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Emotional Reactionism to Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement

Like most of you, I had an emotional reaction to Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney, anger. I also had a physical reaction, nausea (I think I can still taste the vomit in my mouth).

My intellectual reaction, however, came from my memory of Ron Paul running for Congress as a Republican in 1996. I thought it was a mistake, a sellout. Most of the Liberty movement did as well. We were WRONG. Ron Paul has done more to further our movement in the last 5 years than anyone else has in any of our lifetimes.

We need to take the long view. We all know that an immediate and emotional reaction is more likely to be wrong than one that is tempered by reason, time, and honest analysis. The Patriot Act is a perfect example of a knee-jerk reaction that was wrong.

I have had the benefit of being involved in the Liberty movement for a long time (I'm old). Only in our dreams did we see a surge in the Liberty movement like we've seen since 2007.

We have Ron Paul and his decision to fight the system from within to thank for that. I'm not saying that it's the only way, but it has to be part of it. Let's learn a lesson from the Trojan War. We can bang on the walls of the Federal Reserve until our fists bleed, but it will be a hell of a lot easier if someone opens the door for us from the inside.

All that said, I am no fan of Rand Paul. He is not as vocally against military interventionism as his father and he is too socially conservative for my taste, but he has an agenda we can support. He is working with Connie Mack on the Penny Plan which would balance our budget and reduce our debt, he wants to audit the Fed, get rid of the TSA, repeal the Patriot Act, repeal the detention clause of the NDAA, and many other things that further the cause of Liberty.

His endorsement of Romney gives him the political capital to put those issues front and center in the United States Senate. Did you foresee that opportunity three years ago?

We've been spoiled by Ron Paul. He is a giant of integrity and unwavering commitment to his ideals, but let's not forget that along the way, he made a decision to fight the system from within. Rand Paul is a Senator. Did we really expect him not to do the same?

I realize there may still be a little vomit in your mouth too, but I suggest washing it down with a cold beer, thanking Dr. Paul for getting us this far, and preparing for the battles to come.... together.

Long live the r3VOLution!

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I had a principle-based reaction

People here need to stop reframing the truth.

Let the pauls be responsible for their actions. It won't hurt them or this movement.

Folks, just have a little

Folks, just have a little faith that Rand has a plan and he knows what hes doing. Just wait and see how things play out. We are going to need a candidate for the next contested primary here at the end of Romneys presidency. Who other than Rand has the potential to be a serious contender for us? When the time comes we will need to be as committed to electing Rand Paul president as we were for his dad. Im sure the powers that be would love to see us divide and be consigned to the ash heap of history. I dont believe thats our fate. Lets be vigilant and keep doing what were doing. If we play it smart, the future is ours. No doubt about it.

Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side

Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side

Correlation does not prove causality!

Belshazzar's Feast

מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין
Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin

Are we seeing the writing on the wall for the Republic?

This is how it is for me:

I derive security, an emotional thing, from observing patterns and having some sort of expectation about what comes next.

When Rand said he was in favor of keeping Gitmo open, I saw that he's not like his father, so I could not assume he would follow his father's pattern.

Then Rand said he wanted to a declaration of war against Afghanistan. At that point, I came out vocally against him here, only to be told that it was part of the long-term strategy for peace.

Since then, he has voted for sanctions against Iran, which I deem unconscionable.

Now he's endorsed Romney before his father even quit the race.

The pattern, as I see it, is to only expect more and more neocon/power-mongering behavior from Rand. It would be unreasonable...wishful thinking...emotionalism....to expect him to suddenly morph into the Ron Paul double I was really hoping for.

gee...I wonder why all those WHAT PERSONALITY TYPE

gee...I wonder why all those WHAT PERSONALITY TYPE ARE YOU posts kept getting added a while ago here at the DP. Obviously someone has our number: EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN. (yup that's me too.)

But back to the real scene: TEXAS!!! and guess what? Rand Paul's timed "thing" whether he knows it or not, just helped out A LOT.

Interesting comment from Drudge link:

- We haven't heard boo from Ron Paul since Rand made this announcement.
- A month or so ago Ron Paul had lunch or breakfast (can't remember which) with Ben Bernanke.
- Rand Paul's endorsement was anything but enthusiastic. It looked contrived. And let's get this straight, he made this endorsement after speaking with Romney for 30 minutes and realizing that romney was a good guy?

Some kind of deal has been struck, but we don't know what it is.

I strongly suspect that Romney (via Rand) and Bernanke (via Ron) have revealed to the father/son that a MASSIVE economic crash is coming that is going to redefine everything as we know it.

If this were the case, Romney may have offered Rand an offer he can't refuse. Endorse me and you can be part of my cabinet and be part of the team that helps us rebuild. You can help shape the future of America after the GREAT DEPRESSION 2.

If this was the case, then Rand would probably agree. He wouldn't be able to explain why he was endorsing Romney because that kind of info would be secret (ie. that a massive crash was going to happen in 2012/2013).

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-fans-angry-over-rand...

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Have you ever disagreed with your parents? Those who never did c

Those who never differed with their parents caste the first stone?

Something sounds familiar with what I just said, I wonder why?

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Rand is the test

Bob's exactly right - set aside your knee-jerk reaction and put Rand's endorsement in perspective. Your heart will still likely reject it but your mind may see the wisdom in it.

Consider too that this is likely a trial balloon to Ron himself endorsing Romney during his convention speech. Jack Hunter is making the case that Rand's endorsement doesn't change his principles and is necessary to the movement's success. Those same arguments apply doubly to Ron's endorsement. It's the biggest chip Ron has on the table in negotiating with Romney for policy changes and administration influence. Don't expect him to throw it away because a few people might get emotional. If he can endure 40 years in the wilderness he can certainly endure whatever his misguided supporters may say for a few weeks.

So the next time your anger swells at Rand, imagine your reaction if Ron had just endorsed Romney instead. Because this was done entirely with Ron's knowledge and approval and will not end with Rand.

If we do not end up with the numbers

I want Ron Paul to endorse Romney. I still wont vote for him but I want to see Ron for once get to stick it in the establishments eye. Go ahead Ron do it! He won't get our vote any ways. I will still walk around and say I voted for Romney how would they know if we did or didn't vote for him. If he isn't going to do this he needs to run third party and leave Rand to take his place in the party. Everyone has been worried about Ron running third party would hurt his son but Rand has taken that problem out of the picture. If we are going to take this fight into the party then you have to take it into the party if your going to do it from outside then you have to go third party. Its the only two choices you got Or you can go with doing both!

Realize what is happening

"They" want us to think we have a shot at having a Paul on the ticket..even if it's Rand as VP so we will splinter and or back down, clear the way for Obamney, and Tampa will go as they plan. Do you think for one second after the nomination is secure that they will actually put Rand on the ticket? No way in hell will that EVER happen! Do not ne fooled.... when I said RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL I meant it! Vote your conscience and on principle in Tampa and ALWAYS!!


The nomination is already secure for Romney

So Paul supporters only have three choices for Tampa: 1) disrupt the convention with a show of strength on contentious issues, burning our bridges and destroying our chance to move the GOP towards liberty, 2) attend as a quiet and impotent minority, or 3) cut a deal with Romney to peacefully win some of what we want now and a chance to win more later as an influential part of the party.

Your comment shows a clear preference for #1. But with the campaign expecting to have only 20% of the delegates that is a losing strategy in the short- and long-term.

Video explains delegate's Federal Lawsuit Against GOP

This may make it easier for those of us who do not like to read lol ;)


Federal Lawsuit to be filed against GOP for fraud

Okay everyone!!! Attention! We NEED to find and have people submit their information to the TFJ (Tools for Justice) forum for their states TONIGHT. These are the states that still need evidence:
North Dakota
N Marianas Islands
... Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
West Virginia
New Mexico
American Samoa
District of Columbia
North Carolina
New Hampshire
South Carolina
Tennessee and
Please, if you know anyone with proof of voter fraud, have them go to the link above and submit their evidence. Having at least 1 person per state will help this case immensely!!! Thank you all so much! Please know that even after tomorrow, evidence can still be added, but the attorneys need us to help guide these people to the correct place to add their testimony hopefully for their case filing in the morning! LET'S SHOW THEM HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE ALL OF THEIR HARD WORK AND GITTERDONE!! http://www.electionfraudremedy.com/

Does the insistence of providing a Social Security Number

Does the insistence of having to provide a Social Security Number to get into the Convention in Tampa (supposedly for a background check by Secret Service) worthy of contacting these same lawyers?

The state GOP after a long push back form the Ron Paul people (I went to Secret Service - all the way to the Tampa office- and to Social Security to check it out) and after everyone gave their numbers (Ron Paul people didn't) the local GOP said that the RNC Legal Counsel said that it was optional. Turns out Secret Service IS NOT doing background checks AT ALL on delegates. Only vendors to the Convention hall.

Is that worthy of note? State GOP Chair says that it was RNC legal counsel that was originally asking for the SS#s. And made it sound like no one was getting into the RNC if they did not give it up to him. (has since changed his tune - thankfully.)

"Regular Republicans

"Regular Republicans automatically think those who try to explain blowback are somehow rationalizing terrorism. Paul supporters automatically think those who try to explain Rand’s endorsement are somehow trying to rationalize “selling out.”"
- Jack Hunter

"Forgiving" Rand and Voting for Romney are very different things

I for one have tried to take a wait and see approach to Rand in general. In the past I have even suggested his being a VP would be good BUT ONLY IF ROMNEY THEN LOSES. Why? Because if he gets a VP slot and fights hard he would be a "favorite" for 2016. No longer could they call him "fringe" or "backward". This was predicated on the assumption that, while I never believed he was as good as his dad, I felt it likely he was better than most of the others.

However, when I said that I didn't think Rand would endorse Romney (and thus pave the way for his VP slot) before securing at least some REAL concessions...not everything but some big ones: Repeal NDAA (or water it down A LOT), audit the fed and dismantle TSA, for starters. This endorsement, the way it was done, really makes me doubt Rand is ANYTHING like his dad.

But whether I will give Rand another look in a few years is one issue. The other is whether, IF he got a VP slot, I would vote for Romney. The answer is HELL NO. I see no advantage. If they win, Rand becomes marginalized ("keep your friends close and your enemies closer" comes to mind) by being robbed of power by the uselessness of the VP position. On the other hand, if Rand loses, and subsequently proves he's pro-liberty, I could then vote for him for President in 2016 when he'd have a good shot at the office being the previous election's VP pick.

In short: Keep an open mind on Rand...just don't vote for him, yet.

PS: To all the Ron Paul lovers who are now haters: are you all Borderline personalities? How can he be a savior/genius and then a "charlatan/fool"? I strongly suspect he is simply a man...a damned good man to be sure, but a man who can make mistakes and miscalculations the same as the rest of us mere mortals. Don't make YOUR ridiculous idealizations HIS problem. Ron is probably quite wealthy and could easily have left the Liberty movement to younger more polished (but far less inspirational)champions. But instead of putting his feet up and resting on some pretty distinguished laurels, he slogged it out all year traveling, speaking, encouraging, debating, negotiating. So, how 'bout giving the guy a stinkin break?

Rand for VP would be a good thing.

Being vice president would make Rand the automatic front runner for president after Romneys term. It would be a giant leap forward for us to have Rand as VP. Yall say you wouldnt vote for that ticket but you know you would in the end after seeing Ron campaign for his son. Personally Id campaign like hell for a ticket with a Paul on it.


My post above...."they" will promise and lead us to believe they will put him on the ticket but IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. It's like many of us just POOF! forgot who we are dealing with. Remember they totally blacked us out of the conversation. They tried yo cheat us at every turn. They physically harmed some of us! And you actually think they will magically change course and put one of us on the ticket? Wake up and smell the napalm! They won't put a Paul on the ticket any more than I will vote for Romney....

that was then... think of the

that was then... think of the states they need to win with the gop we just took over


I think you are all a bunch of IDIOTS! Rand Paul has a plan and knows what hes doing. Ill be damn proud to support him just as enthusiastically as Ive supported his father. Rand is using a very intelligent strategy to put himself in a position to win us the white house eventually. Im disgusted every time I see people trying to throw him under the bus. Divided we fall! This is nothing more than cannibalism! Eat one of youre own! You act like a bunch of winy sissy liberal reactionaries! Get it together. Get focused. And lets win the future. Lets win the fight to restore liberty and the constitution. If we gotta slap the man on the back now so we can spit in his face later so be it! By whatever means necessary I will keep fighting this fight. As Ron said so many times, Its not about the man, its about the message and restoring liberty. I love Ron and Rand! God bless em both!


shut up for now, don't hit people when they are down. chill for a couple of days, don't be a douche.

And God bless you.

And God bless you.

I do not

except what Rand did and I never will, If we all don't stand on principle how can any of us?

If you seeing this as a positive makes you feel better...go for

However...to me (an I am old also) it appears that the main thing that has made me opt back into the political system for one last shot was that Dr (Ron) Paul refused to play by the old rules...refused to "go along to get along".

With this Dr (Rand) Paul demonstrated early in his political career that he WILL "go along to get along" and that he does not subscribe yo the undoubted truth that the lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

If Ron Paul is passing the baton to Rand, in my opinion it is time to quit even considering this race worthwhile at all. Whatever his motivation, you can be assured that the trust that was built by Dr Ron over a period of 30 years of consistently "walking the walk" will not be passed on to his son who almost immediately has shown that his principles are a good match for Mr Romney's.

I don't really see it as a positive...

But it is a reality. I would never vote for Romney, and probably not for Rand if he ever runs for Prez. I agree that the trust we have for Ron Paul will not be passed to Rand, but that's not a realistic expectation. Trust must be earned, it is never inherited.

Rand is working for a lot of the same things we are fighting for. I wish him luck, and will support him where and when I can, but probably never with the same intensity as I have supported his father.

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident
which everybody has decided not to see."
— Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead)

northstar's picture

We'll find out in August

I admit I did react in a way that will make me eat my words if everything swings back our way. I have to just wait and see how things shake out in Tampa. It's been a really crazy week. I tuned out Alex for a while (no disrespect to him), but I just need to step back and think why this happened and that happened and try to rationalize things myself. I might fail to come up with a answer, but that's how I have to do it. The stress got to me.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

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Hey Bob, I'm old too...

I am also a recovering alcoholic (25 years) and I learned the hard way that it isn't the last drink that will kill me, its the first one I decide to take that will. I hope everything works out as you suggest for Rand and our future in the movement, but I fear for the results after having tasted that lust for power from 'the inner circle' he seems to be courting. We'll see I suppose. So please excuse me from washing this bad taste in my mouth with a cold beer. Does sound tempting though on a hot summer night.
I share your sentiments in thanking Dr. Ron for getting us this far and I am well aware that most people don't have to (or need) to think in these terms, but it just came to me. I like your post very much, and yes I'm ready for the battles to come.

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

I too was highly upset when I

I too was highly upset when I first saw this. However, I think this was a case where Rand/Ron knew that if the Liberty movement wasn't seen as onboard Romney and he looses, then the party blames us alone for the defeat. It's a dirty game, but a way to keep our chips on the table at the end of the game. At the same time, look at this way ...compared to 2008, we actually have skin in the game. Delagates. Rand has been solid in the Senate on most all our issues ...sometimes even alone. Even if he were not kin to Ron, I'd still support him over anybody else in the Senate.

If anything I personally

If anything I personally think Rand being pressured by the establishment. He needed to come out and keep his word about supporting the nominee or they would have tried to rail road him in Kentucky. It was a sacrifice vote to keep his position so he can stay in congress and keep fighting.

We're all making inroads into the GOP remember. We can win locally by infiltrating the party and take over. We shouldn't want to take over and drive everyone out. We should take over by convince everyone of the principles we stand for. Remember most of the voters and party members are only going with the political whims and have been duped by the same propaganda and media spin.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT