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Debra Medina's Rule 34 Amendment Just Passed With A Two Thirds (2/3rds) Vote At The Texas Convention. We Have The Numbers!



We have the numbers!

More great wins to come now today and tomorrow.

The last two votes passed in our favor by overwhelming majorities.


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I don't want to burst

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but that ammendment passed not because we have the numbers. Even the establishment people in my very establishment county voted for it by about 2/3, and I am the ONLY Ron Paul supporter there from my county.

I will try to explain it,

But would be better if someone with better knowledge will comment here. An amendment to TXGOP Rule 38 was proposed and brought to the floor by the Rules Committee which changed the binding rules to release Delegates on the 3rd ballot (previously it wasn't till the fourth ballot). Another motion was made to amend Rule 38 (seconded by Medina) which had to do with determining when the convention could be convened (I think, but I'm tired now...someone else should explain it in detail) . At any rate the cool thing that happened was a rare parliamentary motion was made to consider both amendments to the rule at the same time, requiring a 2/3 vote. It all passed.

No, the ammendment to unbind

No, the ammendment to unbind all delegates did NOT pass, and it was not seconded by Medina that I recall. I believe the ammendment was ruled out of order. Medina seconded the ammendment to rule 34 which had to do with making quorum to elect the state chairman. It basically said that we couldn't elect the chair until quorum had been made, a majority of registered delegates present, and if there weren't enought delegates then alternates could be seated to make quorum. State business rules only, folks.

They even said that if we were able to pass an ammendment to unbind delegates, it would not go into effect this election cycle. Something about state or federal election code approval.

We have to send as many

We have to send as many delegates from Texas to Tampa as possible.

We just have to. It's destiny for the Revolution to be heard

Love Texas

Bless you patriots. God bless and keep up the great work. Proud of you. from Maine


Maybe we could do a Perry-for-LePage exchange???

Maybe a Share program???

So what change did she introduce?

here is a copy of amended rules from yesterday with the changes

Pg. 12 is where rule 34 starts. I don't know which one she got changed.


Good to hear

the good news. I feel revived again. I was sad to hear the endorsement by Rand although I think he had his reasons. At least Im hoping... In the past he has been a fighter for liberty. He has stood against the TSA NDAA and Endless spending. Who knows why he did what he did with Romney. What can I say I'm an optimist I cant help it. You have to be in this kind of fight though. Anyways getting off the subject. Thanks for the good news! Onward we march soldiers...

it was not an endorsement

it was an important ANNOUNCEMENT.

Rand spoke mostly about Ron Paul to a large Hannity audience and he bridged the gap between them and Ron Paul, his dad.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Here is a link regarding

rule 34: http://s3.amazonaws.com/texasgop_pre/assets/original/2011RPT...

I think this may be about the convention chairman.?

Yes, it was an ammendment

Yes, it was an ammendment about state rules in regards to electing the convention chair/state chair.


Rule No. 34 - Permanent Committees and Composition At each Biennial State Convention, the membership of each permanent committee listed below shall be composed of one (1) delegate from each Senatorial District, to be elected by caucus of the delegates in each such district, plus the Chairman thereof, to be appointed by the State Chairman. Such permanent committees shall be as follows:
a. Credentials: This committee shall recommend to the Convention the Permanent Roll of the Convention.
b. Organization: This committee shall recommend to the Convention the permanent organization.
c. Rules and Order of Business: This committee shall recommend to the Convention the Supplementary Rules of the Convention, any amendments to these General Rules, and the Order of Business.
d. Platform and Resolutions: This committee shall recommend to the Convention the platform (if applicable) and the resolutions.
e. State Nominations: This committee shall report to the Convention nominations for the state positions to be filled by the Convention.
Rule No. 34A - National Nominations Committee At the Biennial State Convention in presidential election years, there shall also be a permanent National Nominations Committee composed of one (1) delegate from each Congressional District, to be elected by caucus of the delegates in each such district, plus the chairman thereof, to be appointed by the State Chairman. The Chairman of the permanent National Nominations Committee shall convene the meeting of the committee two (2) hours after the start of the Congressional Caucus with a quorum being present. This committee shall report to the Convention nominations for National Delegates and Alternates, Presidential Electors, and National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, which nominations have previously been made in accordance with Rule Nos. 39 and 40, and sections 6 and 7 of Rule No. 38.

I Hope The Eyes of Texas

...are not on the DP but on the task at hand. Many are fighting for us in Texas right now. Some interesting things are happening by some good folks who have not given up.

Let's show our support!


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Wore me out!



good night 8am again

Susie 4 Liberty

We are attempting

to touch every soul in and around the convention center.

Tomorrow is going to be a hoot.

You Go VC

...and everyone else there. We are with you and watching!

I grew up in Wichita Falls and then moved to Dallas. Graduated from SMU where my mom was an English professor.

I'm a Texan and got the accent to prove it!


Tip of the Day:

When posting a thread like this, it's sometimes a good idea to add some context to your headlines.

This is great, that Debra's Rule 34 Amendment passed with 2/3rds of the vote, I mean this is AWESOME !!!!!!

Now, could you tell us what the hell Rule 34 is and what does it mean; where did it originate; why did it originate, etc.?

Does Rule 34 mean the price of Beef Jerky just went down to .86 cents per/pound? Or that people no longer have to worry about speed light cameras in her district?

Or perhaps it's now legal for children to setup lemonade stands without getting arrested?

Please "update" your post ... LOL


Oh Great!

Just when I load up on beef jerky..

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

she seconded a motion thats all

perhaps this was just to get all the RP vote behind the motion. the motion was not that important - I forget it.

I call BS on troll 55835. We couldn't pass anything in 2008.

Now we have 2/3rds behind us.

And then we win.


5 year account vs 18 hour account.

I'd say that AnApealToHeavenWash has some weight behind their opinion.


So what is the rule change.

So what is the rule change. Can't watch, I'm at work :-(

Not Entirely Sure

One rule change had to do with the unbinding of delegates to the RNC. I believe it passed, but it could only be changed for years to come (not this election cycle).

So you're saying that they

So you're saying that they just unbound the Texas delegation for 2016 and beyond? Because that would be HUGE.


if true

If true, it would indeed be huge. However, I don't want to start spreading stuff on here without proof or confirmation. I looked up Rule 33 and 34 in the Texas GOP rules and neither deal with binding of national delegates. I would have sworn that I heard it...but the audio/video of the feed was very choppy at the time. Don't take my word for it...wait for official confirmation.

It had nothing to do with

It had nothing to do with binding/unbinding delegates. It was simply a state convention procedure that said that there had to be a quorum to vote for state chairman - a quorum being a majority of the delegates registered for the convention being present, and if the delegates weren't present, alternates would be seated to make quorum. It only has to do with state business.

I have absolutely no clue

as to what you are referring here. What does this mean?

It means were winning

Thats what i got out of it!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


can you edited the OP with a bit more information please? I don't know what chagnes are brought with this...

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