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Clear Your Head

We need to clear our heads of all that has been going on lately!

“Lack of faith, treachery, arguments and animosity only breed malevolence. It is in the best interest of all to avoid this and tread on the path of progress.”

Focus on the Fight For Freedom & Liberty, nothing else, and we will dispell this deliberate psyops designed to fracture us. Stop, think, and clear your head, we are being attacked as part of the Powers That Be's plan to stop us.

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I don't know about my head,

I don't know about my head, but I find hot road tar is great for clearing my sinuses.

was just about to start 3 more rand threads

and beat this dead horse for 10 more days! :D

Geez! What a day!

Income slightly dropped, two bills went up higher, and then this whole Rand thing! Yeah, for sure need to clear the head! We need some really funny stuff on the DP over this weekend!

Let me guess! Was one of

Let me guess! Was one of them ATT? If so, you aren't alone. I asked them if my line was suddenly gold plated. They weren't amused. LOL

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Pretty close...

One of them was just the cable that I need to follow suit around here and get rid of! The expense must be the little gold switches they have to turn on or off to give us the service!lol

Ron Paul did not quit

This is the speech he gave to the Texas GOP convention the day after the email. It will brighten your day.


the speach was announce by Press on May 20

..so it went on according to plan.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Nothing clears a stuffed up head like

watching a rerun of the Andy Griffith show.Oh,those were the days!

Hah! I also find that the...

...older 1/2 hour comedies give you a break from reality! And laughter is good for the soul!=)