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IL Conventon & Grassroots was a J.O.K.E.

I'll tell you guys what went wrong at the convention - and it's evidence that there's a much larger issue that needs handling and in 1 word it is this:


I was reading one of the comments to the "IL GOP Convention" post and he or she said: "Basically it comes down to organization - that's it." and I couldn't agree more.

At the IL Convention there was ZERO organization:

I was an alternate delegate. In the days leading up to the convention I emailed the supposed Ron Paul Organization leader in IL: Scott Davis. Talked to him on the phone and he told me this: "Uh, yeah I'm gonna get a ticket if we keep talking while I'm driving so ... leave me an email or if you have a question just drop me a line."

Is that a joke? You're afraid of getting a ticket for driving and talking on the phone? or you're just trying to get rid of me?

Obviously I was too much of a bother.
I also emailed RYAN MICHIE - asked him a ton of questions: looking for clarification here and there... his response? "Go to the GOP website, and we'll have people there to direct you.

He didn't answer even 1 of my questions.

At the convention, the "people" they had positioned to direct us, didn't know spit.

In fact, the older girl sitting at the Ron Paul tradeshow-looking table was INCREDIBLY curt & rude. I was an alternate delegate, a delegate-in-waiting...waiting to GRAB a Romney vote and GIVE it to ron paul.

Who is more important than an alternate delegate AT THE CONVENTION? I'm in the middle of a sentence: "Do you think I can barge in..." and she just looks away and starts talking to someone about NOTHING critical.

This is who the ron paul people have in charge?

Every time I approached someone looking for answers, the response was the same: "You should ask so-and-so."

So then I asked "so-and-so" and "so-and-so's" response was: "Um...here's my card, text me later, and I'll tell you."

WHAT? Thanks for nothing, Carl Arrizazo or whatever your name is - you WILL NOT be getting my support.

The atmosphere at the convention seemed like a meet-and-greet for political fanatics - people wanting to feel important.

The Ron Paul table should have felt completely different, like it a well-oiled machine with a purpose. Instead, it was a rag-tag group of people lookin' to chit chat and maybe get some good stories from the experience. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing worse would be DELIBERATE sabotage. Instead I saw sabotage through negligence.

I knew I had wasted $100 (price of admission) after leaving that Ron Paul table.

The Organization of The Establishment:
New Trier is a town north of chicago - one of the richest areas in IL - everyone is a banker or lawyer or works for one of the two. Here's what their Republican HQ window looks like:


Need I say more?

So I could have gone back today to continue to be treated like ASS from the people I supposedly support, or have one of the greatest days of my life with my girlfriend & our dog at the beach.

Easy choice.

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so you missed the stocky guy

so you missed the stocky guy with the buzz cut and on Friday was wearing a backpack most of the time?

Report the fraud

to electionfraud.com and have the ones that experienced this fraud post their statements on line. We have legal recourse if we follow through with getting the attorneys the information and become plaintiffs.