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Stop Destroying the Liberty Movement

It breaks my heart to see what has transpired here on the the Daily Paul. In one fell swoop, the folks on this site have tried to destroy the grassroots base of the R3VOLUTION and all the work the Campaign for Liberty has done to make libertarianism mainstream in the GOP.

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney - So what?

Rand Paul has always been PHASE 2 of Ron Paul's Liberty Movement. Ron has been about education and winning the battle of ideas, Rand has been about facilitating change in Washington. To accomplish this, Rand plays politics with the GOP Big Whigs. People don't seem to remember that when he campaigned for Senator, it was VERY generic, establishment stuff. He NEVER talked about Liberty issues at all.

However, since getting into office, Rand Paul has been nothing short of phenomenal, voting PRO LIBERTY, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He even stated after taking office, "Judge me not by how I campaigned, but by how I voted."

Judging by how he voted (what matters), he gets literally a PERFECT LIBERTY SCORE. Cut, Cap & Balance - Rand Paul. Anti Patriot Act Vote - Rand Paul. Audit the Fed - Rand Paul. Leading the fight against SOPA - Rand Paul. Calling for immediate withdrawl of our troops - Rand Paul. Fighting w/ John McCain tooth and nail over NDAA - Rand fracking Paul.

Then when Rand Paul sets himself OR HIS FATHER up for a VP nod (with his Father's blessing I might add), people throw a giant fit; and call him names that even Mitt Romney doesn't deserve to be called. They bomb his email; and even send hateful emails to Carol Paul - a disgusting act. They say, "We're done with you, Rand."

All of this notwithstanding the fact that Rand Paul has been the biggest champion for Liberty we've had in the Senate since Robert Taft.

Rand Paul > Ronald Reagan
Rand Paul > Barry Goldwater.

Rand Paul has not compromised his principles by endorsing Romney, he has compromised his POLITICS to ADVANCE THE PRINCIPLES OF THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT.

This movement is not about Ron Paul. Ron Paul DOES NOT WANT THIS MOVEMENT TO BE ABOUT HIM. He wants to change the course of history and change the course of the GOP.

The way people are talking on this site, they're going to stop participating in the GOP and just rejoin the Libertarian Party. THE RON PAUL R3VOLUTION IS NOT ABOUT FORCING FRINGE IDEAS ON THE MAINSTREAM; IT IS ABOUT MAKING THOSE IDEAS ABOUT PEACE, LIBERTY & SOUND MONEY MAINSTREAM.

PLEASE... I beg of you...STOP TRYING TO DESTROY WHAT WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED. If you truly care about Ron Paul, keep working the GOP system, keep supporting Liberty Candidates (Like Rand Paul & Justin Amash), and keep participating in the process and eventually WE WILL BE THE GOP.

Ron Paul is not the be-all, end-all. Ron Paul is just the beginning.

"I'm not just trying to win, and get elected. I'm trying to change the course of history.” - Ron Paul on his 2012 Campaign

In Liberty and God Bless,


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Welcome to Jonestown!

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

No, we aren't destroying the

No, we aren't destroying the movement, but Rand and Jesse Benton, Tate and Olson haver seriously damaged it. Ron COULD have won many states had the campaign NOT been run like a John the Baptist campaign to prepare the way for Ran in 2016. This campaign had no intention to win. That is the truth, and it it time we faced it. I still love Ron Paul, but he aint perfect, and others must step up now. I am done giving to Campaign for Liberty. I had discomfort with it from the beginning but supppressed my doubt for a long time.


Good to see some forum posters are now starting to figure parts of it out...


Good Job

Good Man! I could not agree more. We should be rejoicing at all we accomplished. Not squabling over disagreements in tactics. Arent we supposed to be a movement of tolerence?


Ok you support Rand and i'll support Ron, and you can go ahead and spend you life explaining to others why he keeps changing his mind on liberty issues and voting for neocon actions.

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Amen. Thanks for telling it like it is.

I'm convinced that most of the up voting and down voting and anti-Rand posts are the work of Rombama operatives. I honestly don't think the majority of liberty-minded Ron Paul supporters are so shortsighted.

Ron Paul is a straight shooter but I have no doubt that behind the scenes, there is a lot of three-dimensional chess being played.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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Ron Paul endorsed Reagan long before anyone else. After Reagan became president and went over to the dark side, what did Ron Paul do? He withdrew his support from Reagan. Ron Paul did not continue supporting a big spending republican. So was that the wrong thing to do in your view?

Yes he has

Ron Paul endorsed the idea of the welfare state in his Budget Proposal during the campaign. yet a welfare state is against his principle, and those of the liberty movement. Didnt see you crying about that?

Not true.

He simply pointed out that many have become dependent on these programmes and that the humane thing to do is to phase them out. He always said that there would be a transition period.

You appear to be taking the opposite tack to other adversaries who accuse Dr. Paul of cutting out Medicare and Social Security in a rush to cut spending. This is equally untrue. He always said he would protect the people who are dependent on these just as he served them for free when he was in practice.

Perhaps you are a Gary Johnson supporter who would indeed slash these programmes with no consideration for those who have become dependent on them. Johnson is a pragmatic businessman just like Mitt Romney and that is the last kind of person you need as President.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)


....voted for sanctions on Iran. Wait. Let me try that again. VOTED.FOR.SANCTIONS.ON.IRAN.

Reality Check

Ron and Rand do not agree on every single issue. Thats right, there are no RON PAUL clones available right now. So get out of your Utopia and realize that within our movement there will be some disagreements. But as long as the ball continues to move in our direction we are winning. Have utopian goals, but remember the path toward those goals will not be perfect.

But Daily Paul is a reality free zone

and therein lies the problem. Far too many will accept nothing but an idealogically pure RP clone. Even more accept everything that RP says as the gospel and will not admit to any disagreement with RP on any issue. That has always been frightening to me as nobody is 100% right 100% of the time and the world is not black and white.

So while Rand may agree with Ron on 90% or more that is just not good enough. That Rand is taking a more poliically viable way of moving the liberty agenda forward is abhorent.

In the end though, Rand is going to attract a far larger contingent to the liberty movement even if most of the Daily Paul decides to thumb their noses at him. Maybe four more years of Obama or eight of Mittens will change that. I try to be optimistic.

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Thanks for posting this

I was shocked to see this kind of response on the daily paul

People have been flaming Carol?

No! I want her address so I can apologize on their behalf now!

While I admit that I was shocked and hurt when I heard, I agree with you that his voting record speaks for itself. Moreover, every success I have had talking to neocons has started with me drawing them in. When they feel safe, they are less defensive, and you can plant seeds in their minds.

He may be charming the Romney camp into letting their guard down. I will wait before I denounce or praise him.

This isn't even worth a response.

'Nuff said.

I love irony