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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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I think we are on the same

I think we are on the same page. I am referring to the laughable theory by Rand defenders that he was meekly taking a bullet for his day.


"There is no success if we become them."

Jack Hunter is a disgrace

I can't believe how many people are just celebrating Rand Paul endorsing Romeny as brilliant. Are you kidding me? Is this the cause of liberty we fought for? Things are so bad that even AJ who has defended Ron Paul against everything can't hold back. And I am not a fan of AJ. Adam Kokesh, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, .... they have all talked about this movement being hijacked.

If you listen to Ron Paul's former aide interview, it is clear Ron may not be in the know. Maybe Ron was threatened. But please please don't tell me this is a brilliant move. That's the most disappointing part. Just make any excuse but that.

Nah, not a disgrace

He's young and idealistic. He has put a lot of time and energy into it - not that most of us haven't. He probably considers it his task to put a good face on it, that it might work out in the long run. He may actually believe it. I hope it works out for him. Hell, four more years and he might be more of a realist. Somebody's gonna have to replace us who're retiring.

Ron Paul Knew This Was Coming, It Was Probably His Idea..

Ron and Rand have pulled off a brilliant strategy...None of our principles have been compromised. No one was hurt here. Romulan got his freaking endorsement and we are going to freaking Tampa with a sh#t load of delegates...

Keep fighting!...We are the rEVOLution!!

Come on man, Rand is with us, believe me...There is no way this is anything but strategy....

"Wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove"..A libertarian republican dove..

We will take over the GOP...Look! I believe we have already won over these other republicans and taken it over..

Rand paul's record in the senate is great. He has boldly supported the constitution and the principles we hold dearly...

Does it make any sense that all of a sudden he has sold out..WAKE UP!

This is all words...WORDS...This is haredball politics and this is how you win folks..

Rand Paul is 2016 and don't look for any other.. There is no other..

Elections and political parties aren't won with emotion

It would be great to see less emotion and more long term thinking around here.

Ron Paul 2012, and if not possible, Rand Paul 2012 (unless I see a better candidate).

If Ron Paul's voting record speaks for him, the same would apply for Rand - And his record is MUCH better than most of the others

Rand is better than the others?

This sounds just like all the sheeple who say that Romney is better than Obama. Read my posts below as they have quotes from a patriot that knew the sacrifices of liberty.

Some Of You Guys Are Still Stunned, But Just Wait Awhile Longer

Get over your anger.. This is freaking brilliant...Jones doesn't see it now, but just wait it out. Think it over Jones...

I don't know why I didn't see it sooner...Ha!

We are going to win this thing.. Get on board, we have some delegates to win..

It's onto Tampa and beyond....Ha!

Oh boy,,,,

They got you hook, line, and sinker huh?? I bet whatever these people say you are likely to go along with.

Thanks for your 2-day opinion.



I can't believe you are all buying it like the american sheep you are........ Remember we are supposed to be keen to this stuff. I'm afraid the "Liberty" movement is the same thing as Barrack's "Change" movement except Barrack's was waaaaaaaay more successful. Just a ploy....... We need Thomas Jefferson back like right now!!!!! Rand cannot be trusted. Remember Ron never really attacked or exposed Obamney Romney for the crook he is. Why do you think that is? It's not becase of liberty i can tell you that! hahahaha Silly sheep.....

Bump this to the toppppppp.....

And wake up Kool-Aid drinkers!

Simply brilliant !

Since Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, I believe that this is the first logical response to that is well backed with factual data. Thanks Jack!

There is a difference between "responding" to an event and "reacting" to an event. Ever since Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, the overwhelming majority of related posts on the DP have been emotional reactions that are deprived of substance, full of negativity, and the logic is superficial.

This is about a movement - a lifelong pursuit of liberty. This movement does not end at electing Ron Paul as President. This movement is not about a person. It is about ideas! We are not looking for OUR KING!

Please please, get it, people! What if Ron Paul endorsed Romney tomorrow? What if Ron Paul went to be with the Lord tomorrow (people do die)? Are we going to just give up since our leader betrayed us or is no longer with us?

We must stop looking for the one messiah to come and save us all. We must be that messiah for the people in our world. Learn, educate yourself. Tom Woods has amazing books on various liberty related topics. Did you buy any of them?

Get involved in local politics. Stop delegating YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to other people! Yes, YOU AND I are responsible for the quality of education in the local school district. You and I are responsible for the quality of water in our neighborhoods. You and I are responsible for cleaning the side of the road from litter. IT IS YOU AND I!

We need to get past the sign waving thrill. We need to start voting and become actively involved. And if we say that we are too busy, or that it is the responsibility of the representative government to make the decisions in our lives, shouldn't we deserve to continue to "enjoy" what we currently have?!

Quit sounding like sour losers, we are winning!
Quit looking at THE MAN, men will disappoint you!
Even You will disappoint yourself!
Have faith!
The future is liberty!

Alright! "Support" doesn't really mean support!

Wow this is so Clintonized, it is funny! Hunter says to us, "Don't worry, Rand's "Support" isn't really support...it is a coniving scheme!

Hard to believe

that there are so many who think Rand Paul is outsmarting the gangsters at their own system. That four years and endless more compromises is going to make him the leader of the liberty movement. Are they drunk? Maybe it's an age thing.

Yeah, Rand needs to grow up

And if he doesn't - too bad for him. I don't care who's son he is if he's not carrying the torch of liberty.
What is really IMPORTANT here is that Ron officially states that his son is an individual with free will and Ron won't force him to endorse anybody, but that Ron HIMSELF does not endorse Romney, not even IF Romney gets the nomination! That RON sticks to his message and does it overtly is what matters. If he does, and does it now, there will be no damage done to the movement.

Rand is not Ron. Let Rand do what he wants, but don't endorse it!

Plus the campaign should get rid of Benton and Hunter for defending this sellout.

Who says

Rand Paul is going to compromise on anything? Where did he say he was going to endorse Romney and vote for everything he pushes as president? I must have missed that part of his conversation. He hasn't compromised yet, I don't see any reason why he would in the future.

He endorsed Romney for president on FOX.

You missed that? Really?


How is that compromising his principles? All he is doing is being relevant in the republican party. Those who refuse to endorse Romney are going to be considered outcasts and are going to be ostracized by the rest of congress. I keep saying that being an outcast does not further the movement. Ron Paul proved that fact.

Rand never said he would vote for anything Romney proposes as president. If Rand ends up voting to increase gov to appease Romney then I will agree that he is a sellout. Until then I will have faith in his strategy and support his decisions.

(1) you where asking...

"Where did he say he was going to endorse Romney[...]?" and I replied that he did it on TV, nationwide.

(2) endorsing somebody means "to approve, support, or sustain" (over his own father). If you have any principles at all that is the same as giving them up, because Mitt doesn't have any.

(3) You're saying that Ron Paul hasn't furthered the liberty movement? Where have you been the last 4 years? Ron Paul is not an outcast. He would have won this already if it wasn't for the biased media, and you know it.

(4) You think that if Rand Paul pays lip service now and later votes against everything Romney suggests he will be less "considered outcasts and are going to be ostracized"?

I wasn't asking whether he

I wasn't asking whether he did endorse Romney, but rather where he said he would endorse AND vote for everything he pushed as president. You assumed the second because the first is true. Rand can endorse Romney and never vote for anything Romney proposes. It doesn't have to be both.

Endorsement is relative. He can endorse Romney for president without supporting everything the man stands for. I see a congressman's endorsement as different than my endorsement. A congressman has the ability to show that he is against proposals by voting against them in congress. I don't have that liberty, so my endorsement would be different. I would only endorse a person based on my one vote for president, meaning I would have to agree with the major issues in order to endorse them and vote for them.

Ron Paul has only advanced the liberty movement this election season, as I said. He had 30 plus years in congress and he didn't get much passed, if anything, and he was an outcast with strange views that no one agreed with. His 2008 run stirred up a small movement, but it wasn't until this election that more people came around. Sorry, but that is nothing compared to the amount of time he spent in congress doing very little to further the liberty movement. I wish he had succeeded, but he was an outcast and not taken seriously. And hopefully you can see that.

Yes, I believe that if Rand plays the game now and later uses his vote and his voice against Romney it will be more effective. No one can turn around and say, oh well you never supported him in the first place. They will have to say, you endorsed him so this must be a real concern if you are against him now.

Agreed - And that's how it's done

And those who don't believe that Ron Paul knew about this and agreed with Rand's endorsement need to wake up.

What I also agree is that we now have a VERY strong position in the party, allowing us to have a lot of strength for future local elections and future presidential elections.

Great video.

Just Like

the House Tea Party, Chaired by Bachmann, voted for extension of the so called patriot act. Can you say co-opted?
Who is Trygve Olson?
Can Ron Paul Be Tamed?
No – but his campaign can
Time for exposure. Housecleaning now.

Jack Hunter Is Brilliant..!! Whomever Thought This One Up..Ha!

There is a reason why Jack Hunter is on the team...You can bet this strategy didn't come from Trygve Olsen or Jesse, The "Idiot In Law" Benton...

I think Rand and Ron Paul have bypassed these two clowns and have embarked on a new strategy...Keep Benton and Olsen out of the freaking loop. I bet after this Benton is gone along with Olsen..

I'd put money on it!

Pissing off the whole Ron Paul constituency

...is a great strategy? I thought we were the ones getting him elected, not Mitt Romney.

How would things be any different?

The powers that are, let us have our candidate, we supported him, he won Iowa, Maine and Nevada at least, but when the machine became threatened by our passion and growing numbers, they infiltrated this movement and put it down, like a bad dog, via those clowns Olsen and Benton.

Our energy has been temporarily drained, our bank accounts have been tapped, it's late in the game and now we are just in shock. Now we are told to at least eat a half of loaf of neo-con bread and we'll be heard, when the truth is, we'll be pacified for as long as possible.

We are the family in Florida with the Ron Paul jeep (you remember it Dr. Paul, we were the only vehicle parked behind the bar you visited after the USF debate).

Every penny of the nearly $5k our family gave was worth it, opening our eyes to reality, your message resonated in our souls and now we can't close our eyes and will NOT be participating in their agenda.

We will rest and re-group and we will be back. I can't listen to Jack anymore, his voice gets on my nerves. We truly are living in a Matrix, not knowing reality from what we are told is reality.

For now, we rest, but not for long.

Real-world Politics

Here are some people who know a bit about practical politics:

Justin Raimondo:

Gerald Celente:

I love Jack Hunter, BUT...

...the issue is not WHETHER Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney but WHEN, WHERE and HOW. Jack focuses exclusively on the WHETHER, and makes a strong case that IF Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee, it is politically expedient for the movement for Rand to endorse him.

It is manifestly not politically expedient for the movement, however, for Rand to endorse Mitt Romney WHEN, WHERE and HOW he did. It is the circumstances surrounding his endorsement of Mitt Romney that BETRAYS rather than ADVANCES the movement.

WHEN: Just days after the GOP establishment sicked off-duty police on Louisina State GOP Convention Chairmen duly elected by Ron Paul delegate majorities and broke their fingers and dislocated their hip. These acts of violence were the climax of over a month of outrageous unlawful acts committed by the GOP establshment against the Ron Paul grassroots nationwide. Instead of condemning these acts, the official campaign's response to these outrages to date has been to lecture THEIR BELEAGUERED GRASSROOTS about showing more respect to their assailants.

WHERE: To a smug, self-satisfied neocon tool, Sean Hannity, who looked like the cat who just swallowed the canary. Hannity has treated Ron Paul (and us, by proxy) with utter contempt for the last four years. Watching Rand Paul abase himself (and us, by proxy) before that pompous ass made his PREMATURE endorsement of Mitt doubly hard to take.

HOW: In explaining his endorsement, Rand could make no credible argument that Mitt Romney had come our way on ANY ISSUE of importance to our movement. Later, on CNN, he said that there were no secret deals and, in essence, he had abased himself (and us, by proxy) for nothing in return.

Given the WHEN, WHERE and HOW of Rand's endorsement, Jack Hunter's argument for the political expediency of a Rand Paul endorsement fails. Had Rand endorsed AFTER Mitt's nomination WITH some policy concessions from Mitt (and the GOP establishment) to show for it, then he would have attained the expedient political cover Jack argues for without BETRAYING THE MOVEMENT. But he didn't do that. Hence, Jack Hunter's argument for political expediency of an endorsement at some point, while correct, provides no defense for the WHEN, WHERE and HOW of Rand's endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Brilliant assessment

Rand's actions will keep the "TeaParty" people interested in continuing down the path of liberty. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW that they are not "there" on foreign policy and civil liberties (which, I will add are two of my HIGHEST PRIORITIES).... BUT, they are just starting to see the glimmer of light under the door and have not been able to shed their EMOTIONAL ties to Bush.

If Rand had NOT endorsed, the regular 'TeaPartiers" would have written him off as a Kook just like his father and potentially "the WHOLE REASON that Obama won" ( think Ralph Nader in democratic circles). The TEA PARTY people would then be left with ONLY the establishment plants like Palin, Hannity, Rush, etc to lead them in the direction they want them to go. If RAND is their leader, however, they WILL eventually see that budgetary concerns MUST include the military and foreign policy financial debacles. Rand will be considered THEIR hero, and they will go in the direction of liberty much more comfortably and without kicking and biting.

Really quite a brilliant move by Ron and Rand if this is the strategy. And after hearing this assessment from Jack, I think it explains almost everything.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!