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Infiltration AND baiting the establishment. (stop hating our warriors of freedom!)

Just like in the ancient times of human history, there are things that are understood by a few and seem to be twisted for the many.
We may feel the need to distance ourselves from our history and feel comfortable with the idea that things are different now. We have the internet and the age of information, which will spawn many great things. But it will take some time to spawn wisdom for the many.
Wisdom, as Socrates would explain, is not something easy to claim, for claiming it can insinuate that you do not have it.

We can be masters in trades, or jacks of many. We can have degrees in the arts and sciences but there is no degree for wisdom. No formal education for wisdom, no certificate of wisdom and those who are wise, often seem unwise.

This post is not meant to be a philosophical singularity. By all means I promise you that. This post is just me writing my thoughts and sharing the little wisdom I can claim, to this forum.

Before I truly get started, I understand that time spent and time of registration on this forum means a lot to some of you, perhaps not many, but some. I understand that I registered 4 weeks ago, and have never posted anything on this forum. Truth though, I've been for liberty and freedom my entire life. Before I knew who Ron Paul was, before I understood politics and before I could even write my own name.

Freedom for me is not exactly a movement, nor a philosophy, nor is it a political stand point, or group of people. Freedom and liberty, you must understand, is and has always been a basic instinct of mankind.
No one with a functioning brain and a warm heart can honestly say they are against freedom and liberty, for doing so would be a great insult to ones core being, or to ones soul. To be free is on the same grounds of survival as needing to eat, drink and sleep. Without freedom, there is no fear of death, or threat of death, for you are already dead. Call it a mutation, call it holy or you could even call it intelligence and wisdom, for this notion of life has been the strongest for me, along side the other necessities of survival.

So, if my forum credentials fit that of the famed troll, or any other form of separation in the act of stereotyping and dividing, allow me to open your mind to real world. The world of true warriors of mankind. The behind the scenes, humble, wise, just and peaceful non-affiliated handful of good human beings. That have always been around. Long before Ron Paul was even born. Don't get me wrong on this, Ron Paul is huge for our development into becoming a better civilization, but how this movement is restricted within the walls of 2007 to 2012 just goes to show most of you have got a lot of catching up to do.

To see so many hint at giving up, due to one individual or a handful of individuals secret agendas as they fight their battles; should prove that in the act of giving up, you never really believed in freedom and liberty, you believed in a movement, instead of believing in mankind.

For me I see attacks on liberty and freedom as attacks on the souls of human beings. I see it as a violent act of hate, a hate for what it is to be human, and if you give up on fighting against this act of hate, we true believers of freedom and liberty don't want you around. I don't mean to be harsh, I'm a peaceful person generally, but do NOT join the war against those who have waged war against humanity, just because you're bored, or have nothing else to do. It is not humanity's fault that you idolize someone or something, and when your wisdom can't keep up with what's going on, you attack or give up.

This is nothing new, this whole Rand Paul thing, no need to explain the now. It's just not new. And each time something like this comes up, the weak are weeded out and the strong continue. Good bye weak minded, poor lost souls in the herd of sheep. I truly am sorry for you and I wish I knew how to teach wisdom, but I can not. If you need Rand or Ron Paul's support to fight for humanity, or if you need to idolize a person or thing, you definitely need to sit yourself down, and figure out where your priorities are.

Though it is getting old, it is still important to mention many of us are still sheep. Most importantly, the sheep do not know what to be either than sheep, yet. Have you ever asked yourself this question?
"If I'm not the wolf,(haters of humanity) and I'm not a sheep (prey of the wolf) then what am I?" - I won't answer that. Because the question is more important and valuable than the answer.
But, if you wish to be able to answer this question, and can not. Here are some things you can do first:

1. Throw your TV out the window or hook it up to a computer and remove your subscriptions to channels and broadcasting. Never pick up, read, talk about, link to or hate any type of news that comes from the Wolf's mouth. IGNORE IT! Don't spread it, even if you want to hate it.

2. Find yourself a good diet. Stop poisoning your mind, your body and your soul with the Wolf's food. And if you're out of shape, get in shape. Now.

3. Let people know you are not the average sheep that is willing to listen to conversations about reality TV shows and sports or gossip. These are the tools of the Wolf to keep us occupied with a false reality. I hardly engage in conversation that is of no importance with adults. I use up all my childish fun behavior and talk with my children. I refuse to do this with adults. (No, people actually do like me... They just find me to be a quiet person when the conversations in groups around me aren't worth the electrons and cells in my brain.)

4. Most importantly, take care of your family and your children. There is a great lose of love sub consciously when you do nothing to give your family your all. You may not consciously understand but, you will rot from the inside if you allow the haters of humanity to shape and mold the minds of your children, and/or if you allow the haters of humanity to take up 60hours of you time a week with a job, to pay a new car or pay down a new home. No material wealth is worth the spiritual well-being of you and your family. And it never will be.

5. In the age of information, you have no reason whatsoever to not throw your hobbies out the window in trade for the rewarding act of gaining knowledge and intelligence. If you can not find time to learn on every subject possible, with a wakeful mind, (ever fallen asleep learning something interesting and important? hint hint) there is something eating away at your soul and your heart. Meditate.

Don't take my advice as bashing the sheep... No doubt I could go on and list many more things. But know that no one is perfect, and though I spread this message, I often have to tell it to myself, daily. Because we are conditioned. We are, literally, being farmed.

Human Farming.
I have discussed this issue with many intelligent, creative and wise people. Few seem to grasp the reality of it. Even I find myself fading away from this horror of a reality. We are being farmed. PERIOD.
Ever since the dawn of our civilization with the exception of the creation of the constitution and the United States of America. PERIOD.
UNDERSTAND THAT! The moment human beings started farming each other was right around the time we started up agriculture, though the history books will not tell you, the start of agriculture, simultaneously started the farming of human beings. Thus, what you think, what you do and how you act is of extreme importance to those who claim power and profit over you, just like an animal to a farmer, if his/hers cattle are extremely unwilling to be bound within the fences of the farm, and spread this form of resistance to other animals, the farmer will EAT or KILL or get RID of this animal. For it is not profitable.
Same question: if you're not cattle, or sheep, and you're not a farmer, what are you?

Rand Paul and Ron Paul are wise. Forget this not.
How many times have they been able to bait the MSM into believing and spreading the message that Ron Paul is in many other words, out of the race for nomination? While people complained about the MSM, people behind the scenes have been using it to their advantage. How many times, right after major success, has Ron Paul and his warriors hinted that they won't or have very little chance of winning to MSM? With a bit of wisdom, you can see what's really going on. I wouldn't be surprised if Ron Paul wins Texas, and though it is greatly due to the freedom fighters getting involved, much of it has to do with these types of tactics that the sheep don't understand. In order to infiltrate the GOP (and mark my words you Democrats, you're next, because this movement is only one step of many that most everyone has little to no information about. We human beings with souls are going to crush and stomp all over you human hating, evil, insane mutations of horror!) one must bait to ones advantage, trick, blind and surprise. Sometimes, when fighting important battles and wars, we must lie, cheat and even steal. I understand this does no good for our hearts and is not good moral, but the alternative is literally the destruction of this civilization with death of women and children, sacrificed men and women, starvation, greed, fear and a pointless way of life.

I for one will not disrespect my wonderful gift which is called life by using it to support (even by doing nothing!) an evil existence.
I do not promote violence, not at all. But I would rather see pain upon those who live in hate for humanity, than doing nothing, living with the thought of 1 child dying of hunger ever 5 seconds or so, so that someone like Bill Gates(for example, just one example!) can play God with humanity.

I think Rand Paul feels the same, what he did, was not good for his heart and he will have to meditate to cleanse his soul. BUT, what he did, most people will never understand the wisdom behind, and I for one, am greatly humbled by his sacrifice to support the cause of humanity. Don't even BEGIN to think Rand Paul is trying to get a ticket to become President in the future. Rand Paul is smart enough to understand there is no future if his father fails. No constitution, no freedom, no liberty and United States of America. Rand Paul knows the move of the human farmers will be soon, and their move will be a world government, where an even smaller group of human haters will be farming the entire world. There is no time to wait for Rand Paul, and of course he knows that.

I will not bore the sheep anymore.

Thank you for reading.

Long live Jefferson, a true king and philosopher.
Long live the divinity of Tesla and Einstein.
Praise Socrates and Plato for translating the Universe into words that can be understood for our feeble minds.
Fight for a Resourced based Economy.
A Republic, is only one step towards a greater civilization. When the Republic accomplishes what it was meant to accomplish, it will move away for something greater. We are only getting started on battling human farming, that has lasted since we picked and planted the first seeds and created the first farms.

Take care.

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A day rich in philosophical and psychological truths!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

The best thing I've read on Daily Paul in weeks.

Thank you.

human farming? What?

First of all the world is not moving towards world government,are you paying attention to Europe at all? Big governments all over the world are dying harsh debt laiden deaths right now in real time.

" Long live the divinity of tesla and einstien"? Gee I must have missed the Gospel of Tesla, didn't realize he was divine. And no I will not be praising that nuasance Socrates or that Dictator loving Plato.

Spend 13 minutes watching this video

and you may be able to understand what the OP means by "human farming."

It is very well explained.


Hey freestater =) Thank you

Hey freestater =)
Thank you for the critic.
On where the world is moving is and how one gets an opinion (like mine) is entirely dependent upon what you know and what you take for true information. My opinion, unlike yours, is that big governments all over the world are being forced to crash. I don't see the economic situation as being something random and an accident. I see it as being engineered, like several times in the past. If you research the history on the federal banking wars back in 1900 to 1934 you see hard core evidence of engineered economic crashes in the USA. When the economy crashes (like it is today) the people behind it are the ones offering the solution. The solution of this day in age is world government. The failing of governments is not a bad thing for world government pushers, it's a good thing.
Tesla was quite divine, but we can agree to disagree on what you think divinity is and what I think it is. What you say about Socrates and Plato is actually not worth commenting on.
Thanks again for reading though, and I appreciate any further comment you wish to give on this and I will respect your opinion on it.

Interesting commentary, but I disagree

with a few things you've said. For one: "5. In the age of information, you have no reason whatsoever to not throw your hobbies out the window in trade for the rewarding act of gaining knowledge and intelligence." In my opinion too many already place an inordinate value on gaining knowledge & intelligence (including our schools, which treat children as of even kindergarten age as if mere brains on stick-figure bodies, everything focused on only intellectual development). I'm not saying we don't need to be informed. But our development into whole human beings involves physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Indeed, imbalances result in dis-ease. Hobbies might include (like Ron Paul) organic gardening, or (like RP & our DP friend padu) riding on a bike to observe the sky and trees and nearby creek and bird chatter, at the same time keeping ourselves fit, or (like Carol Paul) cooking and recording family stories, or it could painting, or haunting natural history museums, or training pigeons, or building radios... It's when we are well-rounded and making full use of our senses that we develop appreciations; it's also what enables us to make connections - because we see the bigger picture. That, to me, is wisdom.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The only thing I could find really wrong in this article-

he should change the word "pray" to correct spelling--prey.

Thanks! Fixed =)

Fixed =)

Hey, thank you for the

Hey, thank you for the response.
Sound critic is a great tool for improvement.
You make a good point. There are of course good hobbies, I personally was thinking the wrong types of hobbies. I also am greatly opposed to the modern schooling system as well, but you must remember my words on what knowledge and intelligence is has nothing to do with school and kindergarten. I could have made myself clearer, and would have avoided your critic =) In order to eat healthy, it is almost a most to have a garden. In order to stay fit, you must have activities to keep up that required physical health. This can be seen as a hobby, sure. I wouldn't think so though. More of a necessity =) All in all, my message is not for the average person, leading the average life. My message is for the warriors who are fighting for humanity.

Ah, but it applies no less to warriors!

I thank you for your article, qubit. I did know that you were not referring to children, let alone kindergarteners; it just happens to be a major issue for me given that our one-sided education begins that early (with life-long consequences). And I guess I'd still argue that there is no "wrong" hobby - whether gardening or assembling model cars or quilting or bird watching or playing harmonica or collecting stamps. Who is to say what attracts an individual to a particular activity, why it inspires, what pleasure is derived, what skill or capacity it might develop or what insight, what it might evolve into? (Or not!) It's all about balance. As to warriors, true warriors are the epitome of what I was talking about, well-balanced in body, mind, and spirit. But if what you were getting at with #5 is this, I, too, am disgusted at the superficial level of knowledge and dialogue these days, often limited to sound bytes of information with NO DEPTH. So I'm with you as to being a "lifelong learner" - so long as you do stop to smell the roses...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I agree. And thank you for

I agree. And thank you for your input.
I hope we can find ourselves discussing these topics together. I'm sure we could grow from one another =)

I'm sure we could

Though I imagine we already do share many of the same values. I guess I honed in on that statement about hobbies for two reasons. First, it made me think about the kinds of things missing from public schools - and missing from adults' lives, too. So many people now spend their non-school/non-working hours sitting in front of a computer screen instead of experiencing real life and speaking face to face with real people. Second, I'M guilty! I've cast hobbies to the wind since the beginning of this election cycle. (Joining the DP hasn't helped!) And so, qubit, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm going to head outside now and smell the roses... :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Excellent Idea =)

Excellent Idea =)

I agree with c2c and thank you.

I felt your words in the pit of my stomach, the depths of my mind and the core of my soul...wiser words were never read by this patriot.
I too, would hope to hear from you again.

"If you want to know who is going to change this country, go home and look in the mirror."

Your missive may be the finest piece of writing,

as well as the most profoundly accurate philosophical insight, I have ever seen posted to the DailyPaul.

For those who know the truth when they see it, this will hit them squarely between the eyes. What a gift it is that you shared this.

I sincerely hope that we continue to hear from you.

Thank you very much. Much

Thank you very much. Much appreciated =)

you are a sheep

you just cant accept that rand is a traitor that wont be able to influance mitt romney one bit.wake up and smell the coffee.the 200 delegates wont be able to speak in tampa.i have a broken heart,but in know way will i support this move.in time you will see the truth.party over


HEY Woff Woff Woff

You still here barking and peeing up the wrong tree? Really need that $7 bucks an hour I guess! Since you no longer chose to support Liberty .......ruffus....why are you still posting here?

The Liberty movement is larger than any one man.......and that includes Ron Paul. It will take all of us, and then some! We have just begun.

Wonderful article and I hope you post more of the same.

We as a movement are now in the maturation stage. Remember Ron Paul stated publicly in one of the debates....that he did not want to run our liges. So lets learn some wisdom and continue to stay focused.

It is our lives, our childrens and future generations that we are fighting fir now!

Suck it up...

I'd tell you why what you said doesn't make sense but you wouldn't understand it. Maybe once you're gone we can have some good discussions on this site again.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

sorry about the vote

I thought clicking the up arrow meant I would scroll up in the comments. Then, to counter balance, once I saw I voted up, I voted down because I didn't intent to vote at all.

Well, just wanted to explain.


Thank you.

I am tired of people hating on Rand. Ron Paul was DEFINITELY aware of the endorsement beforehand and probably was the one who told him to do it. Ron Paul is very smart and has been at this same game for thirty years. He knows what is best. We need to trust him and support his son no matter what Rand has to do. Rand is playing the system! It is obvious! People need to chill.

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

Thank you

You display true wisdom.

My heart has been aching for Rand

My heart has been aching for Rand. The look in his eyes and on his face says it all, and speaks louder than his words. He is doing something he does not want to do. There is no joy or enthusiasm.

It is strange that anyone who has anything to do with Romney or his cohorts ends up looking sad and confused. Look at the people at his rallies; they look like sad and confused zombies.

Ron Paul rallies are so energized with happy smiling people.

Let's get Rand off the hook by winning! Go Ron Paul Revolution!

I agree

When I watched Rand's expression and body language, he looked sad. The only time I saw him smile was when he mentioned Ron Paul's supporters owning the internet. Sure hope we can all focus on the real goal here.

Lots of new posters!

So many new griefers! I wonder what these people are getting paid by Mittens (or maybe even the Paul Campaign?) to push this agenda that Rand is evil and has gone to the dark side. In a way it's good. If the Paul supporters are buying this manufactured soap opera, then so are the Mittwits. While they're distracted, let's get more delegates and see if this psychodrama gets Dr Paul more press.

I'm pretty sure this was all planned. If it was, then it is a work of Machiavellian genius. And maybe there's some true Patriots in the know, helping out and playing along, like Alex Jones.

Let's get those delegates and bring the fight to Tampa!

Great Article

We are seeing the weak weeded out. I really like your suggestions for a truly free and healthy life. Yes, this IS a lifestyle, and I, Too, am one of those who have just in the past 2 years awaken, now I'm realizing that there is SO much work I need to invest in me and my family in order to be the TRUE warrior this movement requires. We have to take it upon ourselves to become more educated, then we will feel confident still, once a fellow patriot (ie the Pauls) do things we don't understand. We have to create our OWN firm foundation so that we are not "shaken" by change or discourse. Liberty and freedom starts with US. Get your MIND right, get your family in order and healthy, feed your body food that will benefit your body, mind, and soul. Continue to educate yourself so you can tell fact from fiction, and if you are still not sure, be patient, wait, the truth WILL come to the light.
Again, thank you. This is wonderful guidance.
Many during this movement will let us down or fall short, are we going to let them effect OUR goals?
Are we going to fall apart at every road block. Some here are still sheep. They are waking up, but they NEED to understand they only changed herds! When You are truly no longer a sheep, you do not go haywire if you loose your shepherd!!!

J.S. Kim of

J.S. Kim of SmartKnowledgeU.com recently wrote an article explaining that the banking cartel wishes to impose a cashless digital society on the world. All transactions would be made with cell phones to enable the suppression of any opposition. They are steadily working towards greater control of all aspects of our lives: banking, communication, even the food we eat.


Your namesake(Qubit)as in quantum computing falls wonderfully in line with your thesis, brilliant! As for Rand capitulating, I have no idea if he sacrificed himself for the ultimate cause or not,I doubt any of us can do nothing more than speculate/theorize on his reason/s, at least at this time.

Thanks for contributing, I look forward to more from you??

at least he didn't look happy at all

when he was saying he is happy to endorse the Romney.
And yes Rand Paul is written off like a future presidential nominee - at least from the side of the Liberty movement.


Just speak for yourself. Rand has done more for the liberty movement already than those whining about him.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.