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Jack Hunter Defended Rand Paul Today on The Jerry Doyle Show

Worth listening to. Don't know if I agree but here's what he had to say on the show. I think Jerry asked Jack some very good questions....


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I hate to say it, but I think the establishment "co-opted" rand...

And I agree that Jerry Doyle did ask some great, real, and honest questions.

I hope my gut feeling about rand is wrong, this all just makes me so sad - hearing all of these figureheads for the campaign admit defeat totally bums me out...why are they giving up on Ron already? Why do they have to say he can't/won't win?? Lame. :(

or he co-opted the establishment

I don't agree with what rand is trying to do, but since he is doing it I hope he is successful.

I hope thats it

It might be it, every move rand makes could hopefully be to attract mainstream republicans.

Unless he's hoping with his beckoning finger he can make establishment supporters come this way by the next election...

Riiiiiight.....Voting for

Riiiiiight.....Voting for sanctions on Iran, secret meeting with Bill Kristol to get "blessed", working with that Iowa neo-con to arrange AIPAC sponsored trip to Israel to get "blessed".....Riiiiight, such fantastic "Liberty" principles!

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!


Name a senator with a better voting record........


So Rand Paul appears to be using stealth to gain influence. You know, the same strategy many of us used to become delegates. I think a few people here even said they support Mitt to become a delegate.

Now, I'm not sure I like this strategy, but are we really going to say yes to more wars if the option is Rand Paul 2016 who will bring the troops home?

Is perfection the bar for support?

If perfection is required for support, then there will not be enough qualified persons to forward the movement.

Ron has been doing this for 30 years. Hard to compare to his experience. We must hold our liberty candidates accountable and push on them to do the right thing, but if we all throw in the towel if our candidate isn't as perfect as Ron then we aren't going to grow enough to have the influence required to make the tipping point happen.


DEM-REP-IND-etc. and voting and supporting the opposite views makes you a Politician. What seperates Politicians from Statesmen is one tells you lies (not all the time but some of the time( for your own good)),and the other tells you the Truth consistantly (Liberty=Freedom and the Truth will set you Free, (their is a connection).


Perfection and the Constitution

We don't ask for much, follow the constitution. Is it hard to perfectly follow the Constitution?

We should not just ask, but demand

We should not just ask, but demand. That still doesn't change the fact you are going to find it hard to find 100% perfect constitutionalist.
While everyone is kicking Rand to the side for his imperfections, many say they will vote Gary Johnson. Well I don't think he meets the 100% criteria either if you look closely at all his policies.

Also BTW, Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul don't agree on everything as to the constitution. So which one is perfect? Ron or the Judge? Would not either of them be acceptable?

Sanctions (Continuing)

For me, this was never about finding the lesser of any evil; so I don't look at voting records relative to others. It's about liberty and not murdering people around the world.