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Donkey and Elephants

Hello, fellow Daily Pauler's,

I have been a reader of the site for a long time now, but I figured I would begin to post some of my political blogging here. I am trying to learn more about liberty, network a bit, and spark some meaningful debate. A little bit about myself. I was recently accepted into St. Louis Universty school of law, with an interest in politics (duh), constitutional law, IT and patent law, and privacy law. Basically anywhere the public sector intersects with the private sector, a light in my brain clicks on. It would not hurt to have another lawyer in the liberty movement (accepting donations, law school isn't cheap :D). I work for Apple as well, and love it. I will continue to work part-time throughout school. Oh, and I campaigned for the good doctor in Iowa. I met a ton of awesome people there, I'm sure some are readers (say hi!). I run a blog (tumblr.freelibertyblog.com), but I know next to nothing about web design, so I thought I could post some things here. If I receive a positive reaction to this blog post, I will try to post more (and more pertinent stories) on this site. Thanks for fighting for liberty; let it not end here.

Donkeys and Elephants

I recently had Easter with my family, and per usual, the conversation revolved around politics. My family knows I am an ardent Ron Paul supporter, devoting much of my time researching various policies and political beliefs of the many candidates running. My grandparents, aunts and uncles all agree with nearly 95% of the politics I discuss at the table. As soon as Ron Paul joins in the discussion, it turns from a discussion focused on policy to “electibility.”

“You have to vote for the lesser of two evils, and right now that’s Romney.” “A write-in vote for Paul is a vote for Obama.” Many eyes rolled and confused stares were sent in my direction as my family failed to understand the devotion I have to one candidate.

I retort back to my family (in the most loving way possible) that I reluctantly voted for John McCain in 2008. Not because I believed a word he said, but because I identified with his rhetoric more than Obama’s delusional rants. As I filled in his bubble on the voting sheet, I never felt sicker. And to this day, I vowed never to compromise my principles on a candidate whom was sold to me as the anti-thesis of a larger evil.

But, in this election, I have never paid such close attention to all the candidates involved. And let me tell you: I have a hard time discerning who, Romney or Obama, has earned that invaluable perception of being the lesser of two evils in the eyes of the voters. What an extremely low bar for the leader of the free world. This argument drew more stares and looks of derision from my family. I continue:

Should I support the man who implemented one of the most unconstitutional laws of our nation’s history? Or the man whose law was the basis of that law?

Should I support the man who will decide his position on issues based on the crowd in front of him? Or the man who sets new deficit records daily?

Should I support the man who unquestionably supports Israel or the man who unquestionably supports Israel? Why is Israel exempt from scrutiny?

The man who signed or just supports the NDAA?

The man who continued or just supports the PATRIOT act?

TARP? Federal Reserve? Wars overseas? Where is the difference? It is hard to see once you’ve taken a hard look at both candidates.

I could continue..

There is simply no difference in Romney and Obama where it matters. Debt will continue to spiral out of control, more laws restricting our freedom in the name of security will be passed, corporations will continue to exert their absolute control of our corrupt, aggressively expansionist government, and the people will pay the price, suffer, and shoulder more of the debt.

Of course, Romney has been “chosen” by the masses. Let’s ignore the absurdly obvious voter fraud, delegate selection process, and convention regulations. Its ingrained in the minds of conservative America. And the conversation dies. And I sigh.

We would no longer be beholden to a corporatocracy whose laws inherently favor the wealthy and the profitable. We must break this facade that we only have two choices when it comes to our leaders. After all, Elephants and Donkeys are lousy choices to preside over a free society.

If nobody compromised their principles, we would no longer be slaves to a faction controlled political system.



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bigmikedude's picture

The parties could have avoided a lot of confusion

had they used more accurate symbols...

Perhaps a Jackal and a Snake maybe?