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4409 - The Truth Why Rand Paul Endorsed Romney?

Is Rand Paul a compromising Judas goat fraud neo-con?


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Who cares about Rand Paul

he isn't running for president. If he does we can scrutinize his record when the time comes. Ron Paul hasn't endorsed Romney and I think that is big news. If Ron Paul doesn't win, he shouldn't endorse Romney unless he adjusts his platform. Ron Paul would love to see the gop platform change, audit the fed, undeclared wars, freedom for all, this is what would make Ron Paul proud. There are still delegates up for grab, the national convention is still on, liberty still needs to be fought for.

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Worth watching

Worth a watch.

Two shorten the road.

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BumP: Agree. You are right.

With the silence DEAFENING from those involved with this most important issue, this is the reality.

Loved the video but downvoted the post

The last 10 seconds of the video I saw about a year ago - 4409 is real - agree about 85%.

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.


I've heard three more likely scenarios on here than this one... 4409 sounds like a smart dude, but he's overlooking the fact that Honest Ron has a little thing we like to call INTEGRITY.

30+ years voting against tyranny, making the unpopular vote every single time is very, very rare.

We're talking Mother Theresa rare... He's very literally a Saint Paul.

Know any other politicians who've done it for 2 stinking terms???

Anyway, someone with integrity who loves their son but has that much integrity must have made the toughest choice in his life to allow this to happen the way it did...

So much so that I'd sooner believe Rand didn't tell Ron... He did it without telling dad because he knew it would hurt Ron too much to be in the position to make that choice.

There is just too much integrity on the line. 4409's wrong.


Who claimed Ron Paul was a

Who claimed Ron Paul was a puppet or did not have integrity? We would not have built those 40' high billboards and 80' signs if we thought he was a puppet or did not have integrity

The point was that either Ron Paul knew what Rand was going to say and gave his blessings or his son is the biggest asshole to come out on TV and tell the world his father has no chance.

I just don't believe Rand is that horrible of a person to go against his entire family and call him father out as a loser on TV. We're not talking about the work someone may have put into to win a city council seat...this is thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars to be President.

AGAIN this is NOT about getting Ron Paul "elected in the general sense. This is about electing a message. Remember, when you put faith in a man and not a message you will be disappointed.


So are you claiming that Rand

So are you claiming that Rand Paul is the biggest ass in the world to sell his dad out and claim that there is no way for him to win the nomination on live TV?

That's one thing it could be...

There are two scenarios I think it could be, and sadly, that is the more believable of the two.

Many people, even here on the DP, have said in the past that they don't trust Rand. He acts too much like a politician, and appears to be riding on the coattails of his daddy.

I haven't met Rand personally, but his speeches do sound more like John Boehner's than Ron Paul's. (!)

So sadly, the most likely scenario is that Rand is a modern-day Benedict Arnold. I hope I'm wrong but it's easier to explain than any alternative. Thanksgiving will truly be awkward at the Paul household this year... :(

The other scenario I'm afraid to talk about here. I don't want R$'s people picking up a whiff of it, but there could be some real genius at work in this that has a shot of ensuring victory for Ron.

I'll hope and pray for that to be the case, but it's actually a longshot so I don't want to get anyones' hopes up. PM me if you want the details, 4409. The rest of you; sorry, I don't know you and you could be a R$ plant.


When youre right youre right

Honestly Id like to vote for Ron Paul for president, if for whatever reason I cant, then thered really have to be something liberty oriented for Romney like hes going to go BAIN on the public sector and just go on a firing frenzy of the same dept.s that Ron would have axed. If the Republicans do not coddle my desires I will vote GJ. Im at least willing to give them the chance to please me even though I highly doubt they will.

Tamplify the rEVOLution

Burn the b*tch to the ground.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

not literally :)

not literally :)

I think this dude is doing a good analysis,

because I do think Ron is worried about the chaos that could errupt, but that's what a rEVOLution is all about. When Paul Revere and 'others' announced 'the British are coming', if everybody went home to hide we would have been celebrating the Illuminist queens 'diamond jubillee' this week. It's not time to give up to the Zio-illuminist power machine, that controls the GOP and the DNC, as it's time to bear down and prepare for a nonviolent version of Washington's guerilla warfare at Tampa. We must be ready to fight with all our might, and tell the 'crown' aka Rothschild's 'City of London', controllers of the Fed and the parties of Corporatism, 'we aren't going to except the status quo any longer! We want to live in a Free, peaceful country, where hard work still breeds success! We are not going to except their Totalitarian slave state they have outlined in their Satanic Protocols!!!
If you haven't read them, educate yourself on their ulimate plan written in the late 1800's, as they speak for themselves. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm



Hey what is the

name of the video where the reporter is asking those football players at the end about Big Ben Berneke? I tried to click on it and all it did was pause the screen, or do you have a url-link for it, if you don't mind me asking.

Did a quick startpage search and found the original and my assumption was correct...football players (for the most part, or at least in that video) really are stupid.lmao

Great videos

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

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Thanks, 4409.

No problem

No problem









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Self bumps not allowed, 4409.

Those are the rules. Calm down, and take it easy.