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Stop Your Nonsense! Rand Is The Future!

STOP IT!!! You guys dont even realize what your doing?! The bottom line is that Ron Paul cant get more than 8-20% anywhere, no matter what the situation is. I love Ron Paul and the movement he started more than anything in this world and I have given my heart, body and wallet to this just as much as anybody, yet it breaks my heart win Ron Paul cant win ANYTHING.. Why is that? Because he is constantly against the machine. Havent you read the art of war, by Sun Tzu??? Ron does the wrong thing, but Rand does the right thing..... Listen, I dont give a hoot who Rand buddys with. But I do care how he votes and he has been right there everytime with liberty (oooh, sorry one stinkin exception with Iran, but later backed off from it). The bottom line is that Rand is much smarter. Rand can actually be President one day without being wholelly cheated to. Rand can become President without using a delegate strategy that was a long shot to begin with. Rand is a fantastic politician as well as a statesman, which Ron is only a statesman, but horrible politician (which isnt a bad thing about Ron, trust me). Rand can get elected and change this country, Ron can not and I finally see that, as much as it breaks my heart. But give Rand a break who he plays footsie with because at the end of the day, as long as he supports liberty candidates and votes liberty, I dont give a crap if he kisses Romney on the lips and holds hands!

The bottom line is this. Mark Levin has more daily or weekly listeners than Ron Paul has people who voted for him this entire election thus far. Thats sad. Now imagine Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity's audience on top of that? Those people are GOP voters and they hate Ron Paul because those assholes gang up on Ron and spread lies, but Ron makes unnecessary enemies of them. He doesnt at least try to be friends. Rand, on the other hand does! Hes smarter as a politician and he will be our next president. Im sorry, but Ron cannot:-( Would I rather have Ron or Rand? RON PAUL 100%!!!! But the truth holds that Rand is the future. Lastly, dont you think Ron gave Rand his blessing? Of course he did! Ive heard this from insiders of the campaign as well as just using logic. I love you all. Please stop fighting!

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There will never be anyone

There will never be anyone that can replace Ron Paul but lets face it, he is 77 years old. If Rand is not part of our future we had better find somebody else fairly soon. I agree that his voting record matters more than anything else. Everyone needs to keep in mind that whoever becomes our movement's future leaders will not walk on water.

Rand is the future?

He certainly is not MY future! He has compromised his own reality by doing something he did not believe was right, and doing it because someone else told him he should. That is not the brand of "integrity" we're looking for. We are still fighting to get Ron on the ballot and, If he doesn't get on it, we write him in. Not much difference whether we vote for Obama or Romney, either one will continue to destroy the country, remove more rights, attack other countries for little to no reason, so what do we have to lose? VOTE RON PAUL!!


You would think that this website was TMZ

with the way people got so stupid about the Rand Paul thing.

The guy votes Liberty, and is our best Senator since Robert Taft. So he plays nice with the GOP? He always votes Liberty, and that's good enough for me.

Apparently many people on this site care much more about the Cult of Personality of Ron Paul than Liberty as a movement and philosophy.



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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Perhaps there shouldn't be politicians anymore

Only statesmen and stateswomen.

I've heard that it used to take pledging your fortune, your sacred honor, and your very life in order to gain the power to protect the people's freedom and liberty.

Am I doing that if I endorse Romney?

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier


The R3VOLution continues! Obama or Romney - either way we lose, so WRITE IN RON PAUL! Then get busy locating Liberty-minded people to run for office betw3een now and 2016. Somewhere along the line we'll locate another Liberty-minded man to put into the White house in 2016.


Rand's juvenile joke on gay

Rand's juvenile joke on gay marriage was the not the mark of a "smart" or politically astute man.

Reverse this for a moment

would you support Rand still if he were a Democrat
and supported Obama ?
I'm sorry there is not a dimes worth of difference between
Obama & Romney !

Very disappointed !

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

President Rand Paul. I like it.


I know Penny personally. I exchanged text messages with her the other day. She is a great lady. So are Rand and Ron great men. There is a lot going on right now that even former staffers don't understand. Ron Paul and Rand Paul have the status now that bilderberg can't buy. The bilderberg idiot twins Romney and Perry can't achieve this level of leadership even if they were made the nominee or even president. Obama doesn't have it either, never will. There is a lot of coercion, but I tell you Rand is giving lip-service to Romney. That is all that it is. Lip-service. There are no guarantees but I tell that long as you and I stand with them, Rand will become his father. He already is his father, don't believe otherwise. And many, even former campaign staff do not understand this because they are judging these men based off of the track record of many other corrupt politicians. Rand is not them. Ask yourself... how many times has Rand actually voted against what his father would have done? Ask yourself, those times that he did take a different position than his dad, would his vote have stopped the passage of that bad bill? Or was he just playing along when it would have passed anyway. I tell you, when it mattered, every single time, Rand has voted with us, with his dad. Don't be fooled and don't be dismayed. Rand Paul is one of us, merely pretending to be one of them. This is different, but in a good way. Most pretend to be with us, while voting with them. Rand and Ron vote with us, when it matters and when it can actually stop a bad bill. There is a lot of confusion about this, but that is the bottom line.

Also, Jesse Benton can certainly be abrasive. He is a competitor. It has rubbed a lot of good people the wrong way. But I think we need to realize that Ron is an intelligent man. I believe he really is trying to take this, and Rand, to the next level. And with that what looks like compromise may in fact be strategy. That strategy may fail too. But I believe that we must judge man by his actions. Ron Paul and Rand Paul have never given me cause to doubt their integrity and intentions. Likewise good intentions can lead to bad things. But I still believe that the intentions of these two men is to save this country and to save our constitution. I think they see this, their somewhat convoluted yet well intentioned method as sort of a last hope, a hail-marry pass. It many fail, but ask yourself, what is the alternative if they don't try? At least they are trying. That is my view.

Pretending? Rand is a

Pretending? Rand is a self-sacrificing Christ-like figure for liberty. Uh huh.....

You're exactly right. Rand

You're exactly right. Rand Paul may become his father with time. Don't forget Ron Paul also endorsed Ronald Reagan. I'm sure there were plenty of people who weren't happy about it... but guess what? It didn't change Ron Paul's voting record one iota. I don't think Rand is tainted for playing politics any more than his father.

President Rand Paul

President Rand Paul has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? That's been the goal from the very beginning and I think even Ron Paul accepted the delegate strategy was a long shot. Rand has a different strategy, play by the book and get the support of the party. That's how he'll develop the mainstream support that may make him the first truly Liberty-minded president in at least a century.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul is the future of the liberty movment in main stream politics. I support Rand Paul 100%


Look, Rand's a flop. You people were easily tricked by him just like the 'bag party types were with Palin.

'Glad I only gave $25 to Rand's "campaign" until he disclosed his affection for Guantanamo and that ended my support of him.

There's only one Ron Paul. Rand at best is an obscure politician from KY (the state....not the lubricant).

I'm sick of the sun tzu crap. There is no art in war and very few have ever read his trash....much less care about it.

As for Rand....you can keep him. He'll never be El Presidente.

The "we the people" never was you or me- it was always THEM.

Sun Tzu, "very few have read his trash"? Really?

"With well over a million copies sold, Sun Tzu's The Art of War is a true masterpiece, a series of brilliant aphorisms that illuminate the planning and conduct of war.
From perceptive descriptions of the nine varieties of terrain, to advice on how to gage an enemy's weaknesses and strengths, to suggestions on the employment of secret agents, here is timeless advice on combat and military strategy. Sun Tzu's writings are unsurpassed in depth of understanding, shedding light not only on battlefield maneuvers, but also on the relevant economic, political, and psychological factors that can shape the outcome of warfare. Equally important, the precepts outlined by Sun Tzu over two thousand years ago can be applied with great success outside the theater of war. Indeed, it is read avidly by corporate executives worldwide and has been touted in the movie Wall Street and the television series The Sopranos as the ultimate guide to strategy. Finally, this edition offers the definitive translation of Sun Tzu's text, by former U.S. Marine Brigadier General Samuel Griffith, who was also an authority of Mao Tse-Tung.
Remarkable for its clear organization, lucid prose, and the acuity of its intellectual and moral insights, The Art of War is the definitive study of combat. It is an essential book for military history buffs". From Amazon.com

Dude, that was an ignorant statement, appears quite a few have read it over 2500 years. If you wonder if its still valid in todays world, do a little research on the Vietnam war. The USA won every single battle and lost the war.