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New Jersey only 99.2% reporting. What is going on in these 6 counties!

New Jersey has been 99.2% reporting for the last few days. What is going on in these 6 counties?


NJ is the only state from last tuesday that is not 100% reporting.

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There has got to be someone

There has got to be someone on the ground in these counties who can find out what's going on. Maybe even contact the MSM websites and tell them to update their pages!

If truth is treason in the empire of lies, then truth is also liberty to the empire of lies.

You think that's bad?! Look at Westchester County, New York

Which is where I live. The NY primary was on 4/24, but Westchester only has 65.5% reporting. It is the large county in the southeast corner of the state bordering Connecticut. The population of that county alone is almost 1 million people, but the more populous NYC boroughs are far more complete with their vote totals. There is also a burgeoning RP movement there. I wonder what is going on here?


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Yeah, this sounds a little

Yeah, this sounds a little more serious than 99.2% reporting. This is a shame. What is being done about this? Confront the media at their offices each day. Put it on youtube, ask them why they aren't reporting this. How are they getting away with this stuff?

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I will get on it tomorrow

Letting the Ron Paul meetup group in Westchester know as well.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.



If truth is treason in the empire of lies, then truth is also liberty to the empire of lies.

Pitiful turn out

Ocean County 3D

at the poll where I went to pass our DELEGATE cards

verrrry slow

couldnt get near the visitors as wasnt allowed in the parking lot but told to go out to the road

before two bama supporting dems reported me I was behind
a wall away from the door but where the SUN could hit as it was breezy and chilly

A couple of really hardnosed women came out and spoke nastily to me and the dems insulted me

as I crossed the street I contemplating if I should stay and stop cars entering the parking lot I saw a POLICE CAR at the light at the next corner so my choice was made for me

the NUMBERS of voters was so small
and I did go in and ask the women at the table how it had been
going, they never saw it so SLOW

to stick there and get in trouble for stopping a dem car at the parking lot entrance was not worth the tiny attendance

around here I keep hearing " I will hold my nose and vote for romney"
If I am where I can speak I try to show how Ron Paul is the right choice but again and again I get " ho but he dropped out"

Stil I carry literature and do try to offer the only choice but its now more difficult than ever

Poll Tuesday here was almost unnoticed by MOST people

" what election"

you know the State primary

"OH that, whatever the party does is OK"

Home of the next repub VP candidate, sheesh!


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

mail-in ballots?

It could be an unusually large amount of mail-in ballots?

or maybe

or maybe it's just a huge conspiracy