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Go Ahead, Tear Off Your RP Stickers, Run Away Mad, That's What They Want!

I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee. This has always been about the message of liberty. This movement has to grow around all liberty candidates if we are going to restore the USA. As Ron Paul said "this is all going to end badly" and we have to be there united to pick up the pieces or we will get more tyranny. People like Rand, Johnson, and others may say some things you don't like, but at their core beliefs there is liberty and we need to support them. That being said I will never give up on the message of liberty. We are winning, we are restructuring the GOP, eventually we will have a libertarian President, but more importantly we will have a libertarian minded congress, senate and fellow Americans.

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I m still in its sad people

I m still in its sad people have fallen for this bs. Like it says.. that s what they want.... your playing into the power to b hand. A foot in the door is better then standing out side with a sign.

I'm not ending the

fight. But c'mon, we need to stop making excuses for these people. You people seem to think there's time. There is no time. We are like 1 steps away from a collapse. Look around at the world. QE3 is right around the corner. Full on depression is already taking place in Europe. Banks around the world are no longer holding dollars for reserve notes. BRICS is no longer buying oil with dollars. The political games Rand is playing are useless. Lets face it, he is not his father and will not likely ever reach that level. He's not the true baton carrier for the movement. Even if we bought this whole BS story about infiltrating the GOP, there is not likely time for this, not to mention the conflict with our principals.

We need to look to people like Tom Woods...If its not to late.....


The argument that "it took so many years to get to this point, we need to give it time" does not stand one bit. We don't have that amount of time to pull our country out of the precarious situation it's in right now.

In any guerrilla operation

all we have to do is keep fighting and exhaust the enemy resources and will to fight. All they have to do for us to lose is for us to not fight anymore. We have plenty of time. They are the ones running out of time.

You clearly...

...are not on the receiving end of a drone strike.

They'll get my Ron Paul stickers ...

when they pry the bumper out of my cold dead hands!

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Lol Daily Paul Creative Response of the Week


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I also always took the long view and never

expected we could snatch victory from the jaws of Leviathan so soon. Dr. Paul said it's about education, he's done an amazing job and now there are many awakened and helping to educate for Liberty. I look at Tampa as one more opportunity and hope people will not drop away when we are so close to making an unforgettable impact. We will teach the sleepers if we stay motivated.


It's always been about the message.

I just tore off my stickers

I just tore off my stickers -- but that was in case there was any chance to be a stealth delegate.

Now to put them back on.. :)

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Liberty bells are ringing!

Ron Paul is going down in the history books!

United in Liberty...not the

United in Liberty...not the man.



r3VOLution bike yeah c'mon!

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

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Very cool




One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

My sticker stays and...

...I will continue to make others aware of truth!

I've got Big Balls!!!

I'm not going anywhere... they have to rip my stickers off my vehicles!!!


Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Im not removing my stickers

Im not removing my stickers from my car and I am not stopping my support for Ron and the cause of liberty.

Viva La Revolution

Same here. We are proud to

Same here. We are proud to sport 2 RP bumper stickers. And my RP tshirt is ever at the ready, in it's spot on the bedroom chair, just in case someone comes to the door. That way I can pull it on fast.
Really, I do that. LOL

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

im for liberty

but im done with big name political brand names like the campaign for liberty,proven to me is all they do is take money and promise alot,and what realy gets done?so im out not voting,im not supporting rand not after this.


Reality Check

No one will save us. We have to save ourselves...


If rp doesn't get the non I'm still keeping my bumper stickers.. just a reminder to the gop that Obama will win...


True. After the nomination I will still be referring others to check into the good Dr and his principals along with promoting Liberty. Hopefully my children will do the same. Ron Paul's ideas are deeply embedded in my family's household.

same here.

Ron Paul is already my kids vision of what a President is.

You knew he wouldn't win???

I never knew that. Still don't know that. I do see Benson and Olson in my crystal ball as to why this campaign is not winning at the moment. I will still donate to delegates and buy Ron Paul stuff from outside sources. Thanks to the movement and the Nevada takeover I am giving five bucks a month to the neocon establishment party poopers.I guess I will be the only one in November still thinking he can win...sigh. Faith in miracles is likened to madness.