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Kentucky GOP State Convention - firsthand account

So we loaded up the truck and went to Cumberlee.. Lakes that is, Kentucky. Swimming pools, fishing holes. Well, that isn't exactly how it was. But the rest of this is.

Anyway, about a three hour trip. Stopped at the Waffle House, and the chef said he liked the Ron Paul hat I was wearing. I get responses like that a lot when I go out - and it shows a lot more support out there for Ron Paul and his ideas than we're seeing the establishment give account of.

Anyway, we end up at our hotel. Someone comments on the Huge Ron Paul magnetic stickers we have on our car at the hotel check-in, so I take them off since we are going incognito. We have no plan really, we're only guests at the convention - and just missed the district conventions - but in Kentucky, any registered Republican can sign up to be a potential presidential delegate - and we made the deadline. Didn't know much what was going on at that point though.

Apparently our hotel room happened to be right next door to a hotel room that Ron Paul supporters were organizing in - what a coincidence. Someone also saw me walking around in a Ron Paul shirt - so much for incognito, and told us about the Ron Paul meeting at Golden Corral. So we go.

A mini-sheet for Robert's Rules of Order was passed around. Spent some time talking about it - and from convention experience, its the important thing if you want to act like a delegate at all. Didn't get to eat much breakfast.

We didn't get much at the convention. The establishment rammed through their delegate list. At one point, it looked like we might have broke the pre-made slate, as about 50% of the delegates voted to forego it on the floor, but then they did something funny with the eye count, which you can read more about in the delegate sub-forum.

Mitch McConnell spoke. yuck. Heard comment that they would use the video presentation at the convention to also promote Mitch. I wasn't so sure myself, because that would look pretty cheesy and make McConnell look self-serving, but sure enough, that's what they used the video for. Delegate on floor also commented on McConnell making himself a district delegate for the state convention, which is unusual.

Had an underage girl in the delegate seating session where only delegates were suppose to seat (and I'm not sure they made any effort to separate alternates out either). Had to complain a few times until I found someone who even cared about their own rules. Lied too etc. Have pictures of it, and also I recorded it - and told them I was recording it, which is about the time they finally agreed to do something about it (and probably didn't do what they said). It may not matter in the end, but they basically don't care about anything. You have about a 10% change of getting them to follow their own rules about anything. Following that thought, there was even a delegate that said that Congress being given the power to declare war was giving Congress too much power?!!# That's the state of the the State conventions on which the Republic relies -- we also had whole counties without any of their delegates there - 0 votes at the State convention.

Some observations -
If the party resolutions came first, it would have been better. Although one of our supporters said it was meaningless because it has no effect, the delegates loved to talk and seemed to wake up. They needed to be awake before allowing their political insiders to choose all their delegates for them. It also would have given a chance to make friends and get them used to us - if it came first. It was meaningless - because it came last at the convention.

If we reach out to other delegates who aren't supporters, but just want conventions that are transparent and where the delegates control it instead of everything being railroaded, we might have even taken over the convention. Around 50% voted to choose the delegates on a 1 by 1 basis instead of just voting on the hand picked slate, and that could have applied to the rest of it. One lady stood up and said over 20 years, and she hadn't even realized she could vote on the platform. So people are at least waking up to the fact that they are actual delegates and not robots and have powers. I just hope they figure out they are suppose to be representing us, and have all the power at those conventions. Our supporters become the focal point because they are the only ones that know how conventions are suppose to be run freely.

Rand Paul was listed as the number one delegate slot on the insider - Romney slate. This is suppose to placate us, I suppose, and also I believe the establishment thinks we are now defeated. Unfortunately for them, we aren't going away, and we are a movement, not an idolizer of men. From another perspective, they might not have put Rand on the slate if he hadn't endorsed Romney. I will never endorse Romney.

* Fyi - time for me to put the Ron Paul stickers back on the car.

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I wan't running for National Delgate, so no stealth for me.

Besides, I was there for Ron Paul in 2008.

Going to county, district and State Convention allows for more chance for discussions and friend making.

If they see Ron Paul Support at Convention like in Texas and Minnesota, the National Delegates will remember it come Tampa.

Free includes debt-free!

Thank you!

Thank you for your write up!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

LULZ @ Kentucky

LULZ @ Kentucky

Thank you for your detailed account, Liberty patriot!

To clarify, did we obtain any of the alternate Tampa delegates? Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

To answer your question about alternates

I was a guest at the convention and I don't think it was clear who any of the delegates or alternate delegates were. A motion was introduced to nominate delegates from the floor but it failed, so the insider slate of delegates was allowed to stand as presented.

National Delegates from Kentucky Republican Convention to Tampa

Topic: Kentucky 2012 Republican Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention: 24 At Large Delegates and Alternates

Paid State lobbyists, elected officials, party officials, campaign paid workers, and very few grassroots activists.

Problem 1: Some of these delegates and alternates have already attended a Republican National Conventions in the past. A few have attended multiple conventions. So, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is all about favoritism.

Problem 2: Why are state delegates not allowed to choose from the 124 or so people who turned in their letters? Instead we view twenty delegates and alternates read out loud just one time. So, the state delegates vote up or down do not get to vet the at large state delegates.