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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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Bring Campaign Back Under Grassroots Control

Now that Ogylve, Benton, et al (I'd include Hunter) have been caught out as neo-con infiltrators at the campaign HQ, it is time for the movement to get back to grassroots control (and that works out organically, as we know).

For those yet unaware of the treachery, just read Justin Raimondo's article from last February: Can Ron Paul be Tamed? - http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2012/02/02/can-ron-paul-b...

And some more here: Penny Freeman, Former Staffer in Tears Over Ron Paul Betrayals - http://www.infowars.com/adam-kokesh-jesse-bentons-torrid-past/

It is also time to recognize (as many have done a long time ago) that Rand Paul is not his father. Rand Paul, by his own admission, is not a libertarian. He has now officially abandoned his father's message to commit to the enemy: Romney.

At this stage, keep in mind that the last time Ron Paul spoke (Texas) was the day after Rand's endorsement and he did not mince his words: he clearly stated that if the GOP wants unity then it has to unite behind the Constitution because he will not support anyone who is not fully committed to the Constution.

So just forget the treacherous generals at campaign HQ. Ignore this useful stooge telling you that sleeping with the enemy is a good thing. The foot soldiers are on their own. Go to Tampa, make your presence felt - this must be a showdown that will make everyone realize, Ron Paul himself included, where the true blood of the revolution is.

Way to go Jack

Absolutely needed to be said. Hopefully the children here can cut Rand some slack.

Read this

And connect the dots. Their Goal is either to coopt us or destroy us. Either one is fine by them.


"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Lots of what ifs Jack

What if the establishment has no plans to welcome Rand Paul in 2016? What if the grassroots feels that any win we had this time around has been undermined? What if the time is now to show how serious we are in Tampa. What if Ron Paul's retirement will leave the movement without a figure head and all the wins at the state level get reversed in 2016. What if the media and establishment marginalize and ignore Rand in 2016? What if in 2016 you start looking forward to 2020? What if by then there is no coming back from this tyranny. What if we continue on the path of more wars and thousands more people die? What if you are speaking about politics as usual and that is what we are fighting against?

RE: Lots of what ifs Jack

I agree. Lot's of speculation in Jack's arguments.

It's precisely Ron Paul's underlying principles that won't allow him to compromise and endorse Romney that have garnered him such an ambitious following (myself included). If there's one thing I've learned from Ron Paul, it's that once you compromise your principals, even a little bit, you've lost. It's hard not to think that Rand is doing that here in many respects.

Jack Hunter, with all due

Jack Hunter, with all due respect, and I mean that sincerely - you have been incredible - you, and Rand, have a blind spot.

Ron Paul libertarians can come from the conversion of liberty leaning republicans, but they can also come from the left. I speak from experience, having come from the left, more than 30 years ago.

Ron's campaign, up to this sad moment, has been brilliant. His insistence that initial spending cuts come from the military, and that the wars must stop, has brought energetic left leaning activists into the fold. He has completely reframed the debate, from left vs right, to elite vs us regular folks - right where it needs to be!

Then Rand set off his bomb, evidently not seeing (and evidently you miss it too) that endorsing Romney is endorsing the elite - the antithesis of what Ron stands for. Yes his endorsement was lukewarm, and I buy that he probably doesn't really mean it and that it was done to further the movement, but it has alienated many, too many, and I sincerely hope that you and others supporting this move wake up to the damage and consider how best to control it.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Sorry Jack, I'm Not Buying It

Gary Johnson is sounding better all the time, especially now that Ron Paul has conceded and Rand Paul has endorsed Mitt Romney. Here is Gary Johnson's new video ad. Watch it and think about it. I will never vote for Obama or Romney.

Great ad! I just can't get

Great ad! I just can't get over the pro-choice thing with Johnson.

Complete Baloney

We will never break out of the false 'left' versus 'right'/'Dem' versus 'Repub' paradigm that supports Big federal central govt and more intrusion in the lives of the citizens by doing things in the same ole' way. There is no difference (except in some outward rhetoric) in the results produced by the DemoRepublicrats. To say that the Republicans would have used a lack of endorsement against Rand Paul in 2016 is irrelevant. They will use any number of things to block a true Liberty candidate. And, there will always be a 'good reason' to compromise on principles - which aren't true priniciples if youre willing to toss them out for relatively short term advantage.
Such thinking is why the people don't trust politicians and rate them so low. I doubt there are any solutions at the federal level; there are too many people using that framework to rob the American people. Likely that we can only take back our lives by focusing on the local, state, and personal levels where we can actually see what politicians are up to - and where we can make an immediate impact.

I agree with Jack Hunter

This is a step, an unpleasant step, in infiltrating the Republican party. This is how the oligarchy infiltrated our society. Stay pure liberty movement. Like he said, we will never compromise our principles but we may compromise politically. We need Rand in there. He will act according to our principles if we just get him in. Lots of my neocon frineds hate Ron Paul but love Rand Paul when the difference is not that great. Can you imagine the progress we will have made to have someone with Ran Pauls views in the oval office and the senate and house salted with liberty candidates. Come on you guys, we are winning. Stay focused and get behind all liberty candidates including Rand.

Now let's be strait about this part where he says alot of people

like Rand but not Ron and vise a versa. This is because the people who watch TV are mindless sheep who say and largely do what the magical box says. The other ones think for themselves and stay away from TV like the plague. Rand isn't going to change these dumb fuckers minds unless the magical box tells the mindless minions to think differently!!

You do not

Infiltrate the republican party. You throw them out.

Oh and by the way I

am not voting for Romney. No way no how no matter what.

Jack Hunter is paid by the campaign to smooth things over.

He's paid by Benton & Olson to make things sound so good. If you have worked in the campaign, you know that's his job to smooth things over.

Jack Hunter- Have you watched this?

An Idea who's time has Come"


This is helpful in educating people on what you are saying.

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
WNY for Ron Paul Meetup http://meetup.com/wnyforronpaul

blahdy blah blah.... Instead

blahdy blah blah.... Instead of exposing the voting and election fraud going on preventing Ron Paul as the mainstream winner... this guy is condoning the corruption of the system and calling it "politics" as usual....so let's play on their team, by their rules...that way the powers that be might respect us and give us a carrot anyway... I desperately hope that Ron Paul is not sacrificing the "Revolution" just so his son will have limelight in the big house arena. ...and please Jack Hunter don't insult us by calling this a necessary strategy.

Rand will keep Jack busy

for the next few years as he explains how invading Iran is actually the opposite of war and romney's quantitative easing is actually fiscal rectitude of the best conservative type.

My fellow die hard, killerbees, fromthe hive of live free of die

I'm actually really glad that Rand did this endorsement because I never really trusted him like I did his old man, even though I donated money and spent time on his campaign. Now, we all know that he is politician if not a career politician. I usually really like Jack Hunter but I think this is video is political spin for fibble-minded. I'm interested to see how this whole thing works out for Rand, and to see if he hopefully does anything really good for the liberty movement from within the gang of thieves, murderers, and exploiters, but he definitely doesn't carry water for our movement like his old man does! I think more of Rand Paul now, like I think and thought about Jason Chaffetz of Utah; that is Initially impressed, then disgusted, and now finally I want that P.O.S. voted out ASAP!! I'm not thoroughly disgusted nor do I want him out, but I'm past the impressed stage! I just want to know how they reconcile Rand's former actions and this one with what Ron Paul has said, and what we know to be true, and that is if you lie down with big government you will rise up with all of the diseases it spreads, and that what good is coming together if it is around all the wrong ideas?? I hope the best for Rand, and that it works out well for him, but he doesn't carry water for me any more, 'cause I'm not hear to compromise on my principles, nor fund candidates that do, or will!! I helped Rand not 'cause his last name was Paul and actually just for this reason I was against supporting him, but I did it out of pay back to Ron Paul 'cause he said that he felt that without Rand's help he wouldn't of been reelected. Well, I helped him once, but that's over now!! The thing that pisses me off the most about Jack Hunters video, is that if Rand would of not endorsed this P.O.S. Romney he could of spun it just the same way to support Rand's decision and I believe he would of!! So what does Jack really believe on this subject????

Nice try Jack

But you can't spin this one. It's politics as usual for Rand and that is what separates him from pops. The doc would never, ever compromise with this scum.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Doing so well

He was picking up delegates left and right... I don't even know what delegates he got from Texas or California now... All I know is that this came way to soon... Droping out way to soon... My opinion, I think Dr. Paul compromised with this by backing out... He should have stuck all the way through to the end for US... Don't get me wrong... I am just a little upset. Ron Paul opened my eyes to a lot of things... I have never labled myself and now I am turned on to Libertarian ideology... So I thank you Dr. Paul.

So what changed

I don't post here a lot but those who know me on other sites know I'm serious about this movement. So I will ask again what changed, I remember after 08 we all agreed we had to do what is necessary, even play by their rules, which is to play dirty, to get more influence into the party. How is it Rand Paul is a traitor but yet we have no problems with delegates acting as if they support Romney to move forward, are the stealth delegates traitors to you guys now? I'm disgusted seeing people who fought hard for this message now being dumped on, how many of us here have spread Jack Hunters videos around the net because he was a voice of liberty, I know I have. Then I seen some here blasting Adam Kokesh, WTF is going on, this guy has been with us since the beginning, he ran for office as a liberty candidate, he created his own show to spread the message of liberty, he led the Veterans for Paul march. Come on people get your shit together, some want us to die from within, are we going to let that happen?

As far as Rand's endorsement goes it means nothing. He knows how motivated and sincere we are, he knows we will not vote for Romney no matter what. Again he is just doing what we ourselves have said must be done to move forward. There was many times during this campaign I felt like giving up, I said some things I shouldn't have but one thing that always brought me back was how hard we our fighting and the victories we have won. Lets get back on track and move forward.

Totally agree

How ironic many are attacking Rand on principle when as a movement we endorsed these tactics. Principle is not something that is right or wrong depending on the person or the scope.

We agreed that the movement needs some people to fill this role. That being to infiltrate.

Now, if this move is not about infiltration, then we will soon know by Rand's actions. There is too much speculation now about corruption within the campaign etc to know what's going on. I couldn't guess at this point.

Anyway, it doesn't matter as our job hasn't changed. Liberty must move forward and that is about us, not single individuals. A movement will not succeed if it limits itself to needing perfect individuals to lead. There is always going to be missteps and those that may fall off the path. It is our responsibility to keep each other in check and enforce accountability. For many in the movement this is a big growing step where we must mature and carry on with the mission.

Listening to Hunter's spin

...is very difficult. Rand Paul is fine with interventionist wars by the US empire? Hunter would have a different view if his own family was killed--as would Rand.


You're right, lets vote for VoMitt

You're right Jack! And we should vote for Romnney because, even though he's a life-long friend of 911 mastermind Benyamin Netanyahou, he's really the best chance the liberty movement has to end the fed, and save the US from the Zionist stranglehold.

Liberty Rising!!!

Since Jews control your mind,

you bring Jews in every conversation you make. Even though Jews control lithium, you should find some strength to quit the dependency.

He never said Jews

He said zionist. Stop neing so touchy. You make yourself look like a zion shill. Everyone knows the zionist elements have certain control over the US and what it does, the zionist hold certian powerful poitions as they have through out time. They have also been ran out of many countries over time as well.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Now you have joined in

You already posted enough garbage revealing yourself as a hateful person who only see people in groups. We know how anti-Semites learned from Muslims to substitute "Zionists" for "Jews". You can only fool like minded.

You are an absolute

Moron. Anyone can be a zionist, it just so happens most of them are jews. The fact that you harp on and on about zionist and you care so muc exposes you as either a goverment stooge or a AIPAC zion stooge. Please get some integrity, give up your 50k a year job being a slug online and go work at mcdonalds like everyone else and be happy you might not burn in hell.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Ignore L.F...

L.F. is part of the M.S.M. A CNN reporter.

Yes let's bomb Iran for Liberty and vote Romney for Paul

I like being political capital. It means my vote can be traded by my betters, because I'm not important enough to really count, I'm just a resource to be traded.

Yes, I suppose auditing the FED a little more (but not too much) is worth a million Iranian's burning alive in another war for Israel. Sounds like a good political trade to me.

And maybe having Romney reconsider (but not too seriously and not with any guarantee of course) SOPA is worth the pledging the nation as collateral for more unpayable loans (created out of nothing) from Goldman Sachs. Makes sense to me.

Yes, I'm starting to see the logic of compromise now. It's making sense more and more.