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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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You people are becoming the exact things you hate and you give Paul supporters a bad name. People like you and the other delusion Paul supporters are the reasons people say we are mentally ill. I wonder why people don't keep it a secret that they support Paul, because of people like you and the other delusion Paul supporters.

I guess people like you will just go along and fund the take over of your own movement, or you will be looking at it in ruins by the time the neocons get done. They have their best scum bag on the case, a guy named Olson. He was responsible for the color revolutions in Eastren Europe, you know the one in Georgia that the Russians bombed to hell. That Olson, well he and the neocons have come for your movement. I wonder what Jedi mind trick that is.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

It takes a lifetime to build trust....

It just takes one lie to rip it all down.

This is a matter of honor and principle Jack.

Sorry I'll

take the principle Thank you because no human being is capable of being called honorable. To me only my father in heaven is good/honorable.

America Really Needed Ron Paul - It Was Worth A Long Shot

to try for 2012. If the delegates revolt will Ron accept the nomination?

I don't know how much ruin is still left in this country, but I'm fearful that this may have been our last chance.

Will there be anything left in 4 or 8 years worth saving? I'm afraid that circumstances may become so desperate that a Paulist revolution for liberty will become outlawed altogether and have to await its opportunity to rebuild the dream only after there's nothing left but the smoldering ashes of American socialism - when its endless wars on domestic and international scapegoats has run its course.

But if we do get one more chance, I hope hope his strategy works. I'll do my part by voting for Obama for lame duck - with Romney in the white house, there will be no chance at all. This "political game strategy", to work, requires endorsing Romney but voting for Obama. A third party vote would leave too much of an unconscionable risk for a Romney victory to even be contemplated.

Have faith

In the American people. This was our last chance to have things our way peacefully. Remember that. We tried to take the peaceful route and they denied us that option.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Troll Alert

I believed you at first on the 'new user' argument. But this comment outs you for the provocateur troll you are. Go incite the violent Romney supporters, you will have more luck. We do not advocate violence here.

Trying to incite violence?

The violence aspect is already there, I am just speaking the truth. Look what happens in countries like Greece, Egypt, all over the world. When the people get pushed around, they start to push back. You don't want to corner animals and you don't want frighten them. You also don't want to those things to people either. When people get their backs up against the wall, they get scared and scared desperate people do desperate things.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

No Violence

I admire the fight in you but this was not our last chance. Please be peaceful and fight with your mind, not your fists or your guns.

We didn't lose anything except a silly election voted on by misguided souls listening to 30 second ads and 60 second debate answers.

We must keep the moral high ground and educate our friends and families. Keep plugging away, don't ever give up.

If they want to fight us, we'll die for non-violence and liberty; but we won't ever kill for our ideals. That's what they do.

As libertarians...

...we would never initiate violence, but we won't necessarily demure from it when it is brought to us.
life,liberty,&c does not appear to promote violence, merely states that it seems (based on overwhelming evidence) that IT IS BEING BROUGHT TO US.

Not all of us are as ready to meekly "die for non-violence" as JoshMc.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Can we please focus on what matters?

I was just as shocked by Rand Paul's statement... but NOT his endorsement. Listen, Rand Paul has always had different views than Ron, In fact, I bet most of you haven't so much as written a paragraph about him this whole Primary season. Even tho he is Ron's son, he has his own political ideals and goals. They are and have been very different from what we believe the whole time. We haven't really cared too much about his opinions in the past... why start now. I'm not trying to defend him... I'm merely saying that he has been saying all along that he would endorse whomever won the nomination. Facts are facts, Romney has been declared the presumtive nominee. Now, having said that, I still believe this is NOT OVER and we should be working even HARDER to send the maximum number of Delegates to Tampa. We can still shock the world and even get our man into the white house if we stay the course and continue to play the game. I'm seeing WAY too much bickering, arguing and the most ridiculous blogs that the WWE could be using as story lines. Hey! Wake up! Rand is not secretly infiltrating the Romney camp so he can sabotage it from within at the final hour allowing RP to steal the nomination away. No, this is not some super secret well thought out diversion to create chaos in the Party. And, finally... NO, The Rock & John Cena will NOT be leading the millions of their fans to Tampa and Power-bombing Mitt Romney on National TV. Rand is making his political play. Who cares... Stay Focused, Keep your eyes on the prize. I have vested too much of my energy and my Mind to the spread of this message to let a few crybabies give up and take everyone down with them. YES! I'm callin you ALL out. Look what happened in Alaska... the establishment Republicans figured out how to derail our strategy... THEY DIDN'T SHOW UP and there weren't enough RP supporters to reconvene the vote... we lose. WHY? Because Rand the Judas stabbed daddy in the back? COME ON! Other than my fellow Raider fans... I have NEVER seen such a vocal and fanatical group of people as us RP maniacs! They call us names, laugh their asses off at us and constantly tell us we will never win and we eat it up... kickin down enough knowledge on them to make em wet their beds at night. But now... after putting up with all that crap... while still opening the eyes of others... you're gonna lay down and concede because Hannity got to 1up us for ONCE? If that is the case, FINE... but stay outta MY way cuz I have a war to win. Who is REALLY down for this message of Liberty??? PROVE IT! If your state has yet to have their convention, attend it. Go to your state's Web page and apply to become a delegate. Ask others to support you in your fight to save their children. If elected at your state's convention, GO TO TAMPA! Even if you think your vote is bound to Romney, you might be surprised to find out that it might not be. Become a part of the necessary change that we need and don't let ANYONE discourage you.
"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams
Ron Paul r[3VOL]ution 2012 till THE END OF TYRANNY


While I have met Jack Hunter and believe him to be sincere in his analysis, it still doesn't make the action of Rand Paul corrupt. And it is corrupt because Mitt Romney doesn't offer any real difference to that of Barrack Obama.

What if Ron Paul did the same as his son? What if 30 years ago when Dr. Paul was new to politics, he started compromising his values to fit the latest talking point of the Republican Party? What if Ron had grown accustom to it and thought the best way to change the inside, is to become a little friendlier to it? What if during that time Ron Paul became undistinguishable from the rest of the party? If Ron Paul followed in the same footsteps as his son has, would there even be a Ron Paul Revolution?

Rand Paul is a different person from his father and has his own ambitions and own beliefs. He is not a Constiutionalist in full. And we would do ourselves a great service to be honest with ourselves about this and look very closely at members of the Ron Paul campaign, like Trygve Olson, Jesse Benton and Doug Weed (Weed worked for George H. W. Bush). Let's keep fighting and spreading the message of freedom!!

There's a reason why Ron Paul lost

when he tried to run for Senate in Texasn in the 80s.

There's a reason why Ron Paul lost when he tried to run for president in 1988.

There's a reason why Ron Paul lost when he tried to run for president in 2008.

And there's a reason why he lost this time.

You can't win statewide and national elections unless you're willing to get your feet dirty. We respect Ron Paul because he's probably the only Congressman in the past half century that hasn't been willing to dirty his feet. But, some of you still aren't facing reality. HE LOST!!!

If we're going to win, we're going to have to be willing to play a little ball in the game of politics. Ron Paul's unwavering principle and devotion is what created this movement. But, Rand can't be a purist like his father if he wants to accomplish more in actual legislative results than his father did.


You don't disrupt a movement by claiming defeat. Both Benton and Rand have Hurt the campaign. Rand did not have to endorse Romney All he had to do is say he would endorse the Nominee. Then shut his damn mouth. We have all worked hard and sent money most of us could not afford to lose. We did it for Freedom Period. We know it may be our last chance for freedom as we can see we are loosing more daily. We will be watched with drones soon. They are already monitoring and filing everything any of us say publicly to use against us down the road. We still have one chance and that is at the RNC. If that does not work I am prepared to use what ever is necessary to protect my family. I gave an oath to protect the constitution in 1968 and my word is my bond. Like Ron Paul who has never compromised. in 1988 did he endorse John Mc Cain? Absolutely not. Did Rand compromise his career Absolutely as well as hurting us all. He will never be forgiven for that.

Oh, brother!

If you've managed to live through Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush the First, Clinton, Bush the Second, and King Obamha, you'll make it another four-eight years. Ron Paul is not going to be the Republican nominee. He doesn't have enough delegates. 2012 isn't a hail mary. It's a stepping stone.

True and False

It's very true in the short term. You might even get an audit of the Federal Reserve or an end to these wars before the next ones begin.

However, if you want lasting change, it takes decades of educating people and not bending your own ideals for short term gains.

It's been over 200 years since the revolution started and we're still fighting. We're fighting for the same truth they did. Two terms of one president means exactly nothing in the long term. Educating the youth and never allowing our ideals to bend will create change that will last generations.

You can have ideas that are not principles

two different things.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

You're right. It does take decades of educating people. But, while you're educating people, you don't have to sit on your hands and do nothing. You can get an audit of the Fed and those short-term goals you were talking about and educate people at the same time. It's the same in microeconomics. Just because you're saving for the future doesn't mean you can't spend a little now. There's nothing wrong with accomplishing short-term goals and laying the groundwork for longterm goals at the same time. If Mitt Romney truly campaigns on the things Rand said he talked to him about, he will win my vote. Because, I see no reason why we can't accomplish a few short term goals in the next four years while we lay the ground work for maintaining those accomplishments and accomplishing far more in the distant future.

Everything is all pretty now that Rand is backing Romney.

What a bright future America has. We're back on track. The establishment has no plan and are welcoming Rand to come change the party.

We've succeeded!


Would you rather have Rand Paul president or

continue for the rest of your life to have Neocon Republicans and Socialist Democrats in the White House? I'm serious. Is Rand Paul's endorsement so terrible in your opinion that you would rather live the rest of your life watching your country turn into a corporatist/socialist/fascist state? Rand's not perfect, but, if he runs for president eventually, I will do everything within my power to help him get elected just as I have done for Ron Paul. Your sarcastic attitude is a perfect example of why the last time Libertarians actually accomplished anything substantive before Ron Paul came along was in 1964. But, now that it turns out Ron Paul's son isn't pure like his father, the libertarians in this movement are threatening to become useless again.

Do you honestly think Rand

Do you honestly think Rand Paul will have any sway or power where he might go?

This is a strategy to get him "out of the way" under other controls at the Federal level.

I believe he will be more restricted and "subdued" wherever he might land in all of this.

That's just what I suspect. The establishment never wants to deal with this stuff again - they want to close the deal.

With Rand tied up and authentically labeled "flip flopper", we've already lost.

They know Ron is not going to run again in 2016.

Rand just closed the doors on all of us.

Good Post Dixie

The only disagreement I have is that Mitt Romney would say anything to get elected. Our short term gains with Romney may be a major roadblock to the long term gains that we all truly want.

Mr. Romney has said so many things that have no conductibility with liberty. I really think it would hurt us in the long term if we support him. People on the left, who we need, will be turned off from our support of a neo-con. We have to realize something, we are not republicans, we are not democrats, we're not even independents. We are something new that has rarely been seen before. If we play their games, then we are admitting to everyone that it's okay to play the game.

Politics has been played since the birth of civilization. I feel like we're the first people to gain a measure of mainstream influence without acknowledging that the game is okay to be played. Our fight is not a game, it's real, and if people are going to join our side, they have to know that we are actually different.

I understand the sentiment.

All I'm basically saying is at this point, we don't know how many more 180s Romney will do and we should at least keep an open mind. Romney wants to win this election more than anything he's ever wanted in his life and if he thinks for a minute that he has to have our votes to win, there's no doubt in my mind that he would do anything to get our votes and do anything to keep our votes.

Penny Freeman in tears

So Sad. :(((((((


"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Rand a sellout

No principled conservative or libertarian can endorse Mitt Romney. There are no significant differences between him and Obama, just as Obama isn't very different from GW Bush. They are all puppets of the CFR/Trilateral/Bilderberger crowd. None believe in limiting the size or scope of government.

As for the little punks who keep dropping "psyop" claims on every one of us who doesn't bend over and respect our supposed betters, like Jack Hunter or Rand Paul - go screw yourselves. The fact that you make such accusations shows that you are statist control freaks - "follow our glorious leaders, you little peons".

PS My account is nearly five years old, and I'm right wing - not a hippie.


He's a POS sellout!

Really mods?

It isn't obvious yet what this guy is?

As for Phildorex:


I think Rand's endorsement of Romney was a lame way to go about things, but I'm not calling him names either. I have respect for him as he has done a lot, more than you have or will ever do I'm quite sure.

Mind you, I do not like him as much as his father and do not think he is as principled, but at the same time he's the best person who is currently in the US Senate. Even if he has a different way of doing things than his father.

Calling him a "sellout" and etc, is just way over the top though. If he had voted 'yes' for the renewal of the Patriot Act, then sure... that would be appropriate, but look at the man's voting record.

He voted for Romney

That says it all.

Ron endorsed Lamar Smith.

What's your point?

Who's Lamar Smith?

Who's Lamar Smith?

That's the way it's got to be people

We're not going third party, we're not joining the loser LP and we're not quitting. The goal of this movement (at least as the Rand/Southern Avenger wing sees it) is not to turn the country libertarian, but to get the country to vote libertarian. If you're not willing to play politics, don't register to vote. Because if political maneuvering disgusts you, practically every politician will disgusts you. Politics is a game of chess. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice your queen in order to take your opponent's king. That's exactly what Rand is doing. If you can't accept that, that's tough apples, but that's the only way we're going to take over the Republican Party.