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Relax. Keep An Open Mind :)

Been seeing a lot of chaos round these parts lately. Suppose that's to be expected. Many of us have spent a lot of time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears to get here.

We chose this path.

We knew it wouldn't be easy. We've seen every roadblock imaginable thrown at our movement, in an effort to get us to back down, concede, give up. Most of these boulders thrown at us have come from the MSM, and that's been frustrating to deal with, as they wield magnitudes more power over the populace than we do. But we've overcome that. Many believe that there are forces at work within the campaign itself, that are, intentionally or not, sabotaging our mission to put Ron in the White House. That may be the case. There are definitely people out there who get off on creating accounts here and trolling, trying to divide us and demoralize us. We deal with it, civilly, as Dr. Paul would.

We may not win this one. We may win this one. This has not been determined yet.

We're sending a battalion down to Tampa, to defend Liberty. We've done all we can in this 2012 skirmish. We've donated, we've spread the word, knocked on doors, talked sensibly to people, put up signs, volunteered time, stuck our necks out in conversations that we'd normally just nod and agree, and dealt with the consequences...because we believe in the message Dr. Paul has re-introduced to us.

We shall continue to do so.

We shall continue to do so because those of us who picked up the banner, those of us who became "learned" in regards to how the system works, and why it needs to be changed, we were never interested in "being on the winning team". This campaign has been about We the People bringing about positive change in the United States. We joined this fight because we believed in something greater than ourselves. We looked to the future and saw an America that we don't want our children to suffer.

If anything, MSM be damned, this will be our legacy. We planted the seeds, among many rows of people. The young, the old, the kinda old (that's me;-)...The message we brought to bear, and the perspectives we have brought, and shall continue to bring, will resonate for generations. This, right now, is only the second engagement in the battle for Liberty.

Ron's been the General. Generals retire. He's served with top honors. He has inspired thousands of people to believe in the principles that have made this country one of the greatest places to live on Earth. He's been at this for a long time, and may actually become more powerful once he's out of office. But that's up to us. Are we really going to give up on this noble cause because our General knows his limits? Of course not!

We, the Remnant, as he called us, are going to continue this r3V0Lution because it's become part of us. Ron Paul was, at this junction, the torchbearer, and he will continue to be. The fun part is that he's mustered a veritable army of principled people from their apathy, inspired those who NEVER would have given politics a second look, awakened millions to "the man behind the curtain" and through these people, change will occur.

In the next few months, we will experience many ups and downs. Those who have just recently joined us may experience great emotional swings, having been only recently introduced to these ideas. We must show tolerance to these individuals, yet at the same time, discourage rhetoric that is destructive (non-constructive)to the movement.

Remember, you can't please everybody, and things happen. We are organic, we adapt, we counter. We remain logical in spite of illogical acts. We remain focused, because those who seek to destroy us wish us to become unfocused. We persevere, like Dr. Paul did when he was made fun of, and treated poorly. because we, like he, believe in America, the Constitution, and Liberty.

So don't let the naysayers get you down. Don't allow the spooks and trolls to re-frame what we're doing here. Don't let them set the narrative. The movement is far from over...but so far, we're winning.

And a lot can happen between now and Tampa. We've voted, and sent our delegates on a mission. Godspeed to them. May they remain strong in the face of collectivist hoopla and a demand by their peers to display "party unity". May their convictions guide their tongues when they speak of the need for Dr. Paul to be the nominee. May they show empathy to those who have been indoctrinated by their televisions and the talking heads that work for the Matrix, yet stay resolute and encouraging to those who need guidance. May they inspire everyone they come in contact with at the convention, through their words and their actions, to help become a part of history and vote their conscience. May they have ample video recorders at the ready to catch any agent provocateurs engaged in shenanigans.

He gave a speech today. Sounded like he inspired Texas. There's a bill to audit the Fed in July? Ya don't say...

This 2012 battle is not over. Not by a long run.

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Ron Paul ignited our movement

Ron Paul ignited our movement for individual freedom with the hope that enough of a flame would emerge to bring him to the White House. Most of us still harbor that hope and remain dedicated to that cause.

Ron Paul has told us that even if we do not succeed this time that the movement should stay alive and continue to grow from now on.

The mere fact that the Youth For Liberty and the Students For Liberty and the Campaign For Liberty exist especially within the colleges and universities and are clearly growing and expanding should give each of us reason to be convinced that our success is ultimately assured. Ideas move the world and as Victor Hugo has said "No armies can stop an idea whose time has come!"

In time the upcoming generations will learn of the liberty movement during their years in college and it will no doubt filter down to the high schools as well. Each year that passes will mean that the old ideas will die with that generation who identified with the entitlement mentality of the socialists, communists, statists, democrats, progressives and "liberals."

Each year there will be more young people who will become aware as we have of the vision of those who created the central government and granted only certain limited powers to it. They will learn as we have the real meaning of the "necessary and proper clause," the regulation (make regular) interstate commerce clause, the ninth and tenth amendments, and nullification.

Each year more will read the books which ought to be read by those who have no understanding of how the marketplace works. Have you watched the video of Peter Schiff speaking at a subcommittee hearing where the congressmen reveal their profound ignorance of the market and believe that only government programs can deal with what they perceive as failures of the market?

In time we will have to educate those who are subject to the misinformation in the colleges by the professors of interventionism who are tenured there.

Many here have pointed out that it is up to us to support those entities such as the Institute for Humane Studies, Reason Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, Future of Freedom Foundation, CATO, etc if we want to facilitate the enlightenment of the general public in order to succeed in the future.

In the meantime I hope those who are delegates for Ron Paul will go to Tampa and do whatever makes sense so that either Ron Paul becomes the nominee or if it must be Mitt Romney that he be influenced by our movement's strength and rational arguments and behaviour.

Never Give Up.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

the movement needs to be about principles and ideas

...and not about any man.

the cult of Ron Paul is the greatest weakness of the Liberty Movement. this now must change.

the main pillars of Paul's platform were:
1. no illegal/unjust wars
2. auditing the Fed
3. obeying the constitution

this needs to be carried forward without compromise and should be driven from the grassroots, not establishment candidates.

as far as system of government and spending is concerned, this can be argued until the cows come home. it shouldnt be about keynesianism vs Austrian economics so much.


the 'media assassins'

Audit the Fed you say?

That won't pass the Senate....ever....in a million years.

Great Piece

JoeDanger, great piece! Thank you for taking the time to spread words of wisdom. Keep writing, the Revolution is stronger with people like you sharing their feelings in a way that people can relate.


Who is the troll?

I have been at this longer than you have been alive and understand how the world works. Your comment contained zero value and was a waste of electricity and time for all involved.

Any reasonable adult could only conclude that you are a troll, not I.


This SOB predicted it and it's true.....I AM DONE WITH RON PAUL I pray you guys see the light. He used us!



Well Said!!!!

That pretty much says it all! Thanks!


You said it all, Joe.

Thank you for saying it so well for me, too.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

You have got to get a griop on reality.

Wishful thinking, rainbows and unicorns will not bring about liberty. The REALITY is that although it is statistically possible for RP to get the nomination, that chance is about the same as the likelihood of you getting hit by a meteor in the next hour. Being non-delusional is not the same as being a Debbie Downer. We must at all times understand our position and that of our enemies. Being a Pollyanna will only lead to the misallocation of scarce resources.

So get a hold of yourself and starting working to invoke liberty. Fantasizing about some miraculous turn of events that would give the nomination to Ron Paul is childish and nonproductive.

so you trolls

work in teams and up vote each other we can see. I'm curious as to how much you get paid.



Why don't you go spend your troll money and do something with your life less disgusting.


The best way to test the veracity of one’s position is to see if they are willing to put their money where there mouth is. I’ll give you 100 to 1 odds that Romney will get the needed 1144 delegates on the first ballot. I’ll put up $10 and if I am incorrect, I’ll send to you $10. If I am correct, you send me $1000.

Are we on?

If you won’t take the bet then please stay off of this forum.

Crazy old man...

What are you talking about? Because I think Romney will win the ballot on the first vote I'm to stay off the Daily Paul forums? Long time troll, eh?


Nonna is a child

Nonna is a child playing on the computer. Just ignore anythin Nanno posts. That is what I am going to do.

When's the funeral and why weren't we told

Michael died and made you the boss here?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

You are...

You are obviously a child. Do your parents know that you are playing on the computer?

Wrong on so many counts.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Have you noticed

Have you noticed that you are unwilling to back-up anything you post in any way? You simply call people names, make unsubstantiated claims and when I tell you to put up or shut up you run away from my offer like a frightened like a little school girl.

Once you become an adult (I hope that you do) you will understand how profoundly idiotic your comments are. You may chronologically have reached the age of majority however it is obvious that you have the mind of a child.

Did you start using drugs at an early age and it stunted your maturation? That is my guess.

Whew! I was getting worried there for a while.

Whew! I was getting worried there for a while. I am so happy that we are bouncing right back into the swing of things!. So now it's time to go on and WIN!!!

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and we shouldn't care what Rand does.Ron Paul stated earlier that we don't have enough delegates. Well, lets go to work everyone. Those delegates are unbound. Let's go after them! There still is time.

As far as I am concerned Rand is just another politician that happened to endorse Romney. There were many that did. So, why is he so important? This does not change anything. Other than it became a huge distraction for many of us. You can bet this kind of distraction was exactly what Romney was hoping for... that we would all become so discouraged that we would simply give up, or lose our momentum for getting more delegates. So, lets go out there and recruit those delegates!!!

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

We are winning

Our pertinacity is why I remain confident that we are the future of the Republican Party. We are the tireless irate minority and no "Ron Paul Republican" I know is giving up. Just pay attention to Tampa. We are winning.

Many of us are involved at all levels helping to get liberty-minded candidates elected. How many "Ron Paulers" are in office right now compared to 4 years ago? We are winning.

An idea whose time has come... We have been enlightened to these ideas. It is inevitable. Be confident in knowing our time is coming.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

Yep. Been saying that for a while.

The trolls reply that I am delusional and "sound" like an idiot. But, I know this: We ARE winning. Why would anyone who doesn't believe that use so much time and effort to refute that?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Have you seen the latest

Have you seen the latest video on ronpaul2012.com? It's the same guy that spread the message to MSM that Ron Paul had dropped out. Now he's telling the world that Ron Paul endorses Romney. Ef this crap. Our movement has been hijacked, but they still have a link for us to donate.
I don't care who Ron and Rand Paul endorse. I'm not voting for Romney.

fiddle dee dee

What video are you speaking of?

I just checked the site and nowhere could I see anything about the Dr. endorsing Mittwit. Who are you speaking of?

stopped being a cry baby,

It's a different day. Go use your anger in a positive way and find out how to get involved in your local gov positions and own that bish.

Bottom up, not top down. derpa derp

I'm not crying. I've invested

I'm not crying. I've invested my time and money in this revolution, gladly at that, because Ron Paul said he was in it until the end. Now he just wants a speaker slot at the RNC?
I want answers and I think we all deserve answers from Dr. Paul, not that little twerp who told the MSM that Paul had dropped out. Look at how that statement affected Dr. Paul's campaign and it was right before a moneybomb. I want to hear from Dr. Paul that he has dropped out, so I can decide what I want to do next. I might want to join the Libertarian Party.
Rand Paul is no conservative or Christian. His endorsement of Romney means he endorses the NDAA and abortion.

fiddle dee dee

Same here. I will Not Vote for Romney

And, if Ron Paul stops running and attempts to go so far as to ask his supporters to support Romney, I will never speak of Ron Paul ever again. Rand Paul is a sell out back stabbing traitor and I'm fed-up with people regularly saying; "we don't know the whole story" or, "stop whining" or, it's Rand Not Ron and we are still supporting Ron Paul for POTUS".
We - Ron Paul supporters "Deserve" YES Deserve to know what Ron Paul is doing, is he still in this to Win the Nomination or WHAT!?
I also don't care if Rand Paul was threatened in any way because, if Rand was threatened and he was a true PATRIOT that has a back-bone, he would tell the ones doing the threatening to go to HELL and that he will NOT do what they say.
I personally don't believe threats were the reasons here, I don't believe there is some behind the scenes greater good for the country going on here, I do believe that if Rand was a true Patriot, he would NEVER have made ANY kind of deal with Romney no matter what he supposedly thinks he could gain.
Ron Paul has NEVER done anything shady to get ahead or to get something better for Americans and just because, some people on these boards think this might be what Rand is attempting to do, doesn't make it so.
Plus, Romney is a lying, flip-flopping big Government Status Quo and no deal (if any) between him and Rand will Ever come to fruition because, Romney Can't beat obama because he is the same as obama and, even if Romney did win, once he was POTUS, he can and will do as his puppet masters tell him and any deal (again, if any) between him and Rand will be made null and void even “IF” Romney was being told what to do by the puppet masters. Romney is a lying pathetic pile of shit and ANYONE (including Rand or Ron) that would sink so low as to attempt to make a deal with him, is no better than him
All in my opinion, of course.

I will NEVER Vote for obama, I will NEVER Vote for Romney and I will NEVER Vote for Rand Paul.
I Vote for Ron Paul or, I Don't Vote!!!!!!

Me neither! I Will NEVER Vote for Romneybama...

After 40 years of voting I have suffered too many political disappointments. I will stay true to my beliefs and convictions, no matter what. No compromises, no deals, no concessions, no way.

People who stand in the middle of the road get hit from both sides.


Do you need somebody to call the whaaambulance for you. Are you an American or are you whiney european (no ofense europeans but you guys cry to much when your gov takes away your entitlements cause it's broke).

Instead of wasting your energy moping around, you could be getting mad and find a local office position to run for and own that bish.

I understand Rand is a d bag and we are all upset about it. But we've had a couple days to vent about it. I cried like a baby like you all over DP a couple days ago. But now its time to pick up the pieces and start pushing forward. stop being a negative creep

Speak for yourself, conalmc. And who says we're moping

and crying? I don't need your self-righteous lecture on how to feel and think. And you understand nothing if that is how YOU feel.