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The Big Texas Takeaway

I really want to post about a huge lesson we learned in Texas. First, no matter what you have read, the numbers are not settled. Be patient and wait for our harried and devoted organizers to finish the evaluation.
Trust us, and know that we did well. That's all I'm confident enough to say.
Here's the point of my post. What success we had was largely achieved through building bridges and coalitions. Our congressional districts are large and it's very hard to bring a straight majority. We had two of our men who had connections to the local Republican Party structure and they found out that there is an old rivalry between the largest county and one of the smaller ones in our CD. Our coodinator capitalized on that by bargaining to give them one and we took two. That sounds like a pat arrangement but every round of voting included at least six candidates to go against. There was every opportunity for vote splitting and establishment domination. It made ALL difference. The final surprise is that yes, they're all establishment, but there are rivalries to play upon.

My second point is that these relationships will continue and we will take them home to build upon. The fact that we came in with a cooperative spirit went a long way to forge good will and open minds for the future. If God gives us the opportunity to nominate Ron in Tampa, we will need all the support we can get.

So, if you don't have good majorities in your district caucuses, this is the way to maximize your presence and grow it.

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Spot on.

Your commentary is spot on there. Texas did an outstanding job considering the situation and events leading up to Texas Primary. I agree with the fact that with 8000+ in attendance it's extremely hard to come away with the majority, but we made a HUGE dent for sure. I have not heard actual numbers but 30% would not surprise me.

I was a delegate in the most successful of the Congressional Districts (of 35 or 36). Mine happened to be extremely well organized and had some die hard Paulers. Of course we had been meeting for months before-hand too.

However, we also had some that weren't and didn't show up on the days when it counted. *edited for delegate safety* There were votes that only passed by 1 person...!! @#)(*&$#

We ruled the room for sure though. We came away with 3 of 3 delegates and 2 of 3 alternates. The nominations committee person, and got our 1st choices for the committee man/woman nominations (which didn't turn out after the floor voted on them).

Overall, it was 95% success. It was amazing to see in action. Talk about hacking off some blue hairs.

Also, on my way out of the convention I even heard a Romneyite say that it was "impressive to see us in action" (not my CD specifically) but, went on to say that she only saw one person acting without integrity, but overall it was an extremely well played strategy.

Oh, I think we got more than 30%.

We got some good at-large delegates and alternates. Unless there were multiple districts that were not in play at all, and I haven't heard that. Hopefully, it won't matter so much what we have today, as there is an organized push to win over the others between now and August. The thread is http://www.dailypaul.com/237643/should-a-liberty-pac-do-a-de...
Happy to hear y'all did so well.

Proud of my fellow Texans!

We did great. We had to be on the down low using code words like "Constitution." Some districts like mine brokered a deal with the others and secured [a significant amount] of the delegates other districts were all out street fights. One of my favorite moments was when I overheard from the caucus next door a speaker end a speech shouting "Viva Revolution!"

So, when conflict needed to get vocal it did, when stealth was necessary it was used, if compromise was possible it was made.

A two other favorite moments:

During KB Hutchison's speech, folks start shouting "Ron Paul." Old white guy next to me shakes his head saying, "I am so sick of hearing that name."

During my speech for elector (a last minute nomination), I mentioned my fidelity to the Constitution causing two old ladies to angrily start shaking their heads and scowl.

"Constitution" is now a dirty word for many traditional Republicans. Despite my entertainment by these moments of conflict, know that the Texas Ron Paul supporters were respectful and persistent.

We also were able to explain ourselves to others with some success. I explained Ron Paul's approach to Israel to a group of curious but anti-Ron Paul folks...and they got it. This was happening all over the place.

I am very proud of everyone!!

We did great

I got lots of good reports. I really enjoyed the work we did in Ft Worth. Thanks for the good times guys some of you really slugged it out and you know who you are. Some of the best speeches and dialogue came from you guys. It was hard to stomach the bs especially the attempted sucker smear from Kay Bailey, but we got through it without giving in to the bait and the numbers seem pretty good. There were guys from my county and cd - excellent patriots and liberty to the core - Texans lock stock and barrel.

Best tag on the whole convention - "we are legion, expect us".

The Revolution is on!!! Never stop, the consequences are too catastrophic.

I'm glad most just laughed

I'm glad most just laughed off the 'legion' guy. I'm sure many thought he was probably some occupy activist.

When I heard his statement I couldn't help but think 'what the heck' and chuckle as it really came across as some random tantrum that had not real meaning to most in the convention body.

At least it was only a short disruption.

That said, I'm glad the fellow took the time to speak his mind. I don't have to really like it to support his freedom to do it.


i suppose we all....all 5 thousand of the texas delegates......had the "right" to get up and stand at each mic and say whatever we wanted.

yeah ok.

just so you know....you are condoning a selfish act. i know this matter well enough to speak about it. don't pretend that he was just speaking his mind.

we should be very diligent with our work - with our words - and we need to call each other out on it.

god, herself, knows that i've been called out plenty.

Sitting with some values voters...

... and they instantly branded the legion guy as Satan himself. Quoting the demoniacs in the bible. I tried to explain to them that that is not what he was talking about but they couldn't/wouldn't hear it.

The pleasant, sincere, maybe clueless folks around me

were confused about it and my twenty year old son explained it to them as a kid spouting off an internet joke, just to get attention and tell his buddies he "disrupted" the convention. I likened it to streaking with your clothes on. They laughed and shrugged it off. I think very few of them even knew anything about what he yelled. It aggravated Chairman Munistieri but it was short and didn't really prolong the session that much. The Romney-booing during Perry's speech was much more disruptive.

There was a young guy from a county near mine who ran around the whole day on Thursday in a Ron Paul Tshirt with the rest of his attire virtually shouting that he would just as soon be a girl. The guy has every right to be whoever he wants to be, but I wished he would consider whether he was helping Ron in that crowd. He wouldn't have had to cut his hair or go buy a whole new wardrobe, but the feminine accessories could have stayed home and he could have worn his jeans rolled down rather than wearing them like capri pants. If many of the religious right didn't hold Ron's tolerant ways against him, it wouldn't have mattered, but we need to be able to pull those delegates our way in Tampa and some of the mainstreamers' fears of a homosexual agenda will be reinforced by this. We're not the only ones who need to look at the long view and consider the future.

while i agree with you on most things

i will say that you are DEAD WRONG about the last "motion" of "we are legion. expect us"

the FRUIT BAT who stood up on mic2 on the left side of the arena and proceeded to WASTE everyone's time after such long days of hard work is to be called out for what he did.

i know who he is. i know his name. i know he is young, inexperienced, and completely full of himself.

people, things like this...getting up and saying "we are legion. expect us" whatever the HELL that $hit means......it's not going to help our cause and i ask you to quit with this complete and total BULL$HIT.

the Paul supporters that i know well in Tarrant County are not happy with stupidity being played out in the general convention and all of us being made to look like fools, like we're crazy.

i, likewise, did not get up on the mic and make a motion to review Blueprint For Truth during recess. i did not make a point of inquiry as to why most of my fellow Texans aren't researching building demolition versus collapse.

stupid F*cking brat. damn it this pisses me off.
and to think he had the nerve to boast about it afterward - like some kind of bloody hero of us all. give me a F*cking break man.


look up the group anonymous,

look up the group anonymous, the quote "we are legion. Expect us." is something of a motto by them.

sure it was pretentious

but kids are going to have to blow off steam from suffering through their pretentious ass dog and pony show. If we can't have a sense of fun and humor about it than what's the point? It's not like this slog is easy, fun or satisfying. Humor is how you get through the rough spots and that convention was sewage through a fire hose with their horseshit time wasting video show.


that thousands of other Paul supporters attending the Texas convention could abstain from "blowing off steam" while this one young know it all could not. the convention WAS fun and it WAS satisfying. it was head and shoulders better than what we experienced in 2008. how was it not fun bearing witness to changes made to the platform to allow video? how was it not satisfying to see our numbers grow and people being seated as delegates? sure, i am one for humor of all kinds, but this was not humorous. please. and let's not pretend that i enjoy the pretentiousness of the old guard republicans. that's not the point.

we did not make friends with the people there by yelling at them to END THE FED or by rude behavior. that much falls under what i consider to be common sense.

if i gave the rest of the delegation the middle finger, if i were so selfish (as this "motion" of his so obviously was) i would lose all that i had worked for up until this point. i would lose respect from my wife and from those i have worked alongside for 5 years.

i know for a FACT that this kid literally believes that he can presently say or do whatever he wants without repercussion because of personal reasons that i will not disclose here. all i can tell you is that he was proud of his action and, from what i gather, thinks highly of himself to the point where nothing else matters.

this is not something we wish upon each other.

this is a case of carelessness - of a knee-jerk reaction.

this is what is expected from those on the other side who continue to look for reasons not to like us.


the last line should read: this is what is expected from us by those on the other side who continue to look for reasons not to like us. so sorry! i do try!

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

You didn't have Crocker

As your SD Chair...AND deriding/abusing you from the mike over the entire Group...

I regretted that the speaker blew...

And that's all I have to say about that.

Susie 4 Liberty


I thought he was fair, but I only saw him in action in the rules committee.

Have heard that Mechler was a Horrible chair and that Moore was a fair chair of his CD.

got video?

while i sympathize and wish to extend my hand as a friend, i do not see how this relates to how we ourselves are to act. trust me when i say i am no saint - and far from perfect. i want retribution all the same for the, if nothing else, indecent treatment of us by other people who think their $hit smells better. pardon that if you will.

the speaker blew? what speaker?


Re comment Walty below:

****On advice from the Texas Paul Campaign State Organizer, PLEASE DO NOT list any State wide delegate totals and DO NOT list your CD when telling of delegate wins! PLEASE PEOPLE! YOU ARE ONLY MAKING THESE PEOPLE INTO TARGETS! The gains we made in Texas were mainly due to our low profile, DO NOT BLOW OUR SUCCESSES!*****

MODERATORS!!! I know you're all busy but can you please put this on page one as a sticky under Ron Paul's speech?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

The delegates are announced

The delegates are announced over the mic. The establishment already knows their names.

thanks but

names are not accompanied by the word PAUL when announced. many of our people are considered to be establishment. i have no idea what you're talking about.

thank you

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Blue Republican


... I've never seen so many dummies all gathered in one place...

they were cheering for the architect of Obama Care, the big government protagonist who for the most part of his life believed abortion is a protected right, that guns are to be outlawed, that being bought by special interest come with the territory... etc. etc... and then they go on the God-trip with family values and pro life... but strictly reserved for wombs that are safe within our borders and families that reside in the US... outside the US, let's go bomb the bejesus out of innocent mothers, children, pregnant women, families... cripple, maim and destroy... all in the name of God and country and of course the war profiteers... I'm done with the GOP... there are just too many sheeple in these mega-churches following the dictates of their neo-con pastors... thinking they're doing God's work by their rah rah idiocy... it is easy to get them motivated to grind through all the monotony and mediocrity of party politics... utter blind devotion to the party, regardless of the RINO hierarchy that controls the brand. let me know when you find a cure for stupidity.... until then we'll have Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, Romeny ad infinitum...

Plano TX

I'm a newb

This was my first time being a delegate.
The "team" mentality was quite sickening.
So many speakers said the main goal of the repub party is to beat demo's.
From my observation of the crowd reactions during speeches, I would say almost half were our people.

The bad thing about these

The bad thing about these people is that they have no core conviction on principals! The good thing about these people is the same, we can win them over, stay involved! We were stronger this time then in 2008, IF we all stay involved, we will be stronger in 2016 then we were this time! You are not there supporting them! You are there supporting us! PLEASE everybody that reads this, be more dedicated next year then you were this year, it how we win! Even if we lose this battle, we will still win the war!

Used to have some 'friends'

Used to have some 'friends' that went on for years about the US Constitution & its vital importance. The are Repub sheep, and all that Constitution concern went out the window when 'their guy' Romney started running. I sent many videos of various Romney flip flops on core 'conservative' and Liberty issues to them; they didn't like that. They used to curse the mindless Obamanoids - - but they are as blind & mindless as the former.

Perhaps one day when Americans have gone through enough of the pain of economic collapse and constant war, they will be ready for peace & prosperity. Perhaps one day Americans will value Freedom over comfort and self delusion. Perhaps one day, . . . if there's any country left by that time.

Look how fast the anti-war

Look how fast the anti-war movement ended when Obomba was elected!

Overheard a guy

listing musicians he had discovered were gay that he will no longer listen to. Grand Prize goes to David Dewhurst, who claimed credit for passing the TSA bill (The TX anti-groping bill he killed).

deal with it all the time

99% of my customers are Truck Drivers. You would just not believe how hard it is to keep from "refusing service" just because of the racism and neocon garbage. I need to get out of this very soon or I might do something I shouldn't do to one of these idiots.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Obama Stickers Galore

The mass mental stupidity is an equal opportunity disaster. Come up to many parts of the Pacific NW and you'll see Obama bumper stickers all over the place. The dummies know absolutely nothing. They undoubtedly never read a newspaper, or website covering the issues. They likely voted for O because it was 'trendy' at the time, and will keep on voting for him because . . . well, just because.
Dummies on the Left of us; Dummies on the Right of us.

Thank you for this rant opportunity.

Here I am,Stuck in the middle again!

Lol, Just went with your lead on that. When I joined the DP I was stating that I was a "Middle Repulican",lol. I was asked quite a few times what that was, That song was the inspiration for my little joke label for myself. I'm not sure if anyone caught it or not,Lol.

Welcome to the DP!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Holy sh$t! Let it out, man!

Holy sh$t! Let it out, man! Nice rant.

But I agree 100%

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx