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Are there Olsen / Benton trolls on the DP

This movement we’re building alongside Ron Paul does NOT include personal gain, but personal sacrifice. It has become evident that many of the insiders in the Ron Paul campaign have not signed on for this sacrifice.

When trying to unravel the truth behind a hidden mystery you have to want to know the truth. For many this is not an option, if it comes to close to home.

Finding truth is usually not found in one place or one event either, but a combination of many. The truth in this case is clearly revealed in several places through many events. When put together its paints a pretty clear picture as to what has happened.

Resent events:

Over the last couple of days Penny Freeman has been butchered by plenty for attemting to tell the truth, and painted as a disgruntled past employee. That’s the farthest thing from the truth as evidenced in her interview four months ago.

3/1/2102: Penny Freeman’s glowing interview of love and admiration for Ron Paul.

When this interview was done, Penny hadn’t worked for Dr. Paul for over four (4) years. And clearly portrays and shows nothing less than total respect and praise for her hero. You can also tell she is very close to the Paul family. Those here who have blindly slandered this good woman should be the ones who are ashamed, for not doing your homework first.

From that interview to the present, many things have happened. Or should I say ‘are being revealed as to what’s been happening behind the curtain, of this campaign’.

There were a lot of realistic questions raised over the course of many months about Rand, Olsen and Benton. Many of the authors of these topics were butchered for even bringing the matter up.

I personaly think there were/are Olsen/Benton trolls behind most of it, whose job is to stop any real discussion from taking place. Or should I say, ‘not allowing certain truths to be revealed’. And now we are paying a price for our stupidity.

6/7/212: Rand Paul endorsement of Mitt on Hannity

When Rand Paul shocked us all by announcing he was endorsing Mitt, many were simply asking what-the-heck is going on. Once again the same trolls come out in full force stirring the pot, painting those raising such questions as uncommitted to this movement.

The following interviews and video reveal the answers to most our questions as to what’s been happening inside the RP campaign headquarters these past few months. Only Ron Paul can decide what to do about it.

6/8/2012: Penny Freeman interview the day after Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt’ (Ron Paul’s political director 1998 –2007 (10 yrs).

6/8/2012 : Lew Rockwell interview stating Rand Paul is not a Ron Paul

6/8/2012: Alex Jones on Rand and Ron Paul:

The Penny Freeman, Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones’s interviews and video came out the day after Rand’s endorsement of Mitt. It puts together over ninety nine percent of the pieces needed to find the truth as to what’s been going on inside the campaign, and why we have been so confused regarding their past actions.

The combined picture they paint is not pretty, and accuse a corrupt infiltrator named Olsen as behind it all. Olsen, a political neutralizer by trade infiltrated the Ron Paul Campaign by cozying up to Rand Paul first.

Olsen used Rand Paul ambitions of political advancement, and got Rand to convince his father to let Olsen be a part of the presidential campaign team. Olsen then convinces Rand to get his father to appoint Benton to be campaign chairman. Olsen knows he’ll have no problem getting Benton’s ear if appointed.

After Benton’s appointment, Olsen convinces Benton to isolate Ron Paul from every one else. Once this occurred, Olsen was in control of the campaign. This is when all the bizarre decisions started showing up, and taking place in the campaign.

This caused more than just a few on this board to question what the heck was going on. The Olsen trolls were ready again to stir up the ignorant here to squelch any questioning of campaign leadership, as coming from those disloyal to Ron Paul.

But this time they failed, the entire issue blew-up in their faces. Most stood up and would not be silenced (myself included) because I could care less what anyone else thought about me.

And this time true liberty prevailed, as they were unable to sway the masses with their disinformation that to question is to be DISLOYAL. I hope we all learned something really important from all this.

There is no doubt, Olsen has spun a very nasty and despicable web and it was spun very tight.

As a result Ron Paul is in a very bad way, because the devastating decisions he has to make now invloves only his own family.

Alex Jones is absolutely right (like him of not), both Ron Paul and Rand Paul have a lot of explaining to do to their followers. As Alex Jones has said, there is time, lets get it right.

This movement is about freedom and liberty, with no compromises allowed.

In ending, I wish God be with Ron Paul during this momenta times.

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is the point of all this. where are you getting all this info about benton and olson? i haven't been able to find anything. you are also saying that ron's grandaughter is stabbing him in the back since she is married to benton. read doherty's book, found dondero's name in it but nothing about freeman. according to the book, the campaign's job was to get ron to all the rallies, meetings, etc. our job was to make people aware that he was out there and to convince them to join, become delegates and become active in becoming part of the political arena. a lot of the people in the campaign have worked for different people and campaigns, that is their vocation,that is what they do. doesn't mean that they are infiltrators or sabatouers. if you expect people to pay attention to you, then you need to supply documented proof that all this has been going on. opinions from people that use to work for ron is just that, opinions.


It's all made-up.

Total fabrication, and not a shred of evidence anywhere, for any of it.

It's a smear campaign that is part of a psy-op worked here over the last couple of months, and culminating in the "trigger event" with the hyper-emotional over-reaction to Rand Paul's "endorsement".

The dupes never realize they were duped. That's what happens in a con game.


since the site wont allow me to vote it up.

interesting how that works

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

olson and benton are

controlling the opposition.

the gop knows Ron Paul couldnt be stopped except through drastic measures and here we are.

Ron thinks his staff and relative have HIS and Liberty/Freedom's best interests at heart.
They have NO concern with Freedom or Liberty, just saving the neocon gop and scraping some money into their pockets in the process.

I gave to this campaign twice and now could kick myself for it, because I gave AFTER olson was hired.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Outsider looking in.

My thoughts are with Ron.
The man must be under an enormous amount if pressure.
He has dedicated a solid 30yrs to battle to date during times that his message was not understood/appreciated the way it is today.
Ron has earned all the time in the world to explain himself, if at all. (What has he done wrong?? Having unconditional love for his family?)
Ron is a true unflinching statesman of tremendous courage and has sparked my interest in the liberty movement here in Australia.

I look forward to the fireworks in Tampa come August.
Regardless of how the movement will develop post-Ron, it would appear that he deserves to go out with a bang.
May you all proceed with discipline, patience and respect.

Go Ron Paul!

Last night on Liberty Chat

with Tom Woods, he stated that he found Penny Freeman credible and trustworthy.

They're everywhere

But this has strengthened and re-invigorated the core, which is identifiable and, fortunately, and notwithstanding the trolls and shills, are in a vast majority.

The campaign is now back in grassroots control. Benton, Olson and the rest of the shills can be safely ignored.

I can't wait for Tampa. There must be a showdown. Respectful, but strong and determined.

To all those reading this for the first time!

I wrote this piece several days ago. It is old news, and was compiled when we were all trying to figure out what was going on.

I do not apologize for writing it, as I believe it reveals many truths about what has happened.

If I could delete it, I would, because is becoming counterproductive.

As you all know, no one can delete a previous post, as it not an option on this site.

It was long gone and buried, I wish who ever brought back up to the forefront did not do so.

As we attempt to get past all that has happened. There will be those who will attempt to bring past posts to life in an attempt to destroy past messengers, or bring forth contention among our ranks!

There has been two such long buried forum topic pop up this morning

The Winds of Change!

Unpublish is an option

It is not deleted, just not displayed.

Free includes debt-free!

Nothing wrong there

I wouldn't bundle Ron and Rand together - politically, at least.

Ron Paul has not endorsed Romney. And I don't expect he will. The only problem is the silence. It's deafening.

Jack Hunter and Austin Peterson

are on Facebook picking fights and patting themselves on the back for "cutting loose the crazies" from the Ron Paul movement. This is the most disgusting crap I have ever seen from people claiming to be supporting Ron Paul... They are condescending, insulting, deleting comments and banning people from their pages! What... the ... HELL!?!

Carol Paul is on Facebook but what I find funny is Jesse Benton

isn't there or friend with Carol Paul. Maybe he doesn't use it.

Doug Wead does.

Jack Hunter does.

As do Ron Paul State coordinators.

All easily accessible.

Now to my point. Trygvie Olson does also but try finding him in a search on facebook or try finding him on facebook using google I couldn't.

I found him and it was a fluke how I did.

Trygve Olson facebook page. Look at the pages he's liked carefully.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Funny, his page is no longer

Funny, his page is no longer available. How ironic.

No Trygve's facebook page is still there

You have to be logged in to see it.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Distubring likes

The show 24 and homeland.

He's got...

Fox News
Bill O'Reilly
Mike Huckabee
George W. Bush Jr.
John Boehner
Pawlenty 2012
Tim Pawlenty
Sarah Palin

Just a few that stood out to me.

My sister has already left Daily Paul

And I'm close to following behind. All you negative people slandering Paul's leadership skills by slandering his son and the people working for him are driving people away. Good JOB!

Those of you who are trolls for Romney or Obama will fail. Driving us away from Daily Paul doesn't drive us away from Paul or the Freedom Movement. You don't understand what motivates us at all.

You are wasting your time.

In the meantime, those of you who are just useful idiots to the trolls, you are doing more harm to the movement than any of those you criticize.

Creating division among your peers only helps your enemy.

I like to think of myself as less of a...

troll or criticizer of Paul and more of a whistle-blower (of which Dr. Paul approves), one which exposes weaknesses before the opposition does so we can repair them before they take advantage of us.

IMO, there are 2 groups on the DP currently.

1. People like you who deem everyone trolls that don't see everything coming our way as an "opportunity" and you generally use the "glass half full" on EVERYTHING even when seeing the imminent destruction of your own movement.

2. People like me who have a realistic view of things, don't sugar-coat the situation, and are constantly skeptical of everything because we know that politics is the name of the game and it's a risky business.

Where the campaign is concerned, group 1 wants group 2 to stop talking badly about it because "it's hurting the movement," meanwhile group 2 wants group 1 to grow up and look at the big picture because the top managers/advisers in the campaign are really what is hurting the movement and they need to be taken out immediately.

troll is....as a troll does

Don't you get it? Why can't YOU wait until after the convention? what actual good are you doing now? How many people are you pulling into the movement? Or conversely, how many are you driving away with your daily bashing.

My point is...What are the fruits of your labor? If it's is the same results a troll would get then you are no better than a troll.

Be constructive rather than destructive. Sugar coating isn't the issue. RESULTS are the issue. Is this vendetta of yours helping fight tyranny in this country or helping maintain it. Its that simple

My "daily" bashing

has done much less harm for the movement than the press release that all the MSM construed as the "end of Dr. Paul's campaign." Do you think I sit here all day writing mean and nasty things about the campaign? I've gone to rallies, I've turned my entire family into a group of Paulites, I've passed out flyers, I've gone door to door, and I've nearly gotten into fist-fights with neo-cons who don't want to accept responsibility for our country's foreign policy.

We aren't going to continue flourishing when the people within the campaign continuously knock the wind out of the movement.

We have two different perspectives. You think I'm hindering the movement by bringing up controversial topics; I think I'm helping it.

Maybe I should call you a troll. IMO, you're the one who wants to weaken the movement by making everything seem as if it's going spectacularly.

In closing, what really matters is that we continue racking up delegates.

bull crap

You know it too... deep down you know this is not helping anything. It's a useless distraction. And you think you are some sort of champion freedom fighter? Not yet buddy. Your just getting your feet wet. You think your few years experience trump Paul's knowledge, experience and ability in this situation? You think Paul can't handle his campaign so you'll step in and handle it for him? Why then would you ever vote for him? What kind of a president would that make? I suggest you step back, and have a little trust that Paul really has good judgement on those he surrounds himself with. I suggest you humble yourself to realize you don't know the inside baseball and neither do the those your listening to.

Helping the liberty movement my ass!

The thing you don't understand...

Is that RP has been friggin betrayed. Are you gonna sit there on your ass and allow this to happen? Are you gonna pretend like you didn't know? What world are you living in? Jesse stuck a knife in the back of this movement and you want to silence his critics? You are either Jesse or his butt buddy or you are insane.

Same here

I've also been blowing the whistle on the corruption in the campaign. But people called me a troll. We need to stand up to tyranny of ALL forms including within RP's own campaign. Benton and Olson are snakes and they hijacked the campaign. They have sabotaged everything. Somehow they have managed to fool RP himself by pulling the wool over his eyes. Olson is the brains and Benton is the thug. They have manhandled this entire charade and conned all of us. And for pointing out the truth we get called trolls. Despicable!

Tate is a big crook/thug as well, so don't forget.

benton is a nobody. you are focusing too much on olson. tate is a bigger crony - a hideous man that gets millions in donations by just saying paul's name. rp supporters like this crooked man way too much.


If your aim is to make Ron Paul quit

If your aim is to make Ron Paul quit you are doing an excellent job.

Ron Paul is in a bad way because of people like you.

How sad.

Excellent compendium of

Excellent compendium of crucial information. Thanks for putting it up.


Because Olson and Benton have to go!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

i am laughing and laughing

do any of you understand the term "consequences"? here you are, slandering ron paul's people that he has hand picked, calling his son a traitor, accuse rp of embezzling funds, and you expect ron paul to believe you are supporters and expanding his message of peace and unity? when things go south, instead of going forward, you start blaming everyone but your selves. you guys are the traitors, you are like grass in the wind, following every negative remark and adding to it. you should probably look up the meaning of slander and libel. you can't seperate ron paul from the campaign, he is the campaign.


I don't think RP hand-picked anybody.

Olsen sent to be the "Grown Up" in the Rand campaign hand-picked Benton to to head up Rand's campaign. It was Olsen that pushed for Benton to Head Up RP's campaign and had his ear throughout. I don't think I'm alone when I appraise Benton as not the sharpest HB in the pencil case. I'm guessing RP trusted everyone at face value and that was his undoing. Some have complained that they're getting e-mails from Romney and his wife but I haven't. I think by character and motive, both Olsen and Benton are the most likely culprits if the mailing list was sold or passed to the Romney campaign.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

It is like with any religion

It attracts the worst scum, who take down the very leader they think (or claim) to support.

It is a natural phenomenon and it had to happen to this movement as well. Just like it happened to the Tea party. Yes there are infiltrators and the elite knows how to run a psy-op but at the end of the day it is all down to the people.

Hopefully many delegates have a better grasp of the liberty message and what it is all about than many of the hate posters around here at the moment.

I guess Ron Paul has given up due to all the hate posts on sites like this, I know I have. A few were infiltrators but my fear is that most are well intentioned duped people who were easy to lead to fighting among themselves.