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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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With all your rant

you have no logic - you do not understand individual liberty.

Rand, Paul and Jack do not control you or ask you to compromise. Likewise, you cannot act as a central planner to teach them the purity of your idea. For them you may be an East European or muslim student who is only concerned with Jews and Iran.

you're right

but they ask for money, time and energy to support .... VoMitt?

But you're right, they're not accountable to their doners for their political decisions. It's our choice all along!


each individual choice makes up reality. Our government is a mere reflection of people we have become. Most of us woke up just several years ago while socialists have been corrupting the minds for 100+ years. Life is not pure and simple like ideological theory.

In Ron Paul FREE society, amount of unhappiness will be high as well.

Tactics are good, good ideas are better

We have to work on both fronts to maximize Liberty.

We cannot miss an opportunity to endorse the 3rd party this year while not relinquishing any gains we got within grassroot GOP. If Libertarian Party gets 15%, that will change US politics. Writing RP in will accomplish nothing. I will fight on both fronts - vote for Gary Johnson in November and regroup for 2016. If Romney is unopposed by GOP in 2016, then the 3rd party is the way to go again.

We should understand that without bad economy our ideas do not spread. Because majority of American people are molested not by the media, banksters, Zionists or Illuminati, but by their own desire of free ride and rejection of free-market competition since they understand their low actual value to society.

Get Hunter off our faces

The truth has long been surfacing. Ron Paul has trusted people he should never have trusted. Trygve Olson and Jesse Benton are the main culprits, while many supporters failed to recognize the way Rand Paul was diverging from his father's message. As early as February Justin Raimondo wrote about the take-over of the campaign by neo-con infiltrators - read this article till the end - skip the extra parts and read about how Olson infiltrated and derailed the campaign through that leach Benton: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2012/02/02/can-ron-paul-b...

And here is some more insight: Penny Freeman, Former Staffer in Tears Over Ron Paul Betrayals: http://www.infowars.com/adam-kokesh-jesse-bentons-torrid-past

I hope Ron Paul realizes what is going on before it's too late. I don't expect Ron Paul to endorse Romney, but he needs to get a grip and realize that his son has abandoned his message and that his campaign HQ has been taken over by the enemy.

Why else...

My hats off to Hunter for such a well spoken and timely piece. In 2008 I was quite dejected by June at Ron Paul's lack of success in the primaries. It's different for me this time in 2012. I see real progress in the success and future of the movement and its impact on american politics. I was a [Minnesota] Republican delegate for Paul this year. I was actually somewhat hesitant to commit the time, but lo and behold a Santorum supporter talked me into it. I was no stealth Ron Paul supporter as I had spoken to my caucus in support of Paul. The Romney and Gingrich supporters also happily voted to send me forth as delegate. As it is in life so it is in politics, we as well and happily as we can, work with the people about us. It starts with our neighbors. I love my neighbors. I am also gracious with the Obama campaigners that knock at my door. A few dropped by randomly last week [Fair Share Alliance]. One of the canvassers knew me from playing music at a local bar. Good guy. He said, "Hi John!"

I didn't make it all the way to the state convention as delegate this year. Ron Paul might not make it all the way to the White House. I felt more successful than ever before. I see Ron Paul being more successful than ever before. I also see Rand Paul being more successful than ever before... and then I hear some people's outrageously strong negative reactions to Rand's endorsement of Romney. I heard a good deal of that negativity also spill over unto father Ron. Not Rand's endorsement of Romney, but hearing the negative reaction to it, caused the most intense dejection I've experienced since 2008. I'm over my momentary lapse of optimism now thanks to support from dedication to living a happy life with my neighbors and support from icons of hardcore dedication like Jack Hunter and his talk with Jerry Doyle. Jack is in the thick of it. So is Rand. I assume Rand wants to live a happy life with his neighbors just as I do. Rand is a Senator from Kentucky. I am not. Neither is Ron. I have heard many people point out the differences between Ron and Rand. I'm sure there are many. I've also heard some that are outrageously overblown. Here's one that's real and not speculative. Ron represents a district in Texas. Rand represents the State of Kentucky.

I'm as appalled as anyone by Romney's lack of philosophical impetus and the fact that all he can idiotically spearhead his campaign with are the rally cries of "Oust Obama!", "I'm not Obama!", and "Obama Sucks!". [My tongue is bleeding. I just cracked a tooth on a bullet. No comment!] For most of us those are inadequate campaign slogans, but for Senators from Kentucky and Representatives from the various congressional districts in Kentucky that develop coal [uranium and tobacco], "Beat the guy who seems to be at war against the industries we depend on!" might just be enough of a slogan.

Obama doesn't currently seem to be at war with southeast Texas. Or perhaps he simply feels the thought of war against industry down there is beyond his pay scale.

I buy the thesis that this

I buy the thesis that this was a political chess move. I fear that it was a very, very poor play.

Big picture-wise, what is happening is a political polar shift, from left vs right to top vs bottom. By endorsing Romney, Rand just alienated the left portion of the new pole with which the right portion will have to join in order to actually change the political reality. He probably destroyed his future prospect to lead the populist coalition.

Watch for a new personality to now enter the scene to fill the vacuum.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Why Rand Endorse Romney?It is

Why Rand Endorse Romney?It is here. All explained in 17 sec.
This is more believable than Jack's demagoguery,spins and hypocrisy.Nepotism is carcinogenic antagonistic downfall of Liberty movement.What Rand has... except royal blue blood of Paul's family... to be next Ron?
Nothing.Dynasties are part of Americans who want to build empire not a republic.Roosevelts, Kennedyes,Bushes. Clintons what have in common are represents of dynastic empire.

To be honest, the overall

To be honest, the overall argument presented is very believable from my perspective. In other words, it may well be that Rand's motive was to compromise politically to advance the Liberty movement's principles in the long term. I can buy that. Still, I think its more of a gamble politically than Jack does.

The movement has grown exponentially in the previous 4 years. And it has done so in large measure (IMO) due to Ron's uncompromising principles that have often cost him political gains. It is exactly this principle over politics approach that has been so appealing to many.

Could Rand's behavior earn him a leg up for 2016? Sure..... but I think the movements strength was well on the rise before this political maneuver, so perhaps wasted compromise overall. In 4 years we will be the majority in the GOP, if trends continue.

To Timmay00 and True_believer

I have been in a rage over this Rand Paul thing for 3 days. But, talking to you two "special" boys has totally cheered me up. Have a great night and see you in the morning.

Love and kisses ;)

You Forgot to Explain Jack

Why Rand hasn't Campaigned for Ron since Iowa, why he was frowning on stage in Iowa, or why he always refers to his dad as "Ron Paul" in interwiews, not "My Dad, Ron Paul" I can name you 48 states where it would of helped if Rand helped his dad in. At least Rons' oldest Ronnie went to Hawaii for him.

Keep those money bombs going guys! Jesse Benton is due for another bonus check!!

He was in New Hampshire, I was there.

and in other states you are wrong. Rand is playing a / the game; I just pray he does not get sucked into that malevolent world. Take a look at the Iowa final rally (he was standing off to our left / Ron’s right) speech, he knows his dad was robed in the vote, you can see in his face and is pissed. One has to be careful not to become what you are fighting. I / we should reserve judgment; it is about restoring liberty, not anyone person.

With the love of liberty :^)

The problem with Jack's argument

Is that he makes some assumptions about Rand's future that may not be accurate. I don't know if Rand is as influential as he thinks, and if the political deals will be enough to make the changes we need.

For our movement this election, I think we are going have to agree to disagree. Some should be political, and play nice with the republicans, the rest should go third party or stay home. I for one can not stomach the politics, and don't see how making changes from the inside works, when so many of the compromises you make are against your principles in a significant way.

I don't think we need to be a united movement this election in support of a presidential candidate.

No more mr nice guy.

Playing nice with neocons?
But; stay in the GOP and create a third party within.
Effectively killing two birds with one stone.
Creating an ideologically *tough as nails* third party within
and tearing up the traditional republican establishment.

Not buying this.

Yah yah yah it's all strategic.
There is no time left for those games.
The country's on the brink.
Just like Jesse Benton's timing. (Olson)
I've never felt that Rand was like Ron.
I think you've got rose-colored glasses on.
He rode in on his dad's coat-tails and his dad's support.
Rand definitely did not grow up the same way as Ron.
Remember, Rand is a congressman's son. He grew up as more of a child of privilege.
Rand's actions are those of a neocon and with his timing to announce supporting the bilderbergs' pick (O'Romney) he's doing a lot of damage.
We need Ron Paul to get more hands-on with the campaign staff and not trust anyone that doesn't have a long PROVEN track record of supporting liberty.

Whats that guys name

Tryg Olson. He works for a company called Viking victories. he was sent to the Rand campaign by the RNC. He is the inside sent to take down the Paul campaign and the movement. Penny said he has operated in other countries as well. he sounds real eavil and shady. She said he controlled Benton, who is obviously about as bright as a burned out light bulb and he brought Rand his victory in kentucky. It seems he was sent to get close to the campaign and movement. They said he is like Ras Putin, he had Jesses ear. Also that Paul is controlled and they don't let anyone near him. I imagine he is busy which makes it worse.

Yes the sheeple need to wake up now. The Paul campaign might very well be compromised, I say this to be nice. I suspect it is compromised and we need to take it back. Or we need to regroup and weed out the bad and keep the good. We need to ask questions and question. It is how we all got here now. I have noticed there is alot of delusion here on the dailypaul. I know I am a lowly noob here, but I even am and was delusional. I don't know specifics but we all have to wake up. We got in the mess we are in in this country do to bling loyalty, ignorance and delusion. We can not afford to have it happen to our last line of defense before things get ugly and non peaceful.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

You've got it nailed

You may be new but i think you've got it all nailed down.
Hopefully somebody with a long, proven track record that RON (and we can actually trust can get through their "insulation". Get the message straight to Ron about the campaign staff. Then there could be the needed housecleaning.
Benton and Rand make me feel sick

Hunter is right.

Hunter is right.

lindalsalisbury's picture

What a load of crap

If you must lie, tell me a lie I can believe.

Why are there so many new accounts...

Around 24-28 weeks old all suddenly hating on Jack Hunter so hard?

lindalsalisbury's picture

Throw Some Bait In The Water

No Premise - check

No Argument - check

Conclusion - Falacy

Where is your logic?????

Time certainly hasn't supplied you with any insight

This new account stuff

Is getting old. Really you can tell who the real trolls are. You don't have to worry about goverment spectre trolls on your site, because the goverment already has gremlins in the Paul campaign and they are killing it from the inside out. I know there are paid trolls and people just off their meds. But not everyone is.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Being right

and expressing yourself well is a valid defense to the charge of being new
and you're doing fine with both, so don't sweat the negativity.

Why do people obsess about trolls here (not that they aren't here) but
reject the possibility - which now looks quite credible to me - that the
establishment would try to derail/destroy the campaign and movement from within?

Just one skilled operator in the right position can do far more damage
than a whole pack of trolls unleashed on the DP and elsewhere.

Plus this Trygve Olson manages to get paid a couple hundred grand
in the process?

As your Jackson quote suggests, we could use more vigilance (and less
cult of personality and toeing the party line) around here...

Doesnt matter

If Rand endorses Romney. Obama is going to win his second term. The republicans are fooled into thinking he is not acting afraid because he is afraid he will lose, that he is secretly worried. But the reality is he knows he is a shoe in. he will win.

Rand should have waited till after the convention, or not done this at all. It makes no sense. Rand should have done what Paul would have done, when Romney changes his views I will endorse him. Until then, I won't.

There is talk this was to take over the liberty movement and that we all ready have been coopted and Rand is the pale horse. Penny said Rand has the list of all the donors and the organizations that support Paul and his message. That there are people out there who will donate money mindlessly just because the Paul last name is involved, we might not even be able to stop this. You can tell she is right by the way people here are fighting and calling each other names and voting down posts with perfectly reasonable questions and concerns, I have even done it. I feel so shamed. She also said there are sheep within our own movement, Ron Paul sheeple. Her words were very telling and I have come to realize I am a Ron Paul sheeple. I have become what I hate. A blind follower. This is just awful. Also this is not just about Rand Paul and his endorsement. There have been severe problems with the campaign and she is correct. Questions need to be asked, concerns need to be voiced, we need to know what is going on. Also she was very upset over the idea that Paul could be in on this himself, that he was just doing this to make money. It is all a scam. Watch the video Penny Freeman former Paul campaign staffer in tears. I don't want to think that, she said she knows that Rons portfolio has grown substantially. Also that people in the Paul family call Jesse the idiot inlaw. Why does he hold just an important position? She said just back in 2008 he was the guy who made media connections for the campaign. We know he is a screw up. He does not look very bright either. You can tell he is nothing but a walking penis, self propelled genitalia. But enough about that, she also brings up that the Paul campaign had so much money but did so little. I would like to point out at this time that in Jesse's new position she said he makes more than Karl Rove. Also the Paul campaign built up alot of momentum and power, just to destroy it. She also brought that up, that Paul is always suprised to see people out there for him, like 10,000 people at a Rally. Young desperate people. She said people fight and die for this message, the message of liberty and it should not be used carelessly. I agree. I don't know what else to say. I have seen comments people made in infowars.com and on Youtube that Ron could be like a real life version of Mr. Magoo, or he has been taken advantage of because of his closeness to his family, or he is a scam artist. The second one being sad. The first I am just in shock and the 3rd sickens me.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Step back

One interview with one former employee who is not involved in the Ron Paul campaign is hardly a reason to doubt everything that Ron Paul has stood for, personally and professionally, for 40 years.

Certainly one should keep Penny's comments in the back of their mind...just as many of us were shocked and dismayed by the Newsletters until we could put them in perspective and understand that they in no way endorsed any form of racism...but they are hardly definitive proof of anything.

Member for 2 weeks 4 days


Stop being such a self

Stop being such a self rightous prick.


You don't know the definition of self righteous. The above poster may be genuine, but you sure aren't. You're the very definition of a "turd in the honeyjar".

I was here

Before but my account was banned. I made a new one. After the messages of may 14th I snapped. I expect these reactions. But I have been a Paul follower for 7 years. I don't think my time here really matters, what matters is what I posted. That we all have to start asking questions and demand answer. Something not very good is going on here. They are trying to destroy the liberty movement. It may not be intentional and on the part of Rand and Ron, but there is turd in the honey jar some where in the Paul campaign. Or maybe several. This is not right at all.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Very few accounts

get banned here.
If you were banned, you stuck out tremendously as deserving it.
You have to be a horrid troll to get banned around here.

I wouldn't trust you at all, and if anybody here is a troll, it's YOU.
And now, you're baaaaaaack! To make more trouble.