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Go Ahead, Tear Off Your RP Stickers, Run Away Mad, That's What They Want!

I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee. This has always been about the message of liberty. This movement has to grow around all liberty candidates if we are going to restore the USA. As Ron Paul said "this is all going to end badly" and we have to be there united to pick up the pieces or we will get more tyranny. People like Rand, Johnson, and others may say some things you don't like, but at their core beliefs there is liberty and we need to support them. That being said I will never give up on the message of liberty. We are winning, we are restructuring the GOP, eventually we will have a libertarian President, but more importantly we will have a libertarian minded congress, senate and fellow Americans.

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Every president and politician we've ever had says

They respect the Constitution, that's their core belief and I trust that it really is. They then compromise and be respectful to each other while they collectively shred it. Core beliefs mean NOTHING if they are not put in practice. I'm sure many an executioner didn't believe killing was ok. Keep falling for BS and they'll keep serving it.

There's no "falling" for anything

If you look at Mike Lee and Rand Paul's VOTING records (you know the thing that matters), they are legit liberty candidates - the best ones we've had since Robert Taft.

Get out of here you LP / CP troll.

I decided to rip off Romney stickers instead

But couldn't afford the gas to find one.

This is the best thing posted on the DP

in 2 weeks.


We'll have martial Law in this country before...

A libertarian is elected unless we wake up the other delegates. Reason with them! We have truth on our side. Send them the YouTube's! http://www.dailypaul.com/237643/should-a-liberty-pac-do-a-de...

I didn't realize this thread would have such long legs

when I posted it. I should edit it, in the fact that in my gut I knew they wouldn't let Ron be the nominee, but in my heart I hoped I was wrong. And I guess we never know what can happen, all those lies Mittens tells are stressful and stress is bad on the heart. Lol, well if you have a heart!

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

By the title of that post

I am still sticking with Ron Paul. Rand...I still am up in the air.

For The Power of The Republic!

Carrying the message of Liberty for 30 years - think about it!

Ron Paul is a torch bearer whose only concern is to pass on the flame of Liberty to those who listen. We must focus on carrying the flame instead of worshiping the messenger.


Comment withdrawn...

I defer to Tom Woods' appeal...


No excusing, defending, justifying or compromising Rand endorsing Mitt.
It's complete Treason.
Mitt works for the banks and is supported by the same interests as Obama. Our freedoms will further be removed if Mitt is in office no different then Obama. Now I can expect Rand and Ron to help further decrease our freedoms.

Anyhow Rands endorsement is an Anti American move and his father Ron is also in full support of it. The apple doesn't fall from the tree. No excuses.

It's a shame to see such a beacon of light of freedom so eagerly to get sucked into the corrupt political machine.
The only lesson that I have learned from all this drama is that the GOP is tainted beyond help.
The Paul family has forever lost my support.

Remember that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson never negotiated with King George.


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Wow, two whole weeks?

You stink of trollery and dirty money.

Helping Liberty candidates, crowdfunding campaigns, and entrepreneurs get the publicity they deserve.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Totally disappointed...

Totally disappointed in how our people are acting. RP winning the Presidency, while great, was extremely unlikely... it isn't ABOUT RON PAUL. It is all about redirecting the RNC back to its roots, so that someday we CAN get libertarian candidates winning major seats. There are a few now, but wait until the RNC is the party of LIBERTY! Then, Liberty will be popular among all the sheeple too! I spent my time as a delegate for RP and my dollars for RP... and now it is time for part two - taking ownership of the RNC! I don't agree with Romney... but at least with Romney there will be elections in 2016... with the other guy... there is only Dictator Obummer in our future!

You are kidding yourself if you think Romney

Would be any less Authoritarian than Romney. He has been petty and vile as he has proven this entire election process so far and his actions in Tampa.

Romney is a complete disgrace to everything this country was built on and only cares about gaining power and control...

Nothing changes with a Romney win other than completely invalidating our movement's power and justifying his cheating and actions.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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I donated my time and money knowing that Ron Paul .....

could be the GOP nominee, and he still can be. There was also 'hope' that this could happen. Yet, you seem to have started with the conclusion that there was no chance at all for this to occur from the very beginning. The credibility that Rand Paul had he destroyed by this endorsement from hell. How will Rand be a positive force for Liberty when Romney is a force against Liberty? Rand has been neutralized, compromised, and taken out of the equation as a force against tyranny. He is gone, and he can no longer be counted on for anything. We may soon be on our own also with Ron Paul at 76 years old. Are we going to be a hardcore group of principled Constitutionalists or (fill in the blank)?

I agree

Rand Paul has voted our way on everything...there are times when he is the ONLY ONE FILIBUSTERING...cut the tantrums.

RON PAUL 2008 Jazzloversinc


Screw that Mitt Romney BASTARD.


I HATE how people are still whining, pointing fingers and speaking as if the fight's over when it obviously isn't. Have you learned NOTHING from this whole election year? Have you not been paying attention to what Ron Paul is teaching us? Yes, we all want Ron Paul to be our President. But guess what, IT'S NOT ABOUT RON PAUL AND IT NEVER WAS! I cannot believe how so many people placed all their hope and faith in one man. Is that not the reason why Barack Obama was so blindly supported in 2008? Look at yourselves, you focused all of everything you had... on the messenger, and not the message. That's a centralized notion that can be exploited and used to divide us, which it essentially has done in the span of ONLY 3 FU*KIN' DAYS! And you wanna know something? The elites are laughing their asses off right now at how SIMPLE it was to disrupt our revolution! You'd better get a grip quick, before they complete the job of demolishing this movement!

Who gives a Fu*k that Rand Paul endorsed Romney! Who gives a Fu*k about whether Jessie Benton, Doug Wead or Jack Hunter are insider spies sent from the Netherworld! From the very beginning we've been ignored by the media, cheated by the establishment, all the while enduring the bullsh*t coming from the current administration! This should not be new, people! Stop focusing on Ron Paul and focus on what he's been trying to teach us for months! You all support the Constitution, that means you all understand the Constitution. And what the Constitution says is, the President can't do jack sh*t! Nothing can be done by the President without the approval of the Congress! All the Congress can do is write laws and declare war, but even they can't do a damn thing without the approval of WE THE PEOPLE!

What does that mean!? That means that whatever bill they vote, and the President signs, is Not applicable until it is signed by the State and Local governments who are directly influenced by the People! Are we learning anything yet!? This whole time, Ron Paul has been trying to do more than become President, he wants to get young people like you and I engaged in the political process. The elites understand that if young thinkers were ever to get in control of local and State governments, then they will actually CHANGE things! They fear our enthusiasm, but love the fact that it's focused on a person - something of flesh and blood that can die out, rather than a concept or idea - something that can't be shot, bribed, controlled or wither away.

Think, people. Think!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

ron paul had a great chance this year!

"I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee"

great! you should be a part of the official campaign team! you'd fit right in!

we blew it in Iowa. had Ron Paul not been out with a cold that weekend before the Iowa caucuses, and the official campaign not waved off any more volunteers coming to Iowa it would have been close. also attacking romney in the debates couldn't have hurt in keeping more primaries close enough to force a brokered convention.

Not going anywhere

THings are not always as they seem.

Its good news.
Peace OUt!

Ron Paul 2012!

I'm not mad...

...but I did tear my Ron Paul bumper stickers off. I'm sorry, but The Good Doctor needs to address this publicly NOW, otherwise he himself wants us to run away mad.

I'm not mad, I'm not even surprised. Those of you who have idolized this man, allowed this to happen. I got to shake Ron Paul's hand once, I have much respect and admiration for him, and I have learned much from him... but he's a politician, and he isn't infallible... he knew they wouldn't let him win all along, and yet he begged us for money every single day. I was getting emails begging for donations right up until he announced he was going to stop actively campaigning. The bottom line is, Rand HAS tarnished his father's image. When I read that Rand had endorsed Romney on Sean Hannity, I immediately walked outside and tore those stickers off my car. Do you not see how embarrassing this is??? I'm sure we've all been trying to convert our neo-con friends to recognize the left-right paradigm, and realize that Romney is not better or worse than Obama... and then Rand comes along and tells these same neo-con friends that it's OK to vote for Romney... I'm absolutely disgusted, and if Ron Paul doesn't address this soon, I will consider him complicit.

...and don't give me that crap about this being part of an elaborate ruse to ensure a surprise victory here in Tampa this fall... no one REALLY believes that. I remember the same people saying that pie in the sky crap back in 2008. The plan wasn't to win, the plan was to take your money by telling you what you want to hear. "Freedom is Popular"... it's profitable too...


You're right. This whole "Freedom Movement" is very profitable for a lot of people. Hell that's how Rand got elected: riding his father's revolutionary coat tails.

A lot of people are writing books, writing articles and blogs, giving speeches, making videos with their muscle bound arms popping out from under a wife beater which just looks stupid Kokesh, radio shows, tv shows you name it.

The freedom movement is alive and well with people making a lot of money telling others how be free. It's tantamount to those that get rich by telling others how to get rich.

But none of them have one piece of their own skin in the game. They all still pay all their taxes, and frivolous traffic citations. When their rights are clearly abused, they lay down like a lamb and allow themselves to be arrested rather than defending themselves.

Hell on LRC Peter Schiff or Gerald Celente - both of which sell gold and silver - will write an article about how the dollar is dying and you need to buy gold and silver and right next to the article is a Google ad to buy gold and silver.

Ron Paul supporters are smarter than that.

Rand did this, not the establishment

"I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee."

That's such bullshit. I did not. Millions of others did not. We believed. Ron Paul gave a very clear message that he was running for the GOP nomination and wanted to run against Obama for the office of president. He made it clear what he would do if elected president: bring the troops home, cut a trillion from the budget first year, get rid of 5 cabinet level departments.

That message, those goals inspired millions to follow him. Real goals that as president he could obtain. People gave their time and money for that first. To imply now that it was all just a tool is being disengenuous.

Yes the liberty movement is bigger than just one man or any one of us, but don't tell us that now that Rand has gone over to the dark side that it was all for nothing. How dare you?

It was never about Ron Paul.

Even if Ron had won (or DOES win) the presidency, it's STILL not about Ron, it's about Liberty.

If Rand can further the cause by endorsing Mitt and having a better shot in 2016 or 2020, then it's HIS decision, not yours, not mine, not even Ron's, though it's be good to get dad's blessing first.

All Rand did

by endorsing Romney is confirm that he will never be presedential material for the liberty movement. He is a politician first and foremost, as such he is willing to SELL all his positions off to the status quo for the right price.

Thats just a fact.

What us bub, you are all alone.


Free includes debt-free!

I just put a bumper sticker

I just put a bumper sticker on my car

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

With all due respect....where

With all due respect....where is Ron Paul? Why does he not offer words of some explanation, some modicum of what is going on here? What is the real truth of the matter? Did he quit or not? Was there a successful delegate strategy in the works or not? Please don't insult DPers for not getting on the bandwagon. They take enough abuse just for thinking. Platitudes and patronizing scoldings for their "untimely" reactions to not fare well. Save that for your voting sheep.

No he did not quit.

He gave two speeches the day after the email which the MSM and some others spun as being a concession. Dr. Paul has always downplayed his chances in communications. Anyway the first and longest speech was at the Texas convention a while before Rand made his announcement and the waiting dividers on here exploded with posts filling the board. The other was at the concert after Rand's betrayal. In neither did he quit, far from it. Here's the main speech.

Ron Paul got our attention

because he would NOT play politics with corruption. That is why he gets voters from every sector....democrats,independents,libertarians....he would be the next president if the Republican establishment were behind him. Rand is NOT his father and people know it. It remains to be seen if he can get any support from people other than liberty republicans. My suspicion is that he just alienated the voters that actually could push him into the white house. If he thinks he can run on his fathers good name and reputation he has made a huge error in judgement.I would guess that at least 75% of Ron Paul supporters will NOT be voting for Romney.I decided I would NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils ever again and that would include Rand if he were a sellout republican candidate.I will be watching and listening and seeing how these politicians vote. If any have a record anywhere close to Ron Paul(Democrat or Republican)I will be supporting that person. Regardless of what someone says on a news show.....HOW THEY VOTE in congress tells the real story.


They are different.

Ron is a huge leap towards Liberty.

Rand is a small step.

BOTH move us closer to the final goal.

Ron has 30 years of reputation, and there's no reason to change his game plan now. Rand is at the very beginning of his career, and in order to further his career and increase individual liberty, he needs to play the game.

Like it or not, that's reality.