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Wow, a new troll tactic tailored specifically for the DP...

Many of you have probably already come across this thread:

"Curious. How many of you would ever support Rand Paul for President? Vote 'Up' or 'Down'."

It's been around for a while now, and I'll still see it bumped to the top from time to time. When I first read the headline, it immediately raised all sorts of troll-flags in my head. It is a troll thread. Aside from the fact that the topic's only purpose is to promote in-fighting and controversy (all in the name of harmless ol' curiosity), it's headline is carefully worded to produce just the right amount of division and doubt without being overtly trolly.

Take the question itself: How many of you would ever support Rand Paul for President?

Ask yourself this: is the "ever" in that question really necessary? Wouldn't an objective question for an online Paul forum be, "How many of you would support Rand Paul for President?" That 'ever' only serves to inject a bit of bias against the pro-Rand Paul supporters. It's as if to say, 'WOULD YOU EVER IN A MILLION YEARS SUPPORT RAND PAUL!? IN A BILLION YEARS?? IN A TRILLION YEARS??? OH, AND VOTE UP OR DOWN.'

Which brings me to the new troll stratagem I mentioned in the title of this comment. A lot of anti-troll people on the DP have decided that in order to help stop the trolling on this site, it would be a good idea to start voting down trolly threads and comments and voting up good debate/speech. However, in this case, the troll himself, in a near-masterful display of ambiguity and deception, asks the DP community to vote 'Up' or 'Down'. Vote 'up' what? Rand Paul? The thread? With a comment? The body of his thread, two lines of text, doesn't offer up any more clues as to what that means.

"Just curious to see where we are here. Say that 2012 does not happen for Ron Paul, and Obama wins. Would you support a 2016 run by Rand Paul?"

Some individuals on this site, in an act of solidarity and support for Rand Paul, began up-voting the trolly headline because they thought a vote for the thread was a vote for Rand Paul. Check out the thread, it's got around 101 up votes. Again there's not much in the body of the thread, it's just a trolly headline with a call to vote. So in upvoting the posting, it kept the thread underneath the trolly radar; people coming in to the site would read the posting, see that most of the DP community accepted it as a legitimate posting/question, and chime in as to whether or not they supported Rand Paul-- all the while keeping the trolly headline bumped near the top. Granted, that 101 number might ultimately show that there is a lot of support for Rand Paul (even though, since this is the Daily Paul, that should've already kinda been a no-brainer)-- but it also shows that even here, a community which touts the idea of 'waking up' and 'questioning everything', is still capable of falling into the snares of a devious troll. Stay vigilant, DP community.


How did the troll get past the up-vote/down-vote anti-troll system? By conflating the meaning of an up-vote for his tainted item with an up-vote for a good item! (Ex. "I don't care what you jerks say about puppies, I love puppies! Vote 'up' or 'down' if you love puppies!")

So trust your instincts. Ignore the trolls-- only trolls would actively court up-votes anyway...

And I love puppies. :)

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I would not support him in a

I would not support him in a million or a billion, but I would in 1.1 million or 1.1 billion; it's a sinusoidal function, you see.

I have not been here that long but I believe

every time we are gaining ground they come along to distract discourage. To take our eye off the prize of Dr Paul being elected our next President keep up the good fight don't quit be tireless in the presuit of liberty.
Let us keep winning delegates keeping up the good fight and don't be discouraged we are making a difference everyday Go Ron Paul.

I have noticed...

I have noticed that in the last month or so we have been overrun with trolls, it is like cockroaches. I can't even enjoy this site like I used to. I would very much like to see a graph of new memberships over the last 6 months. Ever wonder how much of the taxpayers money is spent paying these cockroaches? Maybe a FOIA would help ? I think that new methods should be instituted to filter them out. One suggestion that would help make them stand out would be next to every username on a post or comment it would list length of membership, how many up and down votes they have received from posts and comments. That would make things a lot more transparent and obvious where people stand. What do you all think? Any other suggestions how to handle this situation? (The cockroaches will avoid this subject, I just turned on the light of transparency)crunch, crunch, crunch


Bad tasting sandwich

Check out how sneaky or faulty this topic is:


It's got a great title and message, except for a few sentences, one of which is essentially the claim that if you don't stop fighting for delegates and the nomination then you are calling Ron Paul a liar.

A few terrible sentences sandwiched between goodness still equals a bad tasting sandwich.

Thank you for making the effort

to break it down for us, so folks will be aware of what to look for. It has been amazing to me how a community who believes itself to be "awake" is drawn in, over and over, with these old leftist tricks.

And then, if they CAN tell it's a troll, they'll leave comments, arguing a point, which keeps the thread bumped. It's best if we just give it a down vote and move on without a comment.

I thought the notice about "concern trolls" was helpful too.
Once again, that you for taking the time to explain it to us.

I think the up votes on that thread...

...are starting to go down now since the endorsement.

It is free polling for them. Let them waste their money on a

"real" poll. Meanwhile, everyone should vote it down, no matter what your opinion is.

I don't think they are polling on the DP

I think the RNC forced that endorsement and now they are furiously polling to see the effect (if Rand as VP, will help Romney significantly or not?)

I think this is a troll thread

By dissecting other threads it seeks to divide us and make us question each other. And by attacking trollery it tries to conceal that it itself is a troll thread.

How's that for paranoia?




I originally had this as a comment on one of my threads, but that trolly headline thread keeps popping up, and I felt my comment was long/worthy enough to be a stand-alone posting. :)


Do not forget to add the Libertarian Party ones!