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Dr. Paul and Carol

My Dearest Dr. Paul and Carol,
My heart is breaking as I am sure that your heart is also with the things that are being said about Rand and yourself.
I think many people are speaking without thinking first. Many of us are here for you.
When I see people that worked for you saying that your portfolio has grown and making it sound like you are taking bribes or whatever it makes me ill.
If you were in this for the money you would have gotten rich from the taxpayer money you could have taken for the last 30 years and from lobbyists.
I know that you are the same person that you always were. Please know that many of us are sticking with your ideals.
I can't thank you enough for curing my apathy. As one of your older people that have given through these last 2 campaigns I will never stop working for the principles that you have fought for, for so many years.
I always knew how corrupt our gov. was but never saw a way to change it until I saw that first video in May of 07. My very shy voice was opened to talk with everyone I ever came in contact with since then. I never will give up no matter what now.
It is because of you and your family.
With deepest love to you and your family.
Please forgive us for we know not what we do.

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From Canada with LOVE!

From Canada with LOVE!
We love you Ron, Carol, and Rand

I have followed your progress, Dr. Paul, for a number of years and only just joined the forum. You are an island of light in a dark sea of political intrigue, not only in the USA, but also in the world. You bring HOPE for a better world.

Body language speaks louder than words, Rand. With Love

You failed to mention the real issue at hand.

The issue isn't Ron's portfolio! It's this infiltration story involving this Olson fellow. Have you read the Justin Raimando piece? I just said it on another post and I'll say it again here. Saying that people who want to air this out are disrespecting Ron is akin to calling those who are anti war unpatriotic. Ron is not God. He is a fallible man who's weakness is said to be nepotism. That's how they're saying his circle was infiltrated. Olson is a establishment turd who is being said to have introduced Jesse Benton into the inner circle once he himself had Rand's trust. Ron Paul has a huge heart and is a incorruptible warrior. That's why they did this sneak attack. This seems major and i hope it can all be cleared up. The Raimando article says Ron is hands off when it comes to running his campaign because he just enjoys articulating the message. He says this hands off style has occasionally come back to bite him in the butt and that this current debacle is a byproduct of that. Let's air it out. Maybe it's nothing. I wish Ron would publicly clear this all up one way or the other. Maybe he will. The fact that Benton has married into the family seriously complicates this whole thing.

Remember Political Training at the Rally for the Republic?

When Ron Paul came to speak with us before the session he said basically that he "doesn't like politics and leaves it in others' capable hands" -

That's why he had those people come and train us about how politics actually works. I remember leaving there completely conflicted. I thought it was a real eye opener. And here it is in real life. Everything they were teaching us successful politicians do - They have done it to Ron Paul himself.

Truly good and pure hearts do not win at this fixed political game.


I have read most of the posts and seen most of the video's. I am coming at this from a different point of view as a mother. I am a 50something yo. mom. I would like to see it aired out also. It was just that I am looking at it from a parents point of view.

Saying that people who want to air this out are disrespecting

Saying that people who want to air this out are disrespecting Ron is akin to calling those who are anti war unpatriotic.

well said.

Stop whining

Dr. Paul and his wife are just fine. He made a great speach in Texas. If Dr. Paul wants to address these concerns he will. We need to keep going. LibertyUSA PAC is also moving forward with getting Dr. Paul elected. Visit this link and let's win.


My eyes are leaking reading your post!

Raising a family hurts sometimes and we should be supporting these wonderful parents, not adding to the hurt they must feel!
None of us know what is in the hearts and minds of this family---I only know that they are my heroes and no matter what happens---the R3VOLution will go forward.

I agree with you E.Oregon4Ron



When I read this post, the first thing I though is why?
Why do people get so upset when something with the campaign goes wrong. I've never heard of a Newt or Santorum supporter getting so upset when their guys dropped out. After a little consideration, the answer is quite clear. No other politician in my lifetime has insipred so much passion from hie supporters. No one other than Dr. Paul has drawn people into his ideas, that they become totally committed to the message. Dr. Paul's message has changed my life so that I can never go back to not really caring about politics. Thank you Dr. Paul for waking me up.

As I troubled over this latest emotional outburst on DP

I wondered why so many abandoned their principles in order to act as judge, prosecutor, jury and executioner without due process.

An old temptation: become like gods judging good and evil.

What principle includes name calling, character abuse and gossip. I don't support that principle at all. These are neo-con methods.

Free includes debt-free!

Because of you Dr Paul...

I will never again settle for voting for the lesser of two evils!

I will never again vote for the 'party' candidate!

I will never again walk with my political eyes closed!

I will never again not care enough!

I will never again do nothing!

Thank you Dr Paul for bring me out of apathy.

I'm Free In Jesus Christ

I second everything that you said!


Dr. Paul you have to ingnore the insanity just

like we do. It is hard but it just shows how powerful your message has been. The establishment is spooked. Thank you for all you have taught us. We love you and your family.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

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Mods, another request for Front Page.

The r3VOLution continues.


I am lost and have found the light listening to Dr Paul he is a great man and very wise. Romney and Obama are the same big govt big spending. I can never again vote for another establishment HACK

PRESIDENT PAUL 2012 and beyond


:-) I felt the love, (((((hugs)))))