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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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Some are saying this is for

Some are saying this is for strategic reasons. Pretending to fit in Did not put Rand In line for president in 2016. The reason we like ron paul is because he doesn't pretend. He is real and says What he believes. This whole pretend thing And playing politics is why we don't support mitt romney.

Endorsing romney to fit in is what we need to do, Let's indorse Bush to, John McCain anyone? Santorum is great. Heck, How is torture, NDAA, Obamacare, the patriot act, endless wars and spying on citizens to keep people safe.

Sorry jack I'm not buying it........

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


But you must choose. Victory or purity.

Rand always was Tea party

and as we know the Tea party was co-opted by the establishment. Whatever means they used to pressure him or if he did it of his own accord doesn't matter. What should be clear by the spin put out by the likes of Hunter and the wave of "trolls" who were gathering here for weeks waiting for the moment to try and splinter the Liberty movement, is that some and clearly Hunter is part of this. were hoping to get a good chunk of us to follow Rand's cue and back Romney. Just like they've conned tea party voters into doing. The reason is we are not a small minority and are growing. This is establishment desperation to try and splinter us back into controlled parties which now with Johnson after Barr includes the Libertarian party. They may have picked off a few, but the bulk are standing their ground. We are winning.

Rand campaigned for Ron in 2008

He was the proxy speaker at the Boston in tea party back in 2007 (before there was a 'tea party movement')

He wasn't


Winning is irrelevant

I was never interested and am not now interested in winning the Presidency for the sake of winning the Presidency. Ron Paul in the White House for four years was the longest of long shots, and Paul as the Republican nominee was if anything an even longer shot. I hoped that Paul would finally run outside of the duopoly and substantially disrupt it by creating another political force more cohesive and coherent than the nebulous "Reform" party that Ross Perot left behind. I can't imagine that happening now, so I'm out. Good luck to the rest of you.


Lawyers for Ron Paul... Repost and spread this video to delegates and EVERYONE!!!


Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney...

... who cares?

It may have been done for strategic reasons that we will see come to fruition in 2016. Some are acting like his endorsement suddenly means he no longer supports liberty, and will flip-flop on everything he has been fighting for... seriously?

Actions speak louder than words, and Rand Paul's speeches and voting record show he is a powerful asset to the liberty movement. If this was a political move to help him become president in 2016, then it was a smart one. A lot of us are thinking emotionally instead of strategically.

Rand doesn't expect us to support Romney

Rand did what he was expected to do in his position and it is simply a gesture, much like when the athiest bows his head respectfully when everyone is praying. He doesn't expect us to throw our support to Romney or even care if we do.

This reminds me of a few years ago in Florida when Florida C4L chief Mark Cross ran for FL GOP state chair against a lying RINO who was trying to get RLCers and Ron Paul supporters tossed out of the state's RECs -- a real bad dude who was later indicted for embezzlement. Mark was the one to step forward,spent time and money and fought a hard campaign, but then he lost. He graciously conceded and made a conciliatory "endorsement" with some niceties about working together, blah blah blah. No one worked harder to get the old chair ousted than Mark but afterwards there are infighter types who only remember that Mark "sold out." Of course, Mark was just being polite and is still on the case fighting for liberty in Florida while the RINO is in jail.

Two relevant sayings my dad would say to me as a kid:

'Keep your eye on the prize'

'Don't sweat the small stuff'

Something tells me Rand's dad told him stuff like that too. Of course, my dad is voting for Romney so maybe I am a sellout for sending him a Father's Day card!

Rand's endorsement perfunctory, proper

Good work, Jack, you did a good job of explaining this.

At a more basic level, I would note that when we are involved in a competitive event -- no matter how fierce -- and we lose to a foe, we generally shake his or her hand and concede with good grace. Then, next time, we are back at it trying to defeat them with all our might and with renewed vigor. There is nothing weak or hypocritical about this. Frankly, it is just good manners.

We are building a place for libertarianism in the GOP and no one has done more to propel us ahead than Ron and Rand. They worked to defeat Romney with all their energy. They are not going to stamp their feet and cry now that we came up short on delegates, but instead get ready for the next match and we should be right there with them.


Dissapointing Jack!

Maybe Jack Hunter has some kind of incite to this whole mess that we don't. I don't know. I just hope your not guessing Jack. If you are, I will be very disappointed in you. Trust goes both ways.

I maybe a "Paulbot" but this is what I think...

...Rand endorsed the Republican nominee like he was supposed to toe the GOP Line. This will put him in a great position for 2016. Like him or not he's one of the best Liberty torch bearers the senate has.
...Ron has not dropped out, even through the GOP and the Fed have told him to back off, he is still in this. No-one knows how many delegates will be counted for Ron Paul (or Romney) in Tampa.
...Ron may have been offered a good speaking slot at the convention provided he does no more rallies.
...Ron and Rand may have had a major disagreement with Rand endorsing Romney - or it may have been a strategic move to take the spotlight off the grass roots swell
...the GOP may have thought the endorsement would derail the RP campaign one and for all

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Don't Be Led By Pictures

A wise father listens. Let's his child climb the tree even though he may fall.

Don't let this picture take you to Ron and Rand conspiring. Ron, after all these years of saying "no" in order to say "yes" for us and future generations.

Ron is listening. Did he even once tell our yung'uns to stop fighting for liberty in their sometimes radical ... but always creative ways?

He is still listening to all of us. Suggestion: *search* Happy Father's Day Dr. Paul and see what we have written over the years. Maybe their is a post from the past from you. It's a bit like reading your own diary from years past as a check and balance.

I did this and saw that what I wrote five years ago is still true for me. So I started a Happy Father's Day post for this Sunday. It died...but you can revive it. Please do.


Compromising your vote here is compromising the Constitution

Wait.... Aren't both supported by big central banks/Both support big government if you like to think so or not/both support the NDAA,CISPA and The Patriot act and both flip flop on social issues depending on the crowd/ both support the unconstitutional wars oversees and the global policing by 700 foreign bases in 130 countries by our government and your money. But some how you think your getting a different better deal with the Caucasian version. So your saying the endorsement of Romney is a blessing for us. As John Stossel says "Give me a break"

After further review, Jack and Rand were right

I, like many here, was extremely disappointed to hear Rand's "endorsement" of Romney. Although, if you listen, what he said was, "Now that the nominating process is over (which even Ron has admitted), I will be supporting Mitt Romney." Do you really think Rand didn't clear this statement with Ron?

I was also skeptical of Rand when he was campaigning. I remember talking to a friend during the campaign and he said that he liked Ron Paul but Rand seemed kind of like a weenie. I kind of agreed that he "seemed like a weenie" on the campaign trail.

I also had a physical gut-wrenching reaction when I first saw him at a press conference co-sponsoring a bill with Lidsey Graham, the most vile chicken-hawk, pasty dough boy in Congress.

But if you look at Rand's actual record in the Senate, and watch or listen to the numerous statements and interviews he has given, he has been unwavering in his support for liberty and very effective at swaying people towards his positions. I also had the opportunity to shake his hand and listen to him speak with supporters and he's very smart, measured, open to ideas, and principled.

Even the bill with Graham was a good bill (a rare instance when Graham was right about something). As Ron Paul has often stated, you should never compromise your principles but you should absolutely form coalitions with people across the spectrum on issues where you agree.

Ron Paul refused to compromise his principles and refused to play the political game. That integrity made him a hero to millions, including me, and launched a revolution. However, it did not make him very affective in swaying congress or passing legislation. Rand Paul has stayed true to those very principles but has made a determination that he can be more affective by softening his rhetoric, playing the game, and not alienating the Republican masses and popular Republican talking heads (i.e. Hannity).

For more liberty, check out my blog at:

You are absolutely correct.

You are absolutely correct. People have to wake up and understand that we at least have to wear the enemy's clothing in order to converse with them and have any hope of getting the message through.

We do NOT have to wear the enemy's clothing

And how dare anyone suggest it!

SteveMT's picture

I cannot believe what I've been reading.

This is the Daily PAUL as in Ron Paul.
Do you believe that Ron Paul has done this or would ever do this?

Is this the new strategy for winning? I want no part of it.

good riddance

It's time to separate the men from the boys. GROW UP...you want liberty to take over the party then you have to roll with the punches.

It's almost predictable

The newer members here are the ones praising Rand and telling the rest of us to follow along wherever the wind blows.

Easy for YOU to roll with the punches, if you barely took the time to become invested in the old school Revolution. You people don't even know what you're missing out on, it's just like a sports game to you.

SteveMT's picture

Just like Ron Paul has NOT done, you want to now do.

I support Ron Paul. Who do you support?

No time for compromise

Here is my problem with all of this "political strategy" garbage: the Pauls will be sold down the river. There is no time right now for compromise or for political strategy. We have knocked them down and have our boots on their throats. All it would take is for Ron Paul to show his teeth a bit and encourage every delegate, whether bound or unbound, to exercise rule 38. This game of politics has been played for a long long time and I have to ask you...hows that been working out for you?? Something must change. If there isn't change soon it's not likely there will be an election in 2016...not like the one that people have in mind anyway. The revolution will have already happened. Unfortunately it will not be a bloodless revolution. People who are educated and informed are buying guns and ammunition and store-able food in record numbers. DHS bought 450 million rounds of .40 cal. If the intellectual revolution fails than its on to the physical revolution. I know this. The government knows this. I thought the Paul family knew this as well. It is now or never. The time for compromise and political tact has come and gone. We need a true patriot in charge of this country and we need it now. We need the bankers kicked out of here for good. We need the elites put in check and made to understand that while they may have money we have the numbers, the guns and most important we have a righteous cause. We have the USA. If Rand Paul wants to play politics and Ron thinks its a good idea that is their prerogative but it is my sincere belief that to think this form of government is sustainable is a grave miscalculation.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless few keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

Jack Hunter's "plan" is sheer idiocy

There is no time left for these games.
The country's going down. before 2016.
Plus, as this is hard to take, we're better off with a compromised Obama (who could be impeached, or could have all his signing statements and all kinds of things he's done wiped out by the final revelation of who he really is. An illigitimate usurper. A compromised Obama will keep the liberty movement united against him. Oromney would just put many back to sleep. Long enough for TPB to completely finish off the country. I'm talking martial law with NDAA
after a dollar crash or something else as disastrous. That scenario is more likely under OROMNEY right now
Rand is supporting a
candidate who is:
a puppet of the banksters
pro NDAA
a warmonger that wants to attack Syria and Iran
Pro Federal Reserve (regardless of what Rand said)
wrote Obamacare
...and on and on
You all know the list.
ORomney...sure. Go with another globalist stooge.
Rand has already been making things up about Romney.
Saying he's been on board about the fed.
When did that happen?
That's not anything I've ever heard Oromney talk about.
In fact ..I've heard the exact opposite from Romney
That he thinks Bernanke is doing a good job and doesn't think congress should be "pulling strings" with the fed.
What does the constitution say about who's responsibility the creation of the currency is? ... solely of congress.
Do you really think there would be
anything left of the constitution or the country by 2016?
Hunter, your plan sounds like it was written by a group that just met in Chantilly, VA.
Oromney is their new pick. The pick of the
globalist bankers. He's their pick for some of the points above.
BTW, join the law suit against the GOP for election fraud and all the other tactics they've used


I don't understand these people on here saying play politics as usual. There is no time for this nonsense. Maybe these are trolls but I will not vote for the lesser of two evils to get more evil. This has to stop!

And if we don't vote

And if we don't vote Democrat, global warming will kill us before the next election.
And if we don't vote Republican, terrorists will kills us before the next election.

I DON'T LISTEN TO FEAR MONGERS, even if they're for Ron.

call it what you will....

I am not fear mongering or making threats. I am stating what I view to be the facts. Check your history books..the last time there was a revolution in this country the circumstances were almost identical. Circumstances that propelled our founding fathers to take their freedom by force. Circumstances that gave birth to quotes like "it does not take a majority to prevail but an irate tireless few, keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men" or "anyone willing to sacrifice liberty for a sense of security deserves neither". Whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not...there are many in this country who will not go quietly into the night. Only liberty has the ability to avert that.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless few keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

stop acting like the victims

Seriously people. The longer I want this little tantrum the more it seems like there's some merit to people saying Paul supporters walk around with tin foil on their heads. I know you're frustrated and you think that Rand is a sellout, but come on. Every common sense comment I've seen here is down voted like its the plague. Anyone that doesn't agree with you is called a troll and people are checking join dates like it has any relevance to anything.

Grow up, stop acting like the victim and start acting like the hero.

Did you really think that if Paul doesn't win this, it's on to 2016 with Rand? The only way that happens is if Obama wins. If Romney wins, there isn't a primary, he's defacto 2016 nominee. Obviously he supports his dad, sadly its probably not going to happen like we'd like it to. I'm not happy about that, but pay attention when people are talking about changing the party. If he wasn't trying to effect change, he'd being running in a different party.

His son is changing the party from within. What are you doing besides mouthing off in a comment thread and down voting everyone that doesn't agree with you.

The people like me, those new to the party within the last year or so are turned off by your cry baby antics. Step your games up or you're going to take the movement off the cliff and there'll be no one around here to witness it happening.

I totally agree with you

Of course, that'll probably get me down-voted (kind of like my comment a couple below yours.

This place is almost as bad as You Tube where a person could get totally sucked into trying to defend Ron Paul against a bunch of trolls who keep saying he's a racist and bigot and all that crap. The only difference is that here, if you don't believe that if Ron Paul isn't President, the world will EXPLODE IMMEDIATELY, you're the idiot! There is no future. There is no moving forward with the liberty movement. Just look at this guy's comment below this one where he's just ready to GIVE UP!

That's no way to win!

I still believe we should try for the biggest showing in Tampa possible, but I'll add that I'd really like to hear something from RON PAUL as to where the campaign goes from here. Regardless, the Liberty Movement should continue. There just might be a slight change of cast.

Well-thought out comments but the bottom line is...

...It was never Rand Paul who attracted me to this movement.

It was Ron Paul and him only.

I'm only here because I'm a Ron Paul fan.

After he's out of politics so am I.

I didn't vote for 34 years and my apathetic ways will return after either Romney or Obama wins the presidency in November.

In other words, what the hell did all my time, effort and money the last 5 years accomplish?

I'll tell you what; NOTHING.

And don't fool yourselves into thinking it did.

We are dismissed and marginalized by BOTH political parties as KOOKS and NUTJOBS and now we've effectively been defeated.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

When I was a little kid,

When I was a little kid, someone told me,"Winners never quit, and quitters never win."

Hope this helps your struggle against apathy.

"All this work accomplished NOTHING! BOO HOO HOO!!!"

What about all the state and local Republican parties we now control? You think that's worthless? What about the awareness?

Gloom and doom all you want. SOMETHING was accomplished here!