise, you just remain quiet about it. You are not addressing the substance of the argument. For that matter, even to quietly vote for evil, is to become complicit in evil.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Just for the record....

Rand DID NOT say that he "endorsed" Romney. He said he would "support" him.

He also said that Ron's supporters were very individualistic and would vote their own minds. He NEVER asked us to vote for Romney. You are still, as always, free to vote as you choose. So, how are you compromised by Rand's decision?

For Senator Rand Paul to announce on multiple national forums

that he supports Romney and has given up on his dad's campaign is an endorsement. To call it anything else is like using tweezers to separate pepper from fly shit.

"formed a COALITION with Romney"

Hahaha, you're the little child here to believe that alliance with the Devil is possible. And yes, the GOP in its current form is the Devil.
"Utopian idealists"??? Really?? We just want the Constitution and you just called us utopian. So YOU are the ENEMY, mister!!! YOU!
The Constitution is NOT UTOPIAN! It served us well for close to 100 years until Lincoln tossed it under the bus.
People like you are destroying the liberty movement, not us, who want our Constitution! You have been compromised too!


Paul, Ron, has formed coalitions with socialists, liberals, and Neo COns in congress to advance parts of his agenda. So I guess he is a child too? Or maybe you are a hopeless ideologue cry baby upset because you didn't get 100% of what you wanted....grow up slug

An endorsement and coalition are two very different things

To endorse someone is to agree with and approve of someone as the right person for the job. An endorsement supports a person for who they are or what they have done, and what they will likely do.

A coalition is merely an agreement or alliance between people on any issue.

No its not

It is the same thing. Rand Paul isnt suddently going to start endorsing NDAA and other NEOCON bullcrap. Rand Paul is endorsing Romney to the extent that our agenda is carried out by the RNC. That is obvious. Rand Paul will naturally fight Romney and the RNC on any point that goes against our libertarian principles.

A coalition is not an endorsement

That's why we have different words to describe them.

It doesn't matter what Rand Paul's intent is in doing so, he endorsed Romney. He did not merely form a coalition with Romney to audit the Fed, for example. He endorsed Romney as a person.

No he did not

He did not endorse Romney's entire platform, or Romney himself. He stated in the interview they agreed on certain things, then listed them. That is the extent of his endorsement. Better to get some of our platform than none at all.

Yes, he did endorse him

You cannot put only part of a person in office.

When you endorse someone you endorse them overall for a position. Even if there are disagreements, the effect of an endorsement is to say that any disagreements are not important enough to not warrant the endorsement.

An endorsement is like saying, "This is the guy for the job!"

If you actually think Mitt

If you actually think Mitt Romney gives a shit about libertarianism, you're delusional.

I don't

I don't think Romney cares one but about libertarianism. I do think however Romney made concessions to gain Rand Paul's support. Those concessions advance the liberty movement. Which is a win for us.

Rand Paul isn't endorsing all of Mitt Romney. Rather Rand Paul is endorsing the COALITION between us and the RNC to further our agenda.

"I do think however Romney

"I do think however Romney made concessions to gain Rand Paul's support. Those concessions advance the liberty movement. Which is a win for us."

Once Mitt Romney gets into office, he will do whatever he wants. There is no accountability when it comes to concessions.

Rand practically shitting on the very people who put him into office is not a win. He could have handled this a hell of a lot better without completely alienating his father's base.

I was already not sure about Rand over going up to bat for Ted Cruz.