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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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I agree

Everyone needs to UP vote the post above

Geez, chill out.

Guilt by accusation, this is as bad as the Feds, all the facts aren't in. His voting record is an A- as compared to his dad of an A+... Ben & William stopped talking to each other, Ron and Rand are talking...

With the love of liberty :^)

That Only Makes Ron Paul. . .

a better man - he's still talking to him.

Rand Paul kissing up to the Republican establishment. . .yeh, NO! Ron Paul kisses up to NO ONE. . .and most certainly NOT for political gain. Never has. Never will.

Ron Paul has stood alone MANY times, based on his belief that a matter was opposed to the U.S. Constitution. Ron Paul has courage to go with his convictions. Rand Paul is a wimp.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

There is No Reason at All

That Rand couldn't have withheld this endorsement until after the convention. Last time I looked, his Dad was still a contender and DID NOT withdraw his candidacy. Anything can happen. How many politicians like Romney have seen scandals explode in their faces? How many powerful enemies do you think a guy like Romney has in his closet? It happens all the time. Reputations and carreers in the spotlight collapse in public view with delighted presstitutes exagerrating the headlines until the person is destroyed. Isn't there a Ponzi scheme scandal brewing? This could very easily happen to Romney. For goodness sake, people do die and even that could happen. His plane COULD crash, right? The timing of this endorsement is terrible and it didn't need to happen right now. No matter how small Ron's chance, he is still in this thing and I'm old enough to know that stranger things have happened. Rand is now just another obstacle to overcome.

Totally Agree

Rand could have endorsed Ron up to the second Romney was official nominated on the convention floor and then (spit) if he must, endorse and support Romney's campaign against Obama.
Rand could have joined with his Dad to inspire the grassroots at rallies and local events, all the way, two and one half more months, to Tampa. "We could've been a contender.."

I HAD to listen to this...

Wow, Jack's bought too. We needed to do this for Rand in 2016? Why are you saying this when you know nothing happens without the approval of Goldman Sachs and the Military Industrial Complex?

You KNOW Jack, don't be so coy. You know...

-The true power will never let a liberty movement candidate in the WH

-You are part of the pacification team

-Go tell your little psyop buddies to get out of our faces.

-Imagine this? Imagine that? What is that Jack?

If Jack and his Jesse Benton team don't swing you, mainstream will give us all a dose of what they did to Occupy, an all out media put down.

For now, run silent, run deep my fellow Paulaneers.

Jack's argument really makes

Jack's argument really makes no sense.

He is making it appear that Rand's endorsement is somehow all part of a master plan to take over the GOP and for Rand to run in 2016.

First, Romney has to lose in November, which isn't necessarily a certainty.

Second, what kind of strategy is this to say "well we are endorsing Romney so that the establishment doesn't throw it in our faces in the 2016 primaries"? Jack said that if Rand didn't endorse Romney that the other candidates will use it against him in 2016. But this doesn't make sense. Because if Jack is openly admitting that the only reason Rand endorsed Romney is to prevent that from happening...what's to stop them from just pointing out this video or his statements proving otherwise?

Sorry Jack, it's a nice attempt to smooth things over but at the end of the day we are a weaker movement because of this. Just look at how divided we have become!

These last 2 months have been mind boggling. From the way the campaign just randomly shut things down...to having a money bomb a few days after basically admitting they weren't going to campaign anymore...and then this. And we have nothing but silence from Ron, Doug and anyone with credibility.

If you had told me back before Iowa that this is how the campaign would end I would have helped you seek therapy.

Exactly. Lots of people said

Exactly. Lots of people said Obama was playing 3d chess before he was elected, and now people are saying the same thing about rand.

People never learn.

Great Comment

The old Roman theory of divide and conquer is at work today, I hope we can really see through this stuff.

Please, Don't Be Too Hard On Rand Or Ron Paul...

Look how hard they have worked to get us at this point...

Oh yea of little faith...

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs ....

we supported them, and their

we supported them, and their legislation... they are here because of us. Not because of the banks, but because of us. remember ron's political ad? NO COMPROMISES?!?!? WTF

SteveMT's picture

Consider:look how hard we have worked to get them to this point.

The is a mutually beneficial relationship that requires mutual understanding and respect to continue growing.

There is no defense for Rand...

Rand sold out and their is no excuse.

The main concern many people have,

Is that Romney is NOT the nominee yet, and Rand said we would support the nominee whoever it was. Regardless of the politics behind it, even if its for the best intentions, there is no comprimize. If he supported Romney AFTER tampa, it wouldve had a stronger impact in my opinion, because he only needs their acceptance, but he needs our support as well to win.

People wouldnt be calling him a sellout if tampa had already played out, because he wouldve done exactly what he said he would do.

That however is not the case, he jumped ship early and lost the support of the movement he supposedly stands for.

Before tampa:
Neo-con:Rand Paul supports Mitt Romney! Must not be like crazy Ron
Liberty:Traitor Rand Paul lost all credibility!

After Tampa:
Neo-com:Rand Paul supports the Nominee just like he said he would!
Liberty:Rand Paul supports the Nominee just like he said he would!

The fact is he annouced his support to a bunch of people who already supported Romney and lost his integrity in the grassroots.

I hope it was worth the cost of the Liberty movements support because he couldve supported the nominee AFTER he became the nominee officially for no real difference.

Having Ron Paul could run 3rd party candidacy and THEN have Rand support the nominee, wouldve had a MUCH bigger impact with people outside the Liberty Movement, with much less "traitor" remarks because hes doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

How Have We Become Romney? Come On Now!

Rand or Ron Paul have not compromised anything. Oh, so because Rand endorsed Romnulan, all of a sudden he has sold out...BULLS#T!

He has done nothing of the kind.This is just strategy. Rand can't stand that Romulan piece of filth. He bit his tongue and endorsed Romulan for 2016.

Ok, so you don't see it. You will after awhile..Please wait me out on this one...

If I'm freaking wrong, I'll eat crow for the rest of my life. But if I'm right, I WILL NOT SAY, "I told you so"

We? Uh, no

Rand Paul has become Romney. He just hung a sign around his neck that says "I compromise." I don't know how brilliant a strategy he thinks it is. He has been in office for a year and a half and he has compromised more than some long term members.

Anyway, that's what is meant by "becoming them". That is how Rand Paul has become Romney. OK?

SteveMT's picture

If just a strategy and nothing more,....

why hasn't Ron Paul also done this a long time ago? You make it sound like this is just a simple matter, but it is not. This Romney endorsement by Rand represents support for someone who is diametrically opposed Ron Paul.


Go ahead play along to get along. Rember what doctor Paul said about that? Clearly you do not. Pathetic. you have learned nothing from this movement other then to bend to the will of others when you are down.

So... let me get this straight

If I endorse Hitler, the man, so that one day I can become president to forward the ideas of liberty... that's now okay?

I mean, according to Jack Hunter, that's not compromising my principles - I am only compromising my politics.

Like Wow.

what's good for Jack, Rand, Jesse, Olson etc

is different to what's good for Ron Paul.

What we are seeing is crass revisionism from people who are invested in this course of action and who have something to gain.

And apparently we should embrace this new Realpolitik.

I hold no ill-will toward Ron

I hold no ill-will toward Ron Paul. One thing I do agree with is that they are their own person. They are both individuals. I am not like Alex Jones who tries and collectivizes and combines the actions of one man onto the other.

Unlike some people, I don't think Ron did anything terribly wrong.

But my respect for Rand and Jack Hunter has tanked.

And if this keeps happening, it's a really bad thing for our movement because when your biggest leaders in the movement are doing crap like this, it will kill it.

I cant believe how many

I cant believe how many people are trying to justify Rand's endorsement. It's like women getting beating and then making excuses for the abuser.

JACK HUNTER IS WRONG and here is why: http://www.dailypaul.com/239207/why-jack-hunter-is-wrong-abo...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


You just blew it. Look at yourself compromising. So you guys picked the establishment over us the people. Even if we bought this load of BS, the timing was TERRIBLE!!!! The words he used were TERRIBLE. "I am happy to endorse Romney" WTF!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!! He could have said "I said in the past I would endorse whomever won the nomination, so by default is Romney" and left it at that. We would have been pissed but that would have been more understandable. Jack you just lost a lot of respct, and people are going to stop subscribing to your principal compromising ways....STOP DEFENDING THIS. ADMIT IT WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE AND LETS MOVE ON.

OK, so why didn't Ron Paul

OK, so why didn't Ron Paul endorse Romney or McCain and play the political game? Why is he different? Why do we love him?

There is no success if we become them. Did Jack forget that part?

Jack didn't forget that part. Jack Hunter is a sell out -

the same as Rand Paul is a sell out.
Rand is giving in to advance his own career and, so is Jack Hunter.
They are both Traitors to Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters and A N Y O N E that says otherwise, is a Romney or obama supporter.

You cant teach stupid can you?

And especially a communist genocidal thug like you who hates conservative Golden Dawn Party of Greece which is fighting zionist funded communist Syriza party.

Ron Paul did not endorse Romney or McCain because he is retiring. He is basically mentoring other people like Amash.

Rand Paul has a different role. He is making inroads in the GOP.

And you are such a sore loser, you cannot think straight for 2 minutes.

If you are so much for liberty, why dont you go out and run for Senate. Lets see what you got.

BestRonPaulVideo, Totalitarianism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIdBuK7_g3M#t=28m28s
BestVideo, Political Correctness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz8pzG02oxU#t=19s
Bestbook, Totalitarianism, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0759672229

Oh....you seem to forgotten

Oh....you seem to forgotten the part of theory that the self-sacrificing Aqua Buddha, in a Christ-like move of untold historical proportions, bravely took a bullet for Ron.

Yep. By playing the game we

Yep. By playing the game we hate. By lying.

Very much like Christ...

Christ didn't lie but he did

Christ didn't lie but he did make the ultimate self-sacrifice. Rand does not impress me as the sacrificial lamb type. IMHO, self-interest is central to his outlook.

I'm sorry, there is a

I'm sorry, there is a misunderstanding. Jesus is my hero...Rand is not.