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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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Call me gullible, but Jack

Call me gullible, but Jack gives a helluva'n argument here! If we want to come out of the fringes and actually matter in the future, we need to play the game, if just a little!

The more I think about it, the better it was. He went on Douche Bag Hannity's show and, really, have you ever seen a more tepid endorsement in your life? But it can now be said, for future generations of Republicans' benefits, that Rand actually endorsed Romney.

With all respect to Alex Jones, he personifies fringe with all the Bilderburg talk, shadow govt., secret concentration camps, etc. Some of it may be true, but no one outside of his group believes it or wants to believe it. I hate to admit it, but I had Glenn Beck on while in the shower last week, who I freely admit is a duplicitous turd and Lincoln fetishist, but you should've heard the crap he was spewing about Alex Jones! Something about Alex believing the Bilderburgs were eating roasted babies with gold glazing over them. He's such an idiot, but a lot of people listen to him and believe what he says! Alex, whether by his own hand or not, has been so marginalized that an endorsement from him of a candidate could easily be used against that candidate with the general public.

If the liberty movement's ever going to truly change the country, it's going to have to play along a little while quietly doing what it's doing right now: Changing the county and state-wide party hierarchies so that the next liberty candidate that comes through will be able to do so without encountering the almost insurmountable resistance Dr. Paul has encountered.

Why attack others?

Mike, you just attacked me and did it deliberately or in passing did not realize the attack. I am no idiot and calling Jones one, who is accurate 90 plus percent of the time, makes you seem like a sheep. I believe nothing until I investigate it on my own. The mere fact that you admit to having Beck on is frightening enough. The liberty movement has been growing in small spurts since the 70's and the movement has been under attack continuously since then in many forms. Family Farming being one of the most under reported victims, which was one of the fights Jones took up to defend early in his career. I have no idea what the Paul's are up too. No one does for sure. But to admit to listening to Beck and calling a leading voice in liberty movement an idiot, because you take his dark twist on international news stories as fact, is why society has such a massive disconnect from reality in the first place. Investigate stories on your own as Jones states to everyone. Agree or disagree with Jones, yet almost everyone in the liberty movement can agree, the answer to 1984 is 1776!

What are you? The thought

What are you? The thought police??? "You admit to having Beck on!"

OMFG!! I listen to him sometimes in the shower! My brain must be totally corrupt! Maybe you should come here and chop off my fingertips to I can't type anymore and share my opinions!

I re-read my comment. It says, "He's such an idiot." I MEANT BECK!!! I also referred to BECK as a duplicitous turd and Lincoln fetishist! I probably should've started with Beck's name specifically even though the previous sentence was stating something about Beck and this was a continuation of that. Re-read my comment for yourself. I've not altered it.

The thing about Beck is, he sometimes has some good info, like the stuff about Van Jones, but he compromises it with so much garbage that he loses all credibility. When he starts crying about our spiritual war or about Lincoln being our greatest President, I just want to throw up! (Oops! I started the sentence with the word "He" again! Maybe I'm secretly talking about Alex Jones again!) But more often than not, I turn the radio on while I'm in the shower to make noise.

No, I never called Alex Jones an idiot. All I said about Alex Jones is that he has been marginalized so greatly, by his own hand to some extent, that I think his actual endorsement would carry with it a net negative effect with the country as a whole.

I will say that I sometimes, when I can stomach it, even listen to what Democrats are saying. It's always better to know what your enemy is thinking, or at least what they're wanting their lackeys to believe. That way, you can counter it.

Love people that down-vote

Love people that down-vote comments but can't articulate why. This place is getting as bad as You Tube.


So, I'm not saying I agree with you or dissagree with your general point, but the premise that we are over reacting so badley because we are all immature and are just midlessly paying too much attention to trolls is false, in my opinion. Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh, some of the most knowledgable people on the subject of the Pauls, both feel this is a slap in the face to the movement. I am holding my judgment untill Rand actually votes on something, that is when we will be able to tell if he is on our side or thiers.

You just got PAULED!

Jack, it ALREADY backfired.

Your spin only fools yourself and a few go-alongs here.

Otherwise, you are fooling NO ONE. Neocons are evil, but they are not all stupid.


The problem with Jack Hunter was

that if Rand all along knew he was going to endorse Romney or whoever, and if Jack Hunter knew inside that he was going to support Rand's decision no matter what, then, Jack should have been open & honest with us from the get-go. These people owe us respect.

THAT is the criticism I have. But all this deception is uncalled for. We deserve more respect than this. If it weren't for our donations, Ron Paul's campaign would have died on the vine long ago. And, Jack Hunter should have been open with us long ago about his potential views. I wouldn't be so hopping angry about him, if he'd done that. I might not have agreed with him, but we all could have "debated" this topic with the leaders of this movement.

Instead, it all has backfired on Rand & Jack. Why? Because they disregarded our thoughts and feelings. We can live without Rand quite easily, but their behavior implicates our Dr. Paul, and I DON'T LIKE THAT.

As Santorum says, "Politics is a team sport"

Sometimes you take one for the team?

Rand is taking this for us?


Could not he held back for a wee bit so Mitt could offer an olive branch of some sort first?


"There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved." -Ludwig Von Mises

I'm not listening to this.

As an able-minded soul, I am secure in my preferences. And I know that:

1) Jack Hunter's sing-song manner of speech is annoying.

2) Rand Paul is not the hero his father is. He's not worth supporting or even thinking about; he's just another political hack.

Aparently you're not able minded,

or you would realize that Rand Paul's voting record says he is WELL WORTH SUPPORTING.

Pay attention to votes, not media spin, you sheep.

Like I said elsewhere at the DP...

it's funny how predictable it seems, that the pro-Rand supporters are all relatively new to the DP. There's no way for us to verify that you are actual Ron Paul supporters, who've eaten the requisite salt, who've woken up. You just jumped on the bandwagon recently.

LOL at your presumption that I even pay attention to the media...as if I have a television, read the paper, or go to Fox News online.

I do NOT support deadly sanctions on Iran...but Rand does.

I do agree with point number

I do agree with point number one, but it did seem to keep Andy Rooney on the payroll at CBS.




Jack Hunter is absolutely right.

Jack Hunter is absolutely right. He has been right all along. The knee jerk condemnation of Rand Paul showed an immaturity and a complete lack of political sophistication that I find shocking.

The moles that were lurking on these websites were waiting for Rand to do what was inevitable. They knew that they could trigger an orgy of hate that would fragment the movement and cause many more to leave the online community in disgust.

At least as far as the Daily Paul is concerned, it looks like "Mission Accomplished".

The Virtual Conspiracy

And after the moles of hatred and the many more leave

the movement will happily unite behind beating obama

Obama = Romney

Corporations & the War Machine = Your leaders
Dog & Pony show = Your Elective process


You should be ashamed of your establishment biased, and jockeying for positionin in the party... Most likely on the Benton payroll if I may ad. (IMHO)

Will Not!!

"Kneel to Mitt Romney!"

No one's asking you to...

... including Rand Paul.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I won't lose one bit of sleep

I won't lose one bit of sleep no matter who runs the country, so long as he keeps the wheels turning.

I dare say, if you want to better your lot in life, you'll have more success with ambition and effort than expecting some politician to change it. That's what losers do, sitting around waiting for opportunity rather than making opportunity.

You'd have better chances playing the lottery than expecting a politician to improve your situation.

Jack Hunter Is Completely Wrong On Rand Paul

Jack Hunter Is Completely Wrong On Rand Paul

JACK HUNTER is "weakening the movement"?!?

Jack is telling it like it is and has been for a long time. It is people like YOU who are weakening the movement by attacking some of it's most intelligent and patriotic leaders.

The Virtual Conspiracy

When the movement moves toward Romney

and placating the establishment, it is not my movement anymore.

We are not moving anywhere...

... except closer to victory.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Jack's a sellout just like

Jack's a sellout just like Rand and Jessie.

How you define "victory"

is probably different from how I define it.

To me, victory is when principle triumphs. And for Rand to endorse his father's opponent while his father is still in the race is not a principled action.

Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin on Principle in 2008

Chuck Baldwin was third party and guaranteed not to win. It was a complete slap in the face to the Republican Party (Comparable to the 1¢ tip at a restaurant). So why is it different now? Ron Paul was stronger than ever in 2012 as the Republican nominee. He had his nomination robbed from him by graft. He actually won. So Rand endorsing Romney suddenly opens the doors for him to be president in 2016? So endorsing against your conscience will suddenly make the corruption against you go away? Come on Jack Hunter, you are addressing people who really have studied the issues. We are the ones who are awake. Your argument doesn't fly.


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Bothers Me

What bothered me from the beginning was Jack Hunter's comment from last week's video at 0:50 that the party is more pro-life now. O yeah? Is he talking about Romney? Gave $125,000.00 to "Planned Parenthood" and planning the same cabinet as George W. Bush. Interventionist wars killing civilians from some 900 bases in 135 countries. I still plan on going to Tampa as an observer, but the Rand endorsement before the convention continues to bother me.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

He endorsed Chuck and so what?

I would have voted for Chuck anyway. Ron Paul is a great man, but he is not God and he doesn't even claim to be the best politician. If it could have gotten him elected this year, I would have loved to have had him endorse McCain.

"So Rand endorsing Romney suddenly opens the doors for him to be president in 2016?"

No, but it doesn't CLOSE the door either, which is what your ridiculous "death before dishonor" standards would do.

Rand's endorsement isn't going to make YOU or anyone else vote for Romney.

But it keeps his and OUR options open for 2016 and beyond.

The Virtual Conspiracy

A lot of predictions, a lot of speculations

No one knows what will happen in 4 months, let alone in 4 years. I frankly do not see how Rand will sneak in the changes we all hoped his father would bring to Washington. The establishment knows what we are up to and no amount of establishment endorsements and ass-kissing on Hannity will convince them to let some crazy guy with Austrian ideas to take over the military. I would speculate that in the end Rand will turn into Romney, not the other way around. Don't forget who are we fighting against.
I just don't feel in my gut this is the way to move forward. One of the things I love about Ron is the way he stood alone against everyone all these years in Congress. He never compromised. By the time Rand advances to the White house, he will be so bound by the political compromises, that his individuality will be completely irrelevant, just like obamney's.
I can only wish Rand good luck, and don't forget that you can be very successful in politics if you are blatant and count on people's short-term memory.