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Illinois GOP Convention LIVE

Here we go, General session, last day. If anything's gonna happen it will be here in the next few hours:



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The railroaded vote clip

has been isolated down to just the minute and a half that you need to see, rather than having to find it in the middle of a 15 minute clip:
If anyone wants to throw it up on YouTube feel free...

What is the outcome in Illinois?

I can not find anything about the final deligate count. Is it too early?



District level:

54 delegates - 42 bound to Romney, 12 bound to Santorum - all were chosen by the campaigns to run with their names directly on the ballots, and are true supporters


12 delegates - All are officially unbound, and the delegates were on an establishment/Romney slate put together by the state committee, so it is likely that all will vote for Romney


3 delegates - All are unbound but have stated publicly that they support Romney


69 delegates - A minimum of 57 will vote for Romney in Tampa. The question is what the 12 Santorum supporters do. He has not released his delegates yet, but he almost surely will before the roll call.
Given historical precedent and Santorum's endorsement of Romney, along with him encouraging his delegates to vote for Romney, most are likely to vote for him, though a few may not.

Some work to do...

My county chair told me she would add me as a delegate a month before the convention. Then at midnight before the convention I received an email that while I registered as a delegate, they had no record of my appointment. The Illinois GOP treated me like a second class citizen and were very rude as I attempted to straighten this out at the convention.

Sovereignjanice, you're son did a great job. Without his assistance, I likely wouldn't have been upgraded to a delegate. He helped track down the proxy for our county chair who was probably told not to show up. There was an obvious effort to block Paul people from the delegate pool and we beat them at their game. If nothing else, we made those arrogant pricks a little nervous.

The Revolution has a LONG way to go in Illinois. These elitist committees hand select the national delegates and then ignore the will of the delegation on the convention floor. THEY ALL MUST BE REMOVED.

These corrupt individuals showed their true colors at the convention. My post-election focus will be removing these parasites from office.

But did I meet a lot of great people at the convention and I hope to see them at future meetings. Thanks to Scott and Laurie for all of their work in leading the Illinois Paulites.

Thanks for streaming this.

I look forward to reviewing your archives, it's really historical what you and the other Live Streamers are doing. Never before has media, MUCH LESS ... independent, grassroots media, gotten into the heart of the GOP machine inside their most secret "groves".

Each one of us plays a part in the Live Stream media paradigm as Live Streamers fill this special, magic niche that is yet so untapped and unexplored.

Ustream CEO, Brad Huntstable ... Liberty champion for sure. If we key on Ustream, we could make that a very important part of this paradigm, and I think Brad sees the potential.

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If yall want to win

If yall want to win you have to bring the numbers. Start organizing the supporters and keep them active. If you are reading this you are the change your state needs. Do not wait for someone else to do it. You do it. In my state we are in a similar situation. We did not have the numbers to take it over. I will make sure next year we do. We are getting very active and are preparing for next year. They might have won this battle, but do not let them win the war. Bring your family, and friends to these conventions. Our goal is for each person to bring 5 people next year. It is achievable and will make a huge impact. Remember it is simple, bring the numbers and you win. Contact all your RP supporters in your state and teach them the delegate process. Most will need someone to hold their hand through the process. It is up to you to save this country! Get to work.

Thank you for the classic formula...

... Organization + Perseverence + Initiative = Success!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

It seems as though

The pre written slate is the theme this year from the established GOP to stop any Ron Paul slates. Unfortunately it is working all around the country, with exceptions of a few states. They have lots of practice at playing dirty, and are winning at their crooked game.

So where does that leave us, what should we do to save our country? I must admit I am worried that while we try to right the wrong in the long run, I can't help but ask myself "do we actually have time to do this"? I have been feeling anxious lately, like time is speeding up and I am still in slow motion.

Thank you for letting me rant.

It only works if you do not

It only works if you do not have enough RP people there, who know who they want to vote for. Romney had a slate of 21 each, and ..guess what? We could only vote for 6 anyway..so the slate itself divided the vote, while our people voted for individuals we KNEW, one at a time..even if was all 6 together, it still would have worked out for us, because all the Romney votes were divided..see what I mean? So, if you were not organized enough, that was all that mattered..we were not REAL organized, but we knew who we were going to vote for and when they WON, people like me had a chance, so someone just ran around and told e1 to vote for me. LOL..then we voted someone in who was not even THERE, which I would never have done on my own, but he was one of ours so I did, because the coordinator said to.

Thank you, Liberty patriot!

... To clarify, Crickett is referring to what happened in one of the Arkansas Special District Conventions today.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

If we are actually going to turn things around...

... then the only effective choice, in my opinion, is to get involved in one of the major parties (in most cases, the GOP) and bring change from the inside out. Other options include:

1. Taking up arms
2. Fleeing the country
3. Going Libertarian (or some other third party)
4. Becoming an OWS-style protester
5. Refusing to be involved

Option 1 will get you killed or imprisoned, and the other options have no likelihood of bringing effective change, in my opinion.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


all in favor say yay "yayyy", all opposed "NAYYYY!!!!!!!!!&*%#&^@^&%"

yays have it.


It was a railroad

the vote to adopt the pre-selected slate was clearly no, they were calling for roll call and the guy at the mic said 'you don't have the numbers' and 'we have 8 lawyers' :


then they just turned up the mic and kept on rolling...

a better clip

here: http://ustre.am/_1zkcM:189d
(just the minute of action from the center of that 15 minute piece)

thanks for the YouTube upload

This video makes ne want to call for a civil was north against south right against wrong. They can have their obamney we can have our Paul.. so over their BS

Here Here!

Ron Paul for President of the Republic of Texas

From my son: "Just got back

From my son: "Just got back from the convention. We lost. No motions could be made by the floor AT ALL. It was all decided and voted for by the committee the day before. The nays from the floor were quite loud, but the chair ruled in favor of the Yays.

The only way ANYTHING could be heard from the floor is by getting 50 delegations (chairmen) to put their signatures to the motion. Earlier the higher ups told the chairmen NOT TO SIGN ANYTHING. I'm sure it was in anticipation of us trying to get 50 signatures because we tried to put a motion on the floor. All we wanted was the same percentage of delegates based on the percent of popular vote Paul got in the Primary this year (6 delegates). Just a drop in the barrel really. We couldn't get the 50. We only could get 41, but remember that's 41 chairmen that are going to be questioned why they sided with the Paul people and not their own central committee. So they showed some balls there.

We were up against Goliath though. IL is solid Romney. I think there's only 1 or 2 counties where Romney didn't sweep the CD delegates during the Primary. We tried very hard at the convention, but we there were too many zombies. In '08 we had around 43-45 delegates which represented 6% of the total delegation. This year we had, I think, 225 delegates which represented 18%. In this year's Primary, the Diebold machines gave us 9% of the popular.

My county chairwoman didn't even show to the convention and she was the only one to upgrade me from alternate to delegate (along with 3 other from my county) I tried EVERYTHING. I went to every table, asked every person what to do. I called her personal cell phone and left messages 3 times. I was told she didn't appoint a proxy either. I kept asking questions as the deadline to be upgraded was coming up fast. I got someone at the registration desk to come with me to the in-progress credentials committee meeting. With stares of "what the hell is this guy doing", I announce that I was very sorry to interrupt like this but my chairwoman hasn't shown, she didn't appoint a proxy and the deadline to be upgraded is coming up. I was told I was "out of order" but they would talk to me later. I can't remember the guy's name, he was one of the speakers too I believe, but I apologized to him about barging in like that, but I had no other option. I explained to him the situation and he said there's nothing he can do. Deflated, I tried to be diplomatic and told him how sorry I was (and I honestly was) that I kinda just barged in to the meeting and that it was only because there was a deadline and I had done everything possible to go through the process. I just wanted my voice to be heard after every thing I went through and meant no disrespect. His facial expressions and body language confirmed the truth when he said not to worry about it and that he understood.

Turns out that my chairwoman DID have a proxy. At this point I'm trying to keep my voice down because I've really had enough from these people. He said there was nothing to be done, but I didn't let it go. Knowing that he couldn't just brush me off, he started to think about what he could do. It turns out all that was needed was for him to go to the registration table and fill out a form. OMG I was ready to bang my head against something. I took advantage of this and made sure the 3 other people in my county were promoted from alternate to delegate also.

My county heads are Romney people, but they were willing to work with me, and in the end that's all I really wanted when I went to the convention. Well, I wanted a win, but I guess then you could say all I really required from the people in charge was to let my voice be heard. If I vote for something and lose, I'll try again. If I don't even get a chance to vote because of some kind of prejudice, then I'll get pissed.

So in the end, we lost and I'm pissed about that, but; we had a little more than 5 times as many delegates as we did in '08, we showed that someone CAN show up as a guest during the actual convention and be appointed as a delegate or alternate right then and there, we learned the importance of going to a convention and being stealth, I took a picture of mom's candidate comparison sheets (I won't go into who may have done all the work on those because I'll never hear the end of it) that were at the Ron Paul table. It's just cool to see someone's work actually being put to use. No cops were called, and we learned a lot. Not the conclusion I wanted at all, but if I don't concentrate on the things that did work then I just paid $50 and worked my ass off for 2 days just to shout "no" once.

Some work to do...

moved to top...

Thank You for that!

Excellent summation. I just came on here to do a quick summary but how do I top that?!

But I will add that the motion they were collecting 50 delegate chairs to sign, was for a "Unity Slate" which was comprised of 6 each of Romney and Paul supporters. As you say, chairs were all told not to sign anything! Scott Davis, Illinois State Chair for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign was spearheading this effort but could only muster up 41 signatures, and I hear the secretary said 4 were no good besides for only 37. But he turned in what he had hoping they would let him raise the motion anyway but there was no mercy to be found the hearts of the R$ folk. No motions heard - yesterday the same. =/

Thanks to your son....

he did a great job and showed patience and persistance.

there is hope!

Illinois is one of the most, top 3, corrupt states in the entire nation...congressman Joe Walsh was elected as a freshman congressman with NO HELP from this state GOP machine whatsoever In 2010...that was admitted here today by him and the party chair...this party through Joe has admitted that Ron Paul's election vehicle has lost its way, and if this party rallies behind that moving forward, in an independent mindset rather than as establishment robots, things can happen and a Rand Paul could replace/unseat a Dick Durbin in 2014...I would want to be that guy...

Again, "you can't turn an aircraft carrier around on a dine"...so don't QUIT!!!!

I sat in the front row, right under the center microphone for the whole convention; I shook Joe Walsh's hand from the floor right after he finished his speech...its about individuals, not the party, he got elected without their help...they will have to conform to us....

Thank you for the encouraging report!

... We need to keep a long-term focus, and celebrate each victory as it comes.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Joe Walsh introduction video...

...I think this indicates we are being heard...


thanks for trying everyone

I am not seeing a lot of enthusiasm when they talk about Romney. All I am seeing is the typical rah-rah when they talk about beat the Democrats.

Not sure what just happened but some booing when announcing some results. That was interesting at least.

That's what sheep do

Or, monkey see, monkey do. There's no independent thinking going on there. The media tells them their pre-approved opinion, and they follow what they're told. You can't get much simpler than that!

We Knew Illinois Was Going To Be Difficult As It Is Evident

That it wasn't a fair process for the delegate selection of who as delegates could attend the Illinois State Convention. Doug Wead stated in his blog a few days ago:

"In Illinois, the RNC (Romney National Committee) has a sophisticated system in place to keep out the Ronulans. Many delegate slots to the state convention are empty and the party is actively trying to fill them with anyone but a Ron Paul supporter. As such they have a series of questions they use to screen the applicants. Of course they want to know their age, their race, their occupation, etc. Several applicants have called in to say that a GOP Illinois state official called back to decline their participation.

One was told, “I am so sorry but I will have to say no. You came back with a score of 87%. That’s too high.” It was explained to the applicant that the higher the score that greater the likelihood that they were a Ron Paul supporter and would thus not be allowed by the party to fill the vacant slot and participate in their state convention.

(Citizens from Illinois can contact state RP leader Scott Davis scottd@ronpaul2012.com or Laurie Bluedorn lauriebluedorn@gmail.com for information on becoming a delegate or alternate.)"


I am highly encouraging every voter who was disenfranchised in becoming a delegate to file testimony at toolsforjustice.com whereas the group of Lawyers for Ron Paul (legitimately endorsed by the Ron Paul campaign's Doug Wead from what I understand) are working very hard to file an urgent (testimony needs to be filed within the next few weeks) class action Election Fraud Lawsuit against the "establishment" to possibly get all delegates unbound. Other results from the lawsuit could include changing how elections are held and possibly also allow previously disenfranchised voters and delegates to be allowed to vote or participate as delegates in Tampa which could very much help Dr. Paul stay In It To Win It...

And the more the merrier submitting this type of testimony is what could help lead to an UNLIKELY win for Dr. Paul but also could help on our path to free and fair elections. Navigation is go to toolsforjustice.com, click Learn More on the side heading for Election Fraud and follow the instructions to become a Free Member. Once signed up and logged in, go to Forums, and then scroll down to the list of states and one can either submit in the SPECIAL FORUM: Ron Paul / Election Fraud - General Information (If not filing PERSONAL testimony, post here), or the (Illinois) Personal Testimony...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

just watched it.


so sad. Blood Thirsty War Cult all excited to go to Tampa for their taxpayer financed Frat Party.

I seriously want to hurl.

We lost

No roll call given in a close vote. Committees control the entire process here. It's a shame...