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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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"No one knows what will happen in 4 months..."

But fortunately YOU can read minds and predict that Rand will "turn into Romney".(?!?)

The Virtual Conspiracy

I am just "speculating"

sorry if this offends you

Step up and do what Ron Paul would do.........

So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.


Are you a statist?

If you believe in the political process, then everything Jack said is logical.
The problem is, the political process not only does not work but it is morally repulsive.
If you can buy this line of reasoning from Jack and Rand, then you are a statist and you are an enemy to the freedom movement.

I can sort of buy this

I can sort of buy this explanation, but answer me this Jack: Why couldn't Rand wait to endorse Romney until Romney was nominated (if he is)? It is not as if Rand wouldn't get a good strong walking pass for not early endorsing the guy considering his father is the contender. Me thinks there is a VP aspiration alongside his plans to run in the next round.

I will answer for Jack -

he was forced to do it now.


IT is just an endorsement people, calm the ell down.


JACK. For chris t sake, these tools I see on these board do not realize that WE are the revolution, WE HAVE TO play politics, and we will, and we will win. Thank you for explaining to all the idol worshipers that Ron Paul, is, and always will be, one of a kind. His son Rand is way better than anything America these days deserves. Thank you Ron, and thank you Jack, I know it is up to us to take it from here. And we will.

New Jersey.

No, Thank YOU!

Ignore the down votes.
This site is being overrun by moles and the trying to run the real patriots off.
Fortunately I have a stronger stomach.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Christ you're nauseating.

Christ you're nauseating.


Is that you?

Jack just no

We all know romney is a brought and paid for politician. What can rand do to influence slick talking conman psycho mitt rather discrediting himself and potentially the liberty movement.

To put it in the concise words of a family member... :)

I love their family. They are my friends.

Hunter's Orwellian Monday-morning-quarterbacking hot-air rationalizations notwithstanding, to put it in the words of a good friend, and a Paul family member:

"Rand can take a long walk on a short pier!"

We have been, are now, and will be, all about winning delegates for Tampa...

... then winning at Tampa,

... then moving into the White House!

Ron Paul said, "I will run if America needs me to do so."

This is not about a year, or two, or four, or eight, from now!

This is about stealing our wealth in the past, today, and tomorrow, and the hypocrisy of decrying today the death of the unborn, while at the same time the daily 'droning' of mothers carrying unborn in their wombs... wombs of sorrow!

Eat your heart out Hunter!

Please give this it own thread

Give this its own thread so we can listen to all the Rand Paul apologist make excuses.

I so hope you're telling the

I so hope you're telling the truth about the family not being on board with this. Nothing fazes me with Rand anymore. He's an ambitious little bastard, even if it means a few thousand Iranian kids have to die.

This weekend's sucked! With this Rand thing I was looking forward to a break from politics and watching the Pacquiao/Bradley fight and even THAT got all fucked up. Everyone watching the fight saw Pacquiao winning by a huge margin... EVERYONE, including every single member of the boxing media... everyone except the JUDGES who declared Bradley the winner! I can't even get a break from corruption and politics in a damn boxing match!!

Yours is the first piece of good news I've seen all weekend!

Please JSBach is there anything else you can tell us?

Is Ron OK? Carol?

Is there anything we can do to help him?

Was there anything else said about this whole fiasco?

I've been on this stupid blog all weekend praying for some real news instead of conjecture about some stupid "master plan"

Thank you for posting this

I knew Rand was a sellout and Ron was not behind this!

I love and admire Ron so much I would take a bullet for him.

Yes Ron, we need you. We need you to march on and show us the way. Please do not leave us. You have given us the hope and courage to fight and your work is not done.

Thank you, thank you for posting this. I have waited all weekend for some word from the family!

Drop dead Rand, your traitor. You have sold your soul to the devil and no one can save you now!

Do you have a life?

Other than bashing Rand Paul?

Hahaha, seriously.

You're STILL at this? Oh well, I'm off to play a game.

You're nothing but a sellout

What’s wrong Timmay? Can’t stand the fact that I was right all along and you were ready to sell Ron out to the Romney camp? Mr. “go along to get along”

You’re pathetic!

Get a grip

Hey folks. Judge people by what they do, not what they say. Mitt and the other corrupt politicians say many things that sound good. Do we believe them? Now why can't we apply the same principle to Rand Paul. He said some bad things (endorsing Mitt), but we know that he doesn't vote on bad things. So why do we care that he endorses Mitt? When Rand votes for the NDAA, then you can cry all you want, for now. Just relax.

Will She survive another 4 years of politics? America that is.

The People's voices are who shall be heard in any part of a Republic government; not just a Mr. 2016.

Ron Paul As VP Would Be The Only Way Mitt Could Win

If Ron Doesn't Win The Nomination.

Because after all the cheating, lying, stealing of Ron's votes(Election Fraud), disenfranchisement of voter's and delegates, and physical brutality initiated or inflicted upon Ron Paul supporters and campaign ( http://dougwead.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/war-breaks-out-in-gop/ ) by the Romney "establishment" supporters and campaign, there is no way in HELL I believe the majority of Ron Paul supporters will vote for Mitt unless he admits to at least some wrongdoing, apologizes, and Ron endorses Mitt and also, RON MUST BE ON THE TICKET... Why? Ron has to be on the ticket because so many of his supporters(LIKE ME) have said it's "Ron Paul Or Bust" Or "No One But Ron"... Many RP supporters will only vote for the ticket if Ron Is On It. Otherwise many will either be writing Ron in for president or not voting at all. Just A Ron Paul endorsement may be questionable to many due to the magnitude of damage that has been done to RP supporters collectively and may damage Ron's integrity with the movement.

Ron MUST command that he be on the ticket, for Mitt to apologize, and make more concessions to the Liberty movement in order for Mitt to get his endorsement and to get the RP vote. Otherwise, it's evident that Mitt will LOSE the general election. Why? The general election works differently than the individual state primaries and caucuses. From what I understand, either side can only cumulatively rig about 10% of the vote in the general election because it's too large. This is why the "establishment" has gone to so much trouble to keep Dr. Paul from getting the nomination since it has implications of getting on the general elections ballot and getting the entire Republican Party vote plus whoever else decides to join and vote for the Republican ticket.

If Ron isn't on the ticket, I believe we will eventually go into civil war since Obomney are both NWO. I don't think either side wants that. They want more time to softkill off our population so they can eventually control human resources and inflict world government and in turn control the remaining population as slaves. This I am convinced is their ultimate goal. They've already got the Chinese slave labor camp going for most items the elite will need to have manufactured using human resources, so they just want to kill off the rest of us now as we're just a liability at this point.

Besides all the poison and toxins put into our food, water, environment, prescriptions, vaccines etc... Latest attack on us is from what I believe was a manmade disaster - The fukishima earthquake and resulting tsunami and radiation crisis I believe was coordinated using a HAARP earthquake machine ( http://current.com/community/89003708_teslas-earthquake-mach... ) - The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)...

The manmade disaster was caused in Japan so that the radiation would affect mostly Japan and spread according to the ocean Westerlies wind currents that go from Japan to the United States. One of the most common health problems associated with radiation poisoning is infertility so this is in line with the UN Agenda 21 goal for a 1 to 2 Billion world population. For more information on how to detox from radiation poisoning go to http://meditationexpert.com/RadiationDetox/

But, because of recent events, I believe the NWO is being forced to make a deal due to the strength of the RP movement and the amount of people who are more awake now. This has become evident seeing all of the discussion about the Rand endorsement in light of all the controversial events that have happened so far in this election. I would say most of the RP movement has been very angry and Rand just set the fire with his endorsement of Mitt without getting his apology, although he has made some concessions toward the liberty movement...

This move by Rand may have been an orchestrated event in order to get some much needed media exposure and resulting dialog on these issues. This is telling that Mitt just can't change his mind about what issues he supports in order to get the RP vote because many won't believe him unless he puts his money where his mouth is and puts Ron in a position that makes a difference to the majority of RP supporters. I believe the majority of RP supporters will vote for Mitt if Ron is on the ticket because many have sworn to vote for Ron.

VP is still progress because VP can "likely" lead to President in 4 to 8years. I've heard some say that VP is insignificant and just a mouthpiece position. I don't completely agree, but even if that were true, wouldn't that mean that Ron would have more time to make more speeches and help recruit more activists into our liberty movement to still make headway towards our goals? Ron being VP is NOT a loss, it would be progress for the movement. Yet Ron as president could help us reach our goals quicker and consequently protect natural resources and save more lives in our country and around the world. We are in a race against death of humanity, and extinction of liberty. The longer the NWO is in power, the more people they will enslave and kill, and the more money and natural resources they will seize.

Also, Ron getting in initially as VP isn't in conflict with our movement strategy that has been used all along with the Republican Party. All along, the liberty movement has worked in, and worked up to the highest level gatekeeper positions in the Republican Party with allot of success. This election is no different. So far, the liberty movement has been more successful in some states than others. We are seeing the results of this progress in the delegate process and we are taking action to fix the problems in the states that still have issues from the grassroots up. We continue to grow the party with more active liberty minded supporters that are starting to take over positions in the state and local governments which is actually the most important type of progress that can be made since corruption starts at the local levels.

Please don't misinterpret, Ron is still in the race and we need to fight with all of our might to try to get Ron the nomination so we can have our first choice as president so we can Restore America Now vs. a slower, more costly both financially and with resources and people's lives, and I believe overall a more painful recovery. I know everyone is saying he won't win but if Ron truly believed that nonsense, then he would drop out, which he hasn't. So as long as Ron still thinks he has a chance, I will still think he has a chance and I will fight my hardest to help him win the nomination and get on the general elections Republican ballot for the highest probability of a general election win...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

From what I can tell

based upon the comments here is that there are a LOT of drama queens in this movement. I would have thought that folks would have a little more faith in Ron and Rand. And maybe a little more humility. For myself, I see that Dr. Paul has been doing the same thing for 30 years and while he has accomplished a great and good thing in the movement he has consistently his a glass ceiling for support. Yes, he has moved the ceiling higher but this is it folks. He's done after this, retiring and hopefully enjoying it.
I wish someone would explain the sudden, absolute animosity of Rand considering his record in the senate. He's done a great job there, voting constitutionally in all things except the sanctions on Iran (I don't know if they are constitutional or not but I don't support them). We have in him someone who could, maybe, bring our brand of constitutional conservatism and libertarianism into the mainstream republican party and so many of you treat him like he's a puppy killer. He made a politically tough decision which doesn't compromise his principles as long as he continues to vote the way he's been voting. It doesn't matter if Obama stays in office or by some unholy miracle romney gets in...Rand will vote constitutionally. No one ever said that Rand was a duplicate of Ron in his beliefs. The facts are that Ron will probably not get the nomination (unless if Romney pops a blood vessel or somehow becomes ineligible.) It should be obvious that the RNC will do everything in its power at the convention to insure that Ron doesn't get a nomination and that the process goes the way the RNC wants it to go. So no Ron. Who then? Rands voting record is great. His political record is pretty good. His visibility is good and his position in the Senate is nicely defined. He is VERY close to Ron in how he votes and SOMEWHAT close to Ron in what he does politically. Admit it, Ron has endorsed NEOCONS before ( i think in 2010 ). He also understands the difference between political moves and principled stands.

The fact is sometimes you have to play the game to win it.

i think

people have a right to be upset. They have given money, time, sweat, even blood (literally i know people who donated plasma for extra cash to donate). I know people who have sold things dear to them to donate. I myself have made sacrifices in order to donate more money. These aren't good times, people are hurting financially. They don't have the extra money to spend or give away willy nilly, but they gave it to the campaign cause they believe in Liberty. Most people that are expressing/venting on here I am sure could have lived with the endorsement had it been with better timing and in a better way then they did. I myself have vented several times at least on the DP lashing out. I have settled down myself and I am sure the others will soon as well if not already. But to call people drama queens, is completely out of line given the circumstance. Maybe you aren't hurting for money so this is not as much of sting to you, but many of us are. They have a right to be mad when they gave their last dollars to the Liberty campaign, and then Rand turns around and endorses the devil. And the manner in which it was done really pissed people off. Rand actually says he's "HAPPY" to endorse Romney and he does it on one on the Hannity show, which everyone on DP despises. Rand should have sent a mass email to his supporter FIRST. Explained the situation then gone on to make his public announcement. And he should have waited till after the convention. The delegates have worked so hard to get where they are, this is like taking the wind out of their sails. The fight for liberty still goes on. No body is abandoning Ron Paul. Even the people who have not said nice things about him, I am certain will settle down and get back on board.

I hope to God he's right

As disgusted as I am I hope that something good can come out of this. I always believe that some good can come out of even the worst of situations. But I think this strategy (if it is the strategy) needs to be conveyed to the supporters. Silence will only add to the anger and confusion. Also, if this is indeed the game-plan, how does one get Romney elected in the first place? RP supporters will not be voting for Romney (I certainly won't be voting for him - even if Rand were to become the VP). Can Romney get elected without our support? It's all very risky. I don't like it one bit, but I'll wait and see what happens.

Ignore the spin

And listen to your gut. Your first response was correct.

Rand's a sellout.

Well, he won't be getting my support

I'm still backing Ron though. I'll probably just write him in in November.

Wink, wink. Nod, nod.

The thumbnail showing Ron and Rand conversing in secret was not chosen randomly.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


It was chosen to manipulate you.

Debbie's picture

This explains a sophisticated strategy and I found it very