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Rethinking events...I plan to stand with Rand

Like most of you, I was initially shocked and felt betrayed by Rand Paul's announcement supporting Mitt.

However, after re-watching the Hannity video, reading many posts here and mulling over the Adam Kokesh interview, I can only conclude that "they" got to Rand with some kind of threat.

I have followed Senator Paul's actions in the Senate quite closely, and with the exception of the Iran sanctions, his entire Senate portfolio consists of pro-liberty, small government activities. I am on his mailing list and he sends out requests for help with issues such as abortion, gun-rights, and civil liberties. I have also seen him argue against NDAA, the TSA, and stupid socialist energy policies on the Senate floor.

If he or his family were threatened, and I believe they were, he is only doing what he can do to protect them. I've changed my mind and I plan to stand with Rand at this time of need, because he has already demonstrated that he is on our side.

The politics in Washington are the darkest of darkest places and the light exposing it is causing the pols to strike back. We might have lost this battle, but as RP said, we will win the war.

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I Plan to Masturbate

And I'll get a whole lot more accomplished, than Rand & MiTT ever will.

I think

you meant to say you will kneel beside your man bowing to the system!


Rand probably "felt" threatened

by calls for a primary challenge.

yea keep donating

thats a good sucker,thats why rand sends all those money begging letters thats how they stay rich and keep the system moving.but im glad your standing by your man.cause i wont,never give in to scum like mitt.dont worry you wont be alone.


If Rand has been threatened

why vote for thugs???


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Resistance is Victory & Stand Your Ground. Are these just words?

Do they have no real practical meaning or value? We just say them when times are good? Rand Paul just endorsed a neocon, a big spending, pro-war, corporatist who is in bed with the international bankers. Romney's six biggest donors are all banks. He is as pro-Fed and pro-fiat currency as it gets.

Ron Paul needs . . .

to grab Rand by the back of the neck out behind the woodshed.

I love Rand.

I will NOT VOTE republican without Ron Paul!!!!!

possibly never again.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Rand is not a libertarian

you are correct, that "they" got him-- but they have had him for a long time. Jesse Benton and Rand are not friends of liberty

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Libertarians In Name Only.

Calling someone a LINO is

Calling someone a LINO is freaking retarded. The Libertarian Party is just as effed up as any other party out there. And when has Rand ever claimed to be part of the Libertarian Party. But if you're going to use the acronym at least use a lower case "l" so you're talking about a governing philosophy, and not another political party that's no better than the Republicans or Democrats, but again Rand has never claimed to be a libertarian so it doesn't work. The man calls himself a conservative, he's the Republican Senator from Kentucky, and from day 1 he's said he was going to support the eventual Republican nominee. As much I wish he would have waited until after Tampa, he's not doing anything that should come as a shock to anyone. I don't agree with his endorsement, I would never endorse Romney, and if you look at his voting record I find it difficult to find philosophical similarities between Rand and Romney, but I really don't understand the sudden outrage.

I have to return some videotapes...

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In some ways, what you say makes matters even worse.

If Rand Paul has said that he is a conservative and that he never said that was a libertarian, I believe you my brother. You are then saying that Rand Paul cannot be a true conservative, but he is a CINO. What Romney represents is also diametrically opposed to the true conservatives, except the neocon wing of the party, as well as the libertarians. Is Rand Paul also a neocon is the indirect question that you are posing?

Except that he has voted as a

Except that he has voted as a conservative on just about every single vote he's taken. So he would be a CIVO? Conservative In Vote Only? Which actually isnt a bad thing, because that's really what matters.

I have to return some videotapes...

exactly! RAND is a LINO

Ron Paul needs to speak ASAP about this

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The silence is deafening,...

and the pain continues.