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Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement!

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Listening now, and so far this is the truth.

The brutal truth is still the truth.

If you think that Rand Paul

If you think that Rand Paul does not love and respect his father much more then most, you are crazy!
If you think that Rand did what he did without the blessings of the Ron Paul campaign, you are crazy!
Relax people, there IS a game plan, YOU just don't know what it is!

You are deluded

Or as Lew Rockwell stated with regard to those who believe there is a "game plan": "they're not fully in reality".

I would like to see Ron go on 60 Minutes and

talk about EVERYTHING. About Trygve Olson, Jesse, but I doubt he would mention him by name, the blatant fraud and corruption with the vote counts, the way his supporters and delegates were treated, the media blackout, naming names of corrupt people...just blow everything wide open. It would be a two-parter because he would have so much stink on everyone. How his portfolio grew because of his INVESTMENTS and buying up gold and silver.....

But I am just dreaming. He wouldn't do that.

like they would air it if he

like they would air it if he did


spot on. Agree with Gerald ... even in Rand's new endorsement video he claims Romoney agrees with auditing ... lets say he does - that is only one thing ... not in the top three either ... I agree for the need for a third party - I never thought trying to take over the GOP was wise anyway and now we are seeing that it is impossible - these types like war don't care about killing ... they are for money and power. Liberty people should have nothing to do with the GOP - they are liars and corrupt. It will never change.

I remember Ross Perot

was winning. He absloutely killed it in the debates. All of a sudden he did a very strange "I'm dropping out". It was very wierd. Bizarre. He was winning. His daugher was threatened. He went from an outspoken megaphone to 100% silent. We have NEVER heard a peep out of Ross Perot again. Nada. Zilch. Zero. The family even left the country and moved to New Zealand.

Good points. I was 10-years

Good points. I was 10-years old back then. Always wondered what happened back there.

Ron is NOT killing the movement..................yet

Rand didn't kill our movement, simply because he is a transformed Constitutionalist Neocon, and he's been that for some time with his warmongering Rino friends. Ron has not come out and made any statements regarding his support for his supporters. He will say that Rand is his own person, and he cannot change his ideas. He has his own reasons for doing what he does.

However, if Ron comes out to a TV interview and says he will NOT be supporting Romney, and if he encourages the EXISTING DELEGATES to go to Tampa, that's all I need to hear.

"Constitutionalist Neocon"???

"Constitutionalist Neocon"??? Are you succumbing to political Doublethink? (the ability to hold two contradicting opinions in the mind at the same time)

The issue with Ron is

that his campaign and him are contradicting each other.

If he wants to keep his Name clean with the Freedom movement

He needs to address all the issues that have come up and explain whats going on.

Right now things are so mixed up all their is are questions and speculation.