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Emotional Reactionism to Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement

Like most of you, I had an emotional reaction to Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney, anger. I also had a physical reaction, nausea (I think I can still taste the vomit in my mouth).

My intellectual reaction, however, came from my memory of Ron Paul running for Congress as a Republican in 1996. I thought it was a mistake, a sellout. Most of the Liberty movement did as well. We were WRONG. Ron Paul has done more to further our movement in the last 5 years than anyone else has in any of our lifetimes.

We need to take the long view. We all know that an immediate and emotional reaction is more likely to be wrong than one that is tempered by reason, time, and honest analysis. The Patriot Act is a perfect example of a knee-jerk reaction that was wrong.

I have had the benefit of being involved in the Liberty movement for a long time (I'm old). Only in our dreams did we see a surge in the Liberty movement like we've seen since 2007.

We have Ron Paul and his decision to fight the system from within to thank for that. I'm not saying that it's the only way, but it has to be part of it. Let's learn a lesson from the Trojan War. We can bang on the walls of the Federal Reserve until our fists bleed, but it will be a hell of a lot easier if someone opens the door for us from the inside.

All that said, I am no fan of Rand Paul. He is not as vocally against military interventionism as his father and he is too socially conservative for my taste, but he has an agenda we can support. He is working with Connie Mack on the Penny Plan which would balance our budget and reduce our debt, he wants to audit the Fed, get rid of the TSA, repeal the Patriot Act, repeal the detention clause of the NDAA, and many other things that further the cause of Liberty.

His endorsement of Romney gives him the political capital to put those issues front and center in the United States Senate. Did you foresee that opportunity three years ago?

We've been spoiled by Ron Paul. He is a giant of integrity and unwavering commitment to his ideals, but let's not forget that along the way, he made a decision to fight the system from within. Rand Paul is a Senator. Did we really expect him not to do the same?

I realize there may still be a little vomit in your mouth too, but I suggest washing it down with a cold beer, thanking Dr. Paul for getting us this far, and preparing for the battles to come.... together.

Long live the r3VOLution!

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I am sure that Dr Pauls heart would break

if he knew how quickly many on this site have turned savagely against his son, and against him. All the arm chair generals throwing their toys out of the cot, because they have no ability to see the big picture, the long term plan, and want everything done their way without putting their own nuts on the line. Shame on you!
Dr Paul stated that he "is in this ALL the way", and I believe him, not blindly, but because he has a 30 year record of proof behind him.
Is Rand Paul the modern Judas?...hell no!...more like a modern Danial, you know, the guy entered the lions den, with faith.
It is the nay sayers and screamers who should carry the name of Judas, gutless wonders that are out only for their own ends.

Ron Paul has credibility

Ron Paul has credibility and Rand now has none. Nobody in the Liberty movement is going to trust Rand from now on. His political capital that he may have acquired by being Ron Paul’s son is now gone and it will be a long time, if ever, before he can recoup it.


Ron Paul knows very well he'll piss off his supporters if his son associated himself with the Willard.
For you to be trying to shift the blame over to the "nay sayers", i.e. those who broke their backs in hot and cold knocking on people's doors so the fruit could be an endorsement for the Willars is just flat-out disingenuous to say the least!
No, mister! Shame on YOU!

You're right, lets vote for VoMitt

..like the good little "political capital" lemmings we are..

He does read the Daily Paul

as he said in a short clip on youtube.

Perhaps this will add clarity to the past few days:


Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline

You forgot the most poignant part,

You REAP you sow!
and boy, are you reaping it now. While the American people were being amused to death, stuffed to obesity, and drowned in consumerism that was sold to you all as happiness, very few noticed that the Government had turned rogue on you all.

When the awake people pointed this out they were labeled as nutters and conspiracy "theory" freaks, and middle America preferred Jackass and the Kardashians to the uncomfortable truth that they were being screwed.... hard! These evil men had a long time to put their plans in place, and it will be a long hard slog to remove them.

The awake people?

The fat consumers?
Which of the two do you think frequent DP? (and I'm not referring to the trolls but the regulars).
You are preaching to the choir. It IS some of the awake people who are questioning what is going on in the campaign. That's what awake people do - they question things. They debate things. They exchange ideas and information. They learn from one another.
I agree with your conclusion as to how the sheeple are getting screwed and everyone will reap the seeds of their ignorance....but I don't think the majority of people on the DP would qualify as sheeple.
Perhaps I misunderstood who the "you" represents in your statement?

By "you" I ment the American people in general.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but in all honesty, I am constantly amazed at how seriously out of touch the average American is with their own politics, in their own backyard, and even less engaged with what is happening in the world.
And why should the average American be "engaged"?...safe in the comfort of being the most powerful, untouchable nation on earth, where the enemy was outside your borders...not in your high courts, senate, congress, and banking system.
I love the States, the country that celebrates personal success, where optimism is high, and the VAST majority of people welcoming, friendly, and open, but have difficulty seeing that the people who control the country have no alliance to the flag or the citizens,...only to themselves and their interests.
I truly believe that is slowly changing, thanks to Dr Paul and his revolution.

Don't blame Ron Paul for Rand's mistakes.

I have had libertarian views for the last 30 years and talked about them with my daughters often enough that they joke about my lectures.

But one of them voted for Obama and would do so again, strictly on the abortion issue, and frankly I don't blame her because I think the Republican right view is offensive to many women, and not only would create another failed war like the war on drugs, but is philosophically incorrect.

The other daughter votes Republican which I never would do except for Ron Paul. I vote Libertarian, Constitutional, or don't vote at all.

I don't think I am to blame for what my daughters do because they have significant and justifiable reasons for their choices. I bet Ron Paul understands why Rand does what he does, and is proud of him as a son and respects his diverging views.

Much better to have raised independent thinking children than automatons.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

maybe I'm wrong,

but there is only 1 right choice. Please understand I'm not calling you names, your daughters names or anything like that. But I would think any real person of conservative values would understand voting for Obama is not the right choice. Obama is unconstitutional. The constitution lays it out clearly and if you stray from the constitution for any reason you are wrong. Our constitution is what defines how America should act. How can you agree with someone who supports a person who is so ANTI-constitution? They may have THEIR resons, but their reasons are WRONG. Nothing can justify supporting Obama, NOTHING.

Your right, your not to blame, THEY are to blame. Anyone who votes for Obama a 2nd term is to blame for what we are all going to go through in the next 4 years. It is much better to have raised independant thinking children, I agree, but when they make the wrong decisions, maybe they should be called out for it, and maybe they do deserve some blame, however you did your best. No excuse can be given to support the wrong actions of another, no matter how they are related to you.

There is also no excuse to vote strictly one party or another. THis is a major problem. A 2 main party system for WE THE PEOPLE only splits us. We should vote the very BEST candidate into office we can. No excuse to blindly vote based on party. Again, the wrong choice.

Voting for Obama might be a good thing to do.

Actually strategically, it might make sense to vote for Obama in November. If he gets a second term, then he will not be able to run in 2016 and there will be no incumbent. If Romney wins in 2012, he will be the incumbent in 2016 and it is always more difficult to unseat an incumbent. Now, if Obama chooses Hitlery to be his running mate, then she/he (whatever the Hitlery is) would have the leg-up on running and winning in 2016.

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I can think of no circumstance that could

ever excuse voting for a proven murderer of innocents. True Romney is a wannabe killer; that's one of the reasons I could never vote for the other evil twin. There is a line beyond which no amount of strategy is acceptable IMO.

Rand the Betrayer!

Betraying his own father!!! He's a Judas if I ever saw one! I'm shocked, dismayed, and mad as HELL!!! The nomination has NOT been decided. ron Paul's campaign is NOT over, and this is the HEIGHT of betrayal and mutany! I'm still standing with and voting for RON PAUL no matter what! He's the ONLY man who has ANY prayer of saving our country! Rand should be ashamed!

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Annoying to hear so many proclaim that

a person is morally required to follow the political bent of one's parent. Most of us are as annoyed about Rand's decision as you, but cooler heads advise looking deeper and taking a "wait and see" attitude on Rand. As a free individual (ideally) he is allowed to chart his own course. Don't misjudge my disagreement with your post; I will vote for no one but RP, probably in my entire life.

It's over

Ron said so himself. It is ver. Ron will not be president. And everything rand has done has been with the full support of Ton Paul.

Ron said to himself; People like robrigo are relativists.

You and you apathetic
remarks are just a pile of bull dung.

I think what you're seeing is a man who is convicted about his

betrayal before he delivers it. That simple!


The Winds of Change!

What this Randmitting has to

What this Randmitting has to do with Rloveution. Totally nothing.
If you want to be part of new mutant movement of demagoguery and hypocrisy...is OK with me...but I don't want to be part of that.

Rand also said

That he would actively campaign for Romney! How can anyone defend that? He did not have to do this now. He could have waited until after the nomination. After all, Ron Paul is his FATHER for crying out loud. He has agreed to campaign against his own father, who last time I checked, was still in the race. Explain that.

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Are all children required to agree with a parent

in politics? Rand is a free, independent individual, not just Ron's son. He has always stated his political positions clearly, and they never have been libertarian; they are a fairly pure Conservatism with an unfortunate weakness for religious bias, IMO.

As the pack goes, he is a decent Conservative, and on occasion even admirable. Hectoring him for disagreeing with us on his choice of support is not itself particularly libertarian.

I expect he may learn he made a mistake, that depends on his growth. It's not our issue.

He will actively campaigning

He will actively campaigning for Goldman suckers ...to be explicit.

We have to look at the big picture ...

Ron Paul is the ideal GOP candidate and I hope that he pulls out a surprise win in Tampa. However, if he is not victorious in Tampa, I'd much prefer a Romney/Paul ticket over a Romney/Rubio or the like. I'm not sure why everyone is blasting Rand. In his statement on Hannity he very clearly stated that his father is his first choice and was always his first choice for the GOP nominee, but in light of the nomination process results would support the GOP against Obama. Would you all prefer that Rand goes on a tirade against the GOP, effectively ending his career and ensuring that neither he nor his father ever make it to the White House? It's pretty clear that Rand wasn't excited about making the statement of support; in fact, he seemed to struggle in finding commonalities that he could speak to...mostly spoke of family similarities and values. If you watch the clip, at one point Hannity pushes Rand to promote Romneys campaign platform, but Rand redirects the conversation to discuss the Paul view of SOPA, Auditing the Fed, and encouraging the energy industry. Sometimes we have to look at the long range goals and take steps toward those goals even though it may hurt a little bit.

In Dr. Paul's Texas speech he referenced losing battles, but winning the war...

What part of Ron Paul or no one didn't you understand?

All the way to tampa!

Reread my first sentence.

I support Ron Paul. I hope Tampa is a liberty victory with Paul as the GOP nominee; however, I think many of the emotional posts regarding Rand are overboard and not helpful to the cause.

I appreciate what you are saying

and agree for the most part. What I have problem with is the way he did it, when he did it and the show he did it on. It shows his lack of leadership. When you have people in the trenches still fighting, you continue to encourage that. You can still be honest as Dr. Paul had put forth his email the days before and he was just that, honest on where things stand. Rand did say he would support the nominee who ever that would be before. Ok then, but there is no hurry. Who says you have to "endorse" someone anyway, but if you choose to, so be it, but don't slap people in the face as you do it. That's my problem with it. It is about respect. You can say and do something people may not agee with, but you can still do it with respect and Rand did not in my opinion.

Lack of leadership? lol

I can't believe some of the people on here that were suckered in by a political ploy that was only meant to fool the viewers of Hannity!

You're supposedly a Ron Paul supporter yet you believe everything you see and hear on a show like HANNITY for cryin out loud! Rand Paul obviously found great distaste not only talking to the jerk that so disrespects his father but delivering his "message" that he supported his father's rival Romney!

This is war, folks. Political war. Nothing is as it seems. Use your heads.

Thank you ..

I'm with you. True Paul supporters are not going to be derailed by Rand's statement. They are going to continue the liberty fight in their local and state venues, show up at Tampa and vote their conscience. This bash Rand frenzy is not helping the cause at all.

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He did it on the ONLY show

that will totally suck the NEOCONS in. The only way it could be better is if he would have done it with RUSH.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Ron Paul's latest speech was on this idea of "unity"

Particularly the notion of uniting behind wrong ideas. He's not going to play along with mittens. And he sure hasn't quit. Watch and remember why he's our favorite spokesman.


I've been accused of being excessively

I've been accused of being excessively purest but I never regarded Ron (or someone like Justin Amash) was a sell out for running GOP in 1996. Why did you? There is a world of difference between running as a GOP candidate for practical reasons and betraying your father by endorsing Romney on the show hosted by a man who only six months earlier had viciously, and repeatedly, smeared your father as racist!