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Paul Festival and the rumors


Monday we will have some updates on Paul Festival and a big announcement.

Mod Note: Commenter warning. If this thread becomes an argument of inside details of the past issues of Paul fest it will be unpublished and the commenters banned. Daily Paul will not become the public board for "he did, she did" inside issues involving Paul Fest.

Thank you for understanding.

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Latest info on the festival...


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Gary Johnson announced as a speaker!

We are proud to say that Gary has chosen to come to Freedom Festival 2012. Thank you Gary! http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/freedom-festival-201...


It's Ron Paul FTW!!

Paul Fest and RNC here we come!!

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There is going to be a low turnout

Look at all the pieces of trash on the website who aren't even going to GO to Tampa to FUFILL THEIR ROLE AS DELEGATES, because they're mad at Rand and Jesse Benton.

I understand why everybody hates us now.

That being said...

I sincerely hope my wife and I can attend. :)


THIS IS URGENT AND MUST GO VIRAL.....I just received a call from David Callihan....Lawyers for Ron Paul a Federal suit is in the making....hopefully to be filed on Monday....please go to


and file your testimony and complaint about anything you saw concerning ELECTION fraud and rigging! Go Ron Paul!

This just in...

I was made aware of this website just this morning:


Is this the same, or different event?


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Different event


What's the "Festival" even for now?

Festival Shestival: What cause is there for Celebration?

One guy refused to ever actually Campaign against Mitt Romney, and quit trying to compete two-whole months ago.

And the other guy just formally and publically endorsed the biggest Neocon-Corporatist-Establishment puppet for President to come along in ages.

Sorry, I'm not celebrating the Paul Families love affair, political cover, and complicity for Mitt freakin Romney.

No Celebration is Deserved here! Even worse than not winning, the Paul "Campaign" wasn't even trying to win over the course of the last two months. It was just a big smokescreen to assist Mitt Romney capture the Nomination (over Santorum, Gingrich, Perry).

They didn't even challenge Romney on any level -- and then they endorsed him (-?-). I call B.S.

There's nothing to celebrate. The "Paul Campaign" was just another deception and smokescreen played upon the people.


And one more thing. Once you endorse Mitt Romney, then you've shown your true colors --- and there are no more "big announcements".

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Well that's throwing the LibertyBaby out with

the bath water. Come on, can you not see anything positive left? Why do you choose a negative role in this? We are still here, still working for Liberty in our multifarious ways. That's a GREAT thing, and those fortunate enough to be able to attend ANY liberty fest are very lucky indeed. We all deserve to celebrate our awakening and our work to educate others on the Nonaggression Principle -- any chance we get.

I for one do not accept the innuendos about RP selling out on any level. His recent Texas speech was exactly a clear call NOT to sell out, NOT to compromise. Too bad Rand is too green or deceived to get it, but that's life. We do not all see the same way forward. I'd agree that right now Rand's way seems very backward; but he's just one more GOP Conservative, not worse than the rest of the pack, maybe a little better only time will tell on that. I hope the backlash and virtual tongue lashings and desertion of him by the Liberty movement will teach him a deserved, hard lesson.

But the festival is not about those who stray off the high road. It is by and for those going forward together and individually. That's plenty to celebrate.

My Interpretation

Ron Paul's rhetoric is still fiesty, I'll agree with you on that point.
But...and this is a big but....he shrunk away from a one-on-one Campaign with Mitt Romney like a mouse, right at the point where he was drawing crowd sizes of 7000 people.

So I think Ron Paul is two-faced. He talks a good game in "speeches", but he was not ever trying to take Mitt Romney down, and do whatever needed to possibly win the nomination for himself.

He just wants to educate, and not actually fight.

But we needed a fighter.

This Country is on the ropes, and even the Internet itself may be taken away before too much longer.

Summer break happened

The same media that ignored his rallies would have then reported a major drop in numbers ignoring that they still would have been bigger than mitten's pitiful "crowds" More important was those brushfires lit on those campuses are now dispersed all over the nation. And he had work to do in Washington or have you forgotten that Audit the fed is now scheduled to come up for a vote due to his work?

A festival that is a celebration of liberty is still a

good idea don't you think? Once again Paul Festival is about Celebrating liberty and all the hard work those in the movement have done to achieve liberty in our life time.

This is way bigger than Ron

This is way bigger than Ron Paul and bigger than any one of us, in fact this is bigger than all of us.

Ron Paul has shown us the way and it is our obligation to pick up the torch and carry it for him. This man Ron Paul has been fighting for over 30 years for all of us, YES ALL OF US.

This isn't just about Ron Paul : WE ARE RON PAUL!

Seems to be a very emotional reaction.

Ron Paul did not endorse Mitt Romney. We named it Paul Festival to honor the person who gave us inspiration and helped spark a movement. This is not about one person, it is about the message of freedom and the philosophy of liberty. Dr. Paul's voting record in congress, his fight against the federal reserve, his fight against the military industrial complex is what we are celebrating. With or without the Paul's in a political limelight, we now have entire movement of people willing to get involved in the process and help change the course of this country and we should celebrate that.


bumping this

Thank you Mods for keeping it real!

This thread is a POSITIVE thread regarding the success of the movement, celebrating all of our great accomplishments in the past five or so years, and also celebrating Dr. Paul!

Paul Festival is going to be a GREAT event, and you won't want to miss it! BIG announcement coming Monday! :)



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Well said Susan.

Well said Susan.

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Mods, thank you. We and Michael are proud

of you.