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IMPORTANT! From Paul Campaign State Organizer

The Texas State Organizer for the Paul Campaign has requested that YOU do not make our delegates into targets for the establishment! If you want to list the number of Paul delegates and/or alternates in your Texas CD, DO NOT GIVE THE CD number! If you say there are 2 delegates in CD#"X", they will be able to find out who they are and cause these people problems! DO NOT GIVE out any State wide delegate totals (Yes, I know no one even has this yet, but if you figure it out, DO NOT give it out). AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE RELEASE ANY NAMES! PLEASE allow our delegates anonymity! Look at what has been done to known Paul supporters in other states! Arrested, broken bones, displaced hips, punches, etc., they do not need problems. It will all be written about years from now, but from here to Tampa BE QUIET! Loose lips sink ships! There has already been too much info released! I realize everyone wants to know so they can cheer our success, but we had the success we had BECAUSE we were low key, under the radar at the convention. Which is the best way to win by the way, coordinated, organized, and low key!

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The moderator needs to stop the

effort from Dr. K and others who are working hard to get delegate information in Texas.

What is up with the Daily Paul. Michael please hurry back. Do not call Dr. K, even with call block they can see your phone number, he keeps trying to get our information.


for good info. Thanks for posting.

I think this means we just

I think this means we just won Texas....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I call this post fearmongering propeganda

If you are a delegate, that means you actually contacted the campaign and went through the instructions, to follow the rules to acheive delegate statis.

Once you have that statis, the campaign is in touch with you by email, phone, and snail mail, with experienced team leaders, and paid administration, who give you their name and contact information, so you have their numbers, and you can contact them, and get an answer if you need to be steath or not.

I'm sure those who are told to be stealth are stealth and there is NOTHING anyone can say to change that. Let's face it. If you were a delegate and the campaign contact whose name you know first and last, told you that you are stealth, would you mess that up? NO!

So this message is not for them. They KNOW.

There is no need to make an announcement like this on DP as this is NOT the method the campaign employs to communicate to delegates. It is not. That's why I call it fearmongering.

It seems this is the kind of post that is being used to make rejections against Tools for Justice or any law suit to help the campaign's KNOWN delegates that have been indentified, by like broken fingers. Tomorrow is Monday, atorneys go to work, and this post is to prime folks against being open about injury in the name of protecting stealth. This is why I call it propeganda (It's a tool, a set up) I'm NOT saying these law suits are legit. I don't know. I'm not saying these lawsuits are not legit. I don't know. But I do know that we've seen shenannigans, and corruption and law suits are what we need is several places.. so I'm not going to diss the law suits. I'm ASKING QUESTIONS and so should YOU.

You have failed to grasp the

You have failed to grasp the meaning of the post, sorry.

reedr3v's picture

Are you saying that we who have not been

chosen as delegates need to keep safe the identity of our friends who are?

Well, everyone that worked to

Well, everyone that worked to get them elected knows who they are, but there is already talk from Frothy that he wants to reduce our impact in Tampa, and if you think the establishment is not going to pull out an endless bag of tricks to thwart our efforts you are sadly underestimating your enemy! In Texas, most delegates are "bound to Romney" haha, if they knew these were Paul supporters, there would be all kinds of possible obstacles they could throw at them! Delegates did NOT have to state who they supported here! But, believe me they did everything they could to try to make sure no Paul supporters made it through, they failed. No "open" Paul supporter became a delegate (that I know about), which is sad because we could have had many more if so many didn't wear Paul gear openly! Everyone applying to be a delegate that openly showed support for Paul was IMMEDIATELY axed! Do you think they are suddenly "cool" with us being Romney's delegates now? HELL NO! Do you think there is nothing they can do and we can just flaunt it in their face? THEN YOU ARE WRONG! There is nothing they can legally do, has legality stopped them in the past? No! Believe me this is a war we don't need to start!

Are you an organizer?

Are you a team leader?
Are you with the campaign?
are you passing hearsay?

Everyone I worked with on the campaign was open.
Stealth delegates know who they are and your post is to do what?
Bring the topic to discussion?


for Texas

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Change the Title to read Texas State Organizer.


Those of us who have been

Those of us who have been around since the last campaign have repeatedly tried to warn about this, but people just don't care whether they sabotage our chances or not it seems. They continue to insist on publicly counting numbers and revealing strategy. They are part of the reason our delegates are being met with so much resistance.

Blessings )o(

I agree with this but

If they want info they can get it. All that have to do is look at who you voted for in The primary. All info is open to the ones that want it. You can't hide.


They cannot read who ANYONE voted for in the primary. They can ONLY see that the person chose to vote a specific party.
Besides, from what I saw, the votes were not reported as they were. I was an election judge and i know that at least 2/3 went for Dr Paul, yet they put out the backwards number of 72 percent for Romney?
The only way we would KNOW who voted Paul vs Romney, or the others, is to get them to sign affidavits, and that is another thing now in the works. Look for it!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Uh-uh, not yet!

We NEED for our people to make it past the (behind closed doors) committee. For that reason, we do not want them so heavily scrutinized that those going Paul (stealth, baby) to be named.
When we know the committee has finished with their game-play, there will be TIME enough to put out the good news.
Laying low is really the only option, NOW. Otherwise, we expect to have only Romney (and probably Santorum) delegates going to Tampa. And, for our Texas sweetheart, Ron Paul, that would be seriously WRONG.
We have done all we can to fight the voting-machines (machines AND Machine) and this is the only way we MAY get past it, for the good of US.

As someone once said, "Loose lips sink ships!"

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).


The game is rigged

TRUE? I worked as a poll

TRUE? I worked as a poll worker in the primary, I handled ballots afterward, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that anybody knows how anybody voted! That is ridiculous beyond belief!

you're mixing things up

You are correct that as a POLL worker, paid by the state's registrar's office, to assist voters who come to the polling station in your prescint, that no one knows how anyone voted.

That is not the process a person goes through to become a delegate. You do not go to a polling station and vote and then not say anything becsue somehow you will become a Ron Paul delegate.


A delegate is essentially a super-voter; They get to vote for the GOP nominee. Regular voters will ONLY be voting to determine the number of delegates for the candidates in your state Primary (or caucus); Regular voters can’t vote for the GOP nominee. Remember, our system of government is a republic and not a democracy. Now you can understand why it’s so important to become a delegate because delegates determine who the GOP nominee is!

The RNC understands people are LAZY adn don't do their homework, and trust commercial bites that seem to make sense, comfort fears, and that's how they take advantage of us, by targetting the weakest. Those who don't ask, don't do their homework.

To become a delegate, you had to expose yourself as someone who wanted to become a delegate. There was only ONE canddiate that promted people to get off their duffs and become a delegate. RON PAUL. It's OBVIOUS when a person shows up out of the blue to become a delegate they are for RON PAUL. The GOP has been an insiders club for decades. They KNOW no one shows up to become a delegate for anyone, not McCain, Not Romney, Not anyone but RON PAUL.

Please stop posting BS and direct people to where they can get the information they need.

Most of our delegates are not

Most of our delegates are not new to the process, they are long time republicans that have seen the light.

"They KNOW no one shows up to become a delegate for anyone, not McCain, Not Romney, Not anyone but RON PAUL."

AGAIN, this is NOT true! Who do you think we were fighting against? It was people that showed up to be Mitt delegates! What I post is the truth, sorry you don't get it. People can get all the info they need without making themselves targets of the establishment. Worry about your state if you are a true member of the revolution.

If CA won, I would be making my plans to go to Tampa

My county pulled over 15% for Ron Paul, the State 10%, so I did ok as team leader.

I gave you a link to delegate pages. Nothing tells tx delegates to go stealth. Why isn't it posted there?

Do you mean that if Paul had

Do you mean that if Paul had won CA, you'd be going to Tampa? Are you a National Delegate going to Tampa? In Texas, we're going to Tampa regardless of who won, as long as we are not outed as Paul supporters on the Romney list.


The CA Secretary of state names ALL delegates and their districts, on the CA State Gov sec of state web. Romney picked his delegates, Ron Paul picked his delegates. The state had an election June 5TH, Romney won, his delegates 172 are going to Tampa, none of Ron Paul's 172 delegates are going, as a delegate.

I have seen nothing on any Ron Paul pages concerning delegates that says anyone needs to be "stealth". The only place I'm reading about stealth is here on Daily Paul from people who are weeks old. Do I trust them? NO

The Lawyers for Ron Paul are unbinding ALL delegates, so what's the point?

I am on the Republican Central Committee in MY county. The blowback I'm going to get from this stealth bs is that Ron Paul is a good man, but his supporters are stealth liars who can not be trusted.

This stealth stuff, is going to blowback hard on us who were open and honest from the beginning. That is the shame.

To me, if a delegate was asked to be stealth, that was business between the campaign and that delegate ONLY. Plastering this on DP is fearmongering since 99% of the people here are NOT delegates and don't have a clue what a person has to go through.

As I said, I had a man show up to MY Republican Central Committee meeting, they asked him, "WHO ARE YOU FOR?" He said "Romney". They looked at each other that said, BS. By the end of the meeting, he admitted he was for Ron Paul. Do you think they trust this guy?

They never will. First impressions are important, and this stealth stuff is confusing people, and hurting the integrity of Ron Paul's message, as the majority who are not delegates, have no reason to be stealth, should be promoting Ron Paul's message, are looking like cheats and liars.

It is a real shame, and what's more is how those who are posting delegate stealth messages don't care about the rest of us, as if the delegates are clueless idiots. They are not. The campaign is in touch with them.

Just look at all the people who gave this post an up mark. Those aren't delegates. Those are well meaning people, who think it seems like a good idea, but they don't KNOW. Good intentions paving the way to a future hell for the rest of us who have signed up for this good fight years after this election.

I can see how you are still

I can see how you are still completely oblivious to what's going on, y'all do it completely different in CA. In Texas it is actually against the rules for anyone to demand that a delegate tell them which candidate they support. We elect delegates, who they support is deemed irrelevant BY THE RULES of the establishment. If we abide by THEIR rules (which we are doing) and keep quiet about it, there will be NO blowback, if we are arrogant and brag, some of us are sure that "they" will go beyond what is legal and moral to try to keep us from being seated in Tampa. We are not lying, we are following THEIR rules every step of the way. You have no idea what's going on outside of CA, and it really doesn't concern you, so I am through discussing this with you. Since you have no information to leak (thankfully!) you can do whatever you want! PLEASE ignore any further posts or comments from me as you are way too dense to deal with. I have always said that Ron Paul supporters are some of the most intelligent people ever, you prove that there is an exception to every rule, good day sir!



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

There are people right here

on this site who are collecting as much information as possible about all the delegates and what CD they come from, and collating that info into lists.
I do not trust them.



~Your perception becomes your reality~

mixed messages

All the mixed messages from the campaign are really fascinating. This message (if indeed this is from the campaign) would suggest the the campaign is really still in it to win. If the campaign really thinks they don't have enough delegates to win and the establishment is sure they have already won, then there would be no concern for who might or might not be a delegate for Ron Paul. There would be no reason to target someone who already lost.

So, I suspect this message is designed to give supporters hope. Kind of feels like a tug-of-war, push-me pull-me or whatever around here.

I can only laugh at it all.

This is not from the

This is not from the campaign, it is from a state organizer for the Ron Paul campaign. There is a difference. I am not sure what the thinking is, but I do know they still want the maximum number of delegates in Tampa. Now this could be just to get a voice on the platform, rules, etc. It doesn't automatically mean that they still think we can win it outright, it could mean that though. One thing IS for sure though, the bigger presence we have, the bigger role this revolution WILL play in the future! Did we just want a one-shot opportunity, or do we want to change the world even if it takes longer then we planned? Can we stick to our principles as long as Dr. Paul has stuck to his? Can we fight as long as he has? Or do we give up and go home if we don't get what we want right now? We have to stay and fight, we have to continue to grow, we have to continue to WIN hearts and minds, and we have to do it with LOVE! If we do this, we WILL WIN!


change the title of this post. It's misleading.

And we've had about enough misleading lately, don't you think?

"From Paul Campaign State

"From Paul Campaign State Organizer"
Learn to read, it is MORE then obvious to anyone with a brain! A state organizer for the Paul campaign IS a Paul Campaign State Organizer! Not sure I can help you anymore then that! It is NOT at all misleading as it clearly states the FACT in full!