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Hellooooo! Did you forget? Romney doesn't have 1144 delegates yet, bound or otherwise!

Did you guys forget that Tuesday was just a bunch of primaries? Everybody needs to get a grip and just soldier on.

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Romney doesn't have 1144 delegates yet


Let's forget all of the Rand, Benton and Hunter sh1t and get back to takin' care of business...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.





Fight on

Party is just getting started.

The country is mortally wounded by fascist criminals. Not going to stand silent while it bleeds out.

Fight on.

Liberty. Ron Paul 2012

There are less than 2000 delegates we need to influence

That's actually not that many, it's quite possible to convert many of them if we educate them more about Mitt Romney.

The R3volution is in our hands!!!!

Keep going forward!!!

We'll See You

in Tampa!

Vote Ron Paul 2012
Win A Free Country


What is happening in New Jersey, 99.2% reporting for the last few days. What is going on in these 6 counties?


NJ is the only state from tuesday that is not 100% reporting.

If truth is treason in the empire of lies, then truth is also liberty to the empire of lies.


Maybe Ron Paul won those, and they refuse to admit it? Just like how Ron Paul won the popular vote in the Virgin Islands caucus, and they still won't show the results on their page (http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/primaries/state/vi).

I agree

When I first saw dr.Paul in an interview in 2007,I knew there was hope for my fellow believers.I didn't come into this movement,but by seeing the integrity of one man through the years.That was my inspiration,not coat hangers.Give me Liberty or give me death.Onward to Tampa.

Great post. Vote it up!



This is far from over! Tampa here we come.


Agreed... The delegate game is still on but, sorry to say it looks like all the people Ron Paul trusted the most have screwed him and us over pretty badly. Greed is a very bad thing

California wasn't just a

California wasn't just a primary. All 169 delegates in California are Romney's hand picked delegates. There are no district or state conventions.


I am confused: here is the list of California delegates below..

as you see there are Romney and Paul delegates. I KNOW about five of the people on the Ron Paul list as I am in California.

I don't understand....if Mitts won all the congressional districts in California, then how can we have delegates? Can someone explain this to me?



Here's the deal

Each campaign submitted a list of delegates - 3 in each CD and 10 at-large. The winner in the popular vote in each CD got the delegate slots. Romney won all of them, so all the names on his delegate list were upgraded to national delegate status. The names of the Ron Paul supporters on that list are the names of the people who would have become delegates if Ron Paul had won. They did not and will not become actual delegates, though. Romney got to choose all 169.

but there were people

on the dail Paul that got emails asking them to be romney delegates so he doesn't have people lined up to be delegates all 169 of them wont be hard core romney supporters (is there such a thing) I would bet they could be influenced by what they see at the National convention. some of them might already have heard about the constitution

"The nomination is now done." - Rand Paul

"The nomination is now done. And, Romney has achieved the amount of delegates that's necessary to be the nominee. Those are just facts."

- Rand Paul, CNN 6/8/12, nearly 3 months before nomination vote


t_money, could you let Rand Paul know?

good poker game

.. just being an optimist and why not.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Makes me wonder

Where was Rand Paul when Civics Class was held?

And who changed the rules? How many years ago?

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan


and posting Ron Paul's speech to the Texas convention yesterday. He's not rolling over and he sure as hell isn't getting behind Romney. He rocked the room.


Thank You!

Bumping you and bumping again for the below COMMENT!Read the link for the comment!Ignore the Rand posts please it is to try to divide and conquer the movement!


They know they can not stop the American people!

Ron Paul 2012!!!!

Bump! and THIS:


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