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What would you do if they threatened to kill your parents?

If you think the tactics being used by the establishment at the conventions to stop the liberty movement are bad, realize that those mostly come from the sheeple and low level pinions; relatively decent folk with their heads up their butts.

Now consider what pressures and tactics the big boys are bringing to bear on the Paul campaign and Dr. Paul's family.

I suspect that an ultimatum was passed down to Congressman Paul and his campaign, "Stop this liberty movement or die".

If you consider this possibility, everything that has been happening in the last month or so starts to add up.

Some are trying to protect the good doctor, others are trying to protect themselves and still others are not privy to what is going on. The good doctor may also be trying to protect his people including us.

So if you were Rand and they threatened to kill your parents and you believed they would, what would you do?

I know there are some like Doctor Ron Paul who would say sure I'll give a speech about unifying the party. Or Patrick Henry, "... give me liberty or give me death". Or John Paul Jones, "I have not begun to fight".

But it is one thing to say give me death and to fight to your last breath; it is another to accept that your choice may result in the deaths of those you hold most dear. I think those who are quick to condemn Rand need to consider what they would really do if someone threatened to kill their loved ones. Would you risk your Mother's life?

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