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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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Like I said, they may promise

Like I said, they may promise Murray.

Jim Grant

The guy with the bow tie.

Sorry, this would not do it for me.


They may promise you Murray.

They may promise you Murray.

Jack does this thing where he

Jack does this thing where he makes comparisons without looking at the all aspects of the comparison.

Jack himself mentiosn that during Robertson's run, the Republican party was already socially-conservative leaning...they were pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian, anti-gay, etc. Robertson's group just pushed them over the edge, but the party was already there.

The Republican party of today is fisically paleoconservative on taxes alone. But otherwise, they are not at all conservative. They are still largely pro-military, pro-war, very pro-corporatism, pro-social engineering, very socially conservative, pro-government as a moral conscius, etc.

It isn't a sound comparison. People were saying the same thing about Goldwater. That when he lost, the movenment would live on. What happened there? All those youth who were anti-entitlement, small government lovers just faded away....

Jack has this thing where he takes anything the Pauls say as gospel. Especially after they gave him business, he venerates them, even when they make wrong statements....

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

I would suggest that you have a great deal of egotism.

1. You certainly do like to talk.
2. Your audio and video do not seem to be in synch.
3. You said, "will anyone care if whether or not Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, probably not." My reply is that a very large number of individuals will both remember and care. Myself included.
4. You come across as someone who feels that his beliefs and oratory skills have or carry great importance with those who hear you. You are mistaken.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

I hope to God that you're

I hope to God that you're right Jack Hunter. I just don't understand why he didn't wait until after Tampa plays out

Not only does this apple fall FAR from the tree

The apple is rotten!

Nice to know politics as usual.

Sorry but it's not what I signed up for... You can only pretend to sleep with the devil for so long before he's gonna want to some real action. Ron Paul understands this without compromise.

Rand Paul is right!

Post This Everywhere And You Will Piss Our Enemies Off And Send NWO Bilderberger Insiders Into Fits Of Cursing Rage...




SCREW MITT "Flip Flopp'n" ROMNEY!!!

It is Ron Paul or nothing.



Rand Paul is a Sellout... How can that Ever be Right?

Rand is about as Right as R$.


Amen Jack Hunter!!!!

Jack speaking truth once again as usual! However I would love to see his next video be about Jesse Benton... We would all be thinking its a defense and then jack comes on and is like "while y'all were wrong about Rand, you were all spot on about Jesse Benton who is literally a complete worthless sack of dog feces who is straight stealing oxygen from the rest of us..." oh that would be great and once again I'll be like "Amen Jack, speak the truth!"

Ron Paul 2012

Now we know how dangerous

Now we know how dangerous those airport scanners are!

That was classic.


That was classic.


Making deals with the devil......

Oh dear sweet merciful God, NO!

Nobody made a deal with me.

Nobody made a deal with me.


Jack Hunter hits it on the head. This is the strategy that is being played out and it makes perfect sense and good reason.

So now that it has been well put as to what is going on, lay off Rand!

rand is fine

the only rand did this is because there is something in it for us. he's not only staying legitimate, but there's a great chance the libertarian principle will advance. it's all about perception and the better chance that we can change people's minds the better...essentially a "shorter" leap of faith


the ONLY reason he did this is for us? seriously think about what you are saying. principles will advance DESPITE dishonest spineless people. It will move forward when there are enough of us standing in the truth and STANDING FIRM.

The Ron Paul brand is about not compromising

Rand Paul had a choice between principle and politics. He chose to be a politician. The only reason to cast your vote for Rand is because youre voting against the other guy.

That is an interesting point

I'll have to consider this in my thoughts.

Notice how totally wrong

Notice how totally wrong Rothbard was there. Clinton was a moderate and Bush Sr was a warmonger.

Ventura 2012

So what

That is not what is being argued here. What is being argued is the matters of principle when it comes to endorsements. If Mr libertarian endorsed candidates who didn't share all his views then I think we should cut rand some slack

Ron Paul is Mr. Libertarian

Ron Paul is Mr. Libertarian because he actually sacrifices to not go along. Any hack columnist can pontificate like this from an ivory tower.

Ventura 2012

Bush was running against

Bush was running against Clinton.

Romney is running against Ron Paul.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity


Principle? What happened?

The timing was way off. Ron

The timing was way off. Ron Paul has always answered the question, "When are you going to quit", with "You don't quit while the race is still on". His supporters believed that and vowed to fight for him to the end and to fight in spite of the fraud and malfeasance of the RNC, state parties, and the Romney campaign.

It's one thing support a man who has won "fair and square", but who in his right mind would endorse a candidate who "won" only because the game was rigged?