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Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney"

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You Paul Supporters are Wrong & How dare You!

How dare you all concede and say Rand Paul has run amuck with the War Party? Do you not understand what is happening? Ron Paul has been locked in a box. Rand must lose the battle to even have a chance of winning the war. He knows what he is doing.

Have you all no faith in liberty? His son is doing what needs to be done -for all of us. For decades Ron Paul has been an outsider not able to spread his message. Look at Rand's voting record. You can clearly see he is a man of his father. You all must understand that we can't win standing on the sidelines. The game may be unfair, corrupt, etc. but we can't win if we don't get in the game. It's shameful absolutely shameful that Paulites and liberty minded people are deserting the campaign of liberty for no reason. NO REASON. I am disgusted with this behavior and I hope you people wake up and see the bigger picture.

Ron Paul did say he won't win the nomination. IF you keep up with his campaign newsletter then you would know. He clearly writes in his email sent Wednesday: see letter below

"Dear Calvin,

I wanted you to get an update from me personally, since we have some great news!

Due to the smart planning of our campaign and the hard work and diligence of supporters like you, we stand to send nearly 200 bound delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. This number shatters the predictions of the pundits and talking heads and shows the seriousness of our movement.

What's more, we will send several hundred additional supporters to Tampa who, while bound to Romney, believe in our ideas of liberty, constitutional government, and a common-sense foreign policy.

When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor. That is just over 20 percent!

And while this total is not enough to win the nomination , it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!

I hope every one of you continues the fight we have advanced so well this year. I hope you will finish your local and state conventions, and, if you were selected as a national delegate, that you will head to Tampa in August to force the Republican Party to listen to the voice of liberty.

We have never had this kind of opportunity. There will be hundreds of your fellow supporters in Tampa who will be ready and willing to push the Republican Party back to its limited government, liberty roots.

There are many issues to fight for in Tampa. Also, candidates like Justin Amash, Kurt Bills, and Thomas Massie need your support as we move into the fall. Across the country, supporters of liberty have won local office and leadership positions in the GOP, and we need to keep working.

Our delegates’ presence must be felt both in Tampa and in years to come.

Stand up for what we believe in. Be respectful. And let the establishment know that we are the future of the Party and of the country.

Our Revolution is just getting started. You'll be hearing plenty from me as we approach Tampa and the fall elections. You'll also be hearing of important developments on Audit the Fed and Campaign for Liberty.

I hope you'll continue to stand with me as we go forward. Our Revolution could not have come this far without you.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

I simply don't understand

how so many of you honestly believe that Rand would somehow betray his father. I have absolute confidence that Ron and Rand deeply discussed this long before it occurred. Do you honestly think it was coincidence that Ron, for all intents, conceded in his email that he couldn't win and then Rand just "decided" to endorse Romney? Sometimes strategy is long and complex and requires what we adults call "patience".

Amen. DP is basically

Amen. DP is basically insulting the intelligence of Dr. Paul to even suggest that he had nothing to do with this strategic move. You don't have to agree with the move but don't be so naive

Oh yeah, and I bet after all their talks, negociating, and schem

ing that Ron Paul said, "and if your going to go to the Nation and tell them that you endorse Romney that you ought to do it on Sean Hannity's show, so that they really think that you've really cut the cord from your father!" yeah, I highly doubt that Ron Could stomach to see this act on That blow hard P.O.S.'s show!! But I have noticed over the last year that Rand and Sean seem to get along quite fine and they both talk quite highly of the other!!

Jack Hunter states that,

Jack Hunter states that, "Rand did not make this endorsement until his father conceded that he would not be the nominee"


Can someone please point me as to where Ron Paul conceded such a thing? As far as I see it, this is the whole crux of Jack Hunters argument and I have not seen Ron Paul ever state or concede such a thing...

RE: Jack Hunter states that

Sadly, Ron Paul did do this in his most recent email to supporters. I sure wish he hadn't, but here, I am afraid, is the reason why he did it:


the day before endorsement rp

the day before endorsement rp campaign email said we wont have enough delegates to win. do ur homework man.

what do u think I'm doing?

looking for something more than an email of course lol use ur noggin ;)

It was the email Ron sent out

It was the email Ron sent out to his supporters that was posted here on the DP. It said he would have 200 bound delegates, plus 300 stealth delegates for a total of 500 delegates, or 20% of the total delegation.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!


so an email is Jack Hunters rationalization of absolute proof that Ron Paul has conceded his run?

not an interview..
not an official announcement by telephone...
not an article like he does weekly on Texas Straight Talk or for local newspapers

but an email with his name typed at the end?

surely you jest...

if this is the case I will dive no further as it's obvious maneuvers are being played here and I don't want to crack the flimsy case for the nomnoms =]

RE: wait..

It is very sad, but the email is real.

Here is Alex Jones' response to Dr. Paul:

Well we could

If Ron did, BUT HE DIDN'T!!!

Rand Paul is playing his dad and all of us to benefit Mittens.

Unscubcribe to anything sent by Rand or Jack or any other traitor to this campaign or Ron paul!

I think that is pretty

I think that is pretty meritless.

The truth is far more likely that Ron's intention is fully about passing the torch to Rand. I think that is almost 100% exactly what is going on. Rand endorses Romney, builds his credibility within the party, which gives him power to make a difference. It's not exactly honesty in politics, but how often does that happen anyway?

I clearly would have preferred that at least Ron Paul would have gotten behind Johnson. But that would have really undercut Rand's career path and would have absolutely cost Romney the election, if not to Johnson, certainlyt to Obama. Paul would be branded a traitor by the Republicans, Rand would be tied to that forever. I'd like to think that I'd be more idealistic than that, but if it were my son's career on the line, I don't know for sure what I'd do.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Are you dumb?

No he is not "playing his father". You sound stupid. Please don't spew propaganda without a strain of veracity. It's despicable and detestable.

Ron clearly wrote in his email that he wouldn't win the nomination.

Does anyone know...

who arranged the recent meeting between Rand and Romney? I'm curious to know how that came about.

Rand and Romney have been

Rand and Romney have been cozy through this entire campaign, hense all the complaints in the news from Santorum that "they" were working together. The problem is, the "they" was Rand and Mitt, not Ron.

First they ignore you, then

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they Threaten Your Family and you will SAY ANYTHING

I would bet money on it.

That Dr. Paul told his son Rand. " Don't make the same mistakes I did. Embrace the Republican party, get a good foothold then work on changing the party from the inside out." Dr. Paul's biggest fight has been fighting his way into Republican party.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

I'll bet youmoney thatRon toldRand thesame stuff he'sbeen tellin

g us for years, writing in his books, and saying in his speeches!! I don't believe for a second that he said compromise your principles and indorse the Establishment candidate B cause Establishment candidate A is just so unbearable!!


Look at the raging collectivists down vote objective individuals. Liberty loving individuals my foot.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

what hypocritical comment.

You call us collectivists for having the same opinion of NOT wanting to be a part of pr endorse a collectivist group called the GOP. Face palm

You can't defend the indefensible....

So, what are you saying, we should all vote for Obama so Rand can run in 2016?

Do you really think people are dumb enough to believe that Rand had to support someone that doesn't support our cause to further our cause?

By 2016, more people, left and right striped, will be ready to join our revolution than ever before.

Rand Paul could have received the Liberty baton from his father and been the voice for our cause but I don't care to hear anything he has to say now.



So if Rand Paul runs against Goldman shills in 2016 you will sit on the sidelines....
So you are saying you are of no use to anybody who wants to effect change. You are now on the sidelines.

Got it

For the record, I will not support you either

Oh! So Rand Paul will be our only choice?

What makes you think flip-flopper sellout Rand Paul will be our only choice in 2016?

What makes you think the GOP will treat Rand differently in 2016 than they did Ron in 2012? Ron supported Reagan, look where it got him.

I think he will be ignored and they will fix their rules to ensure that he can't get any delegate votes in 2016.

If Romney wins, do really think the GOP will want Rand in 2016 to rail against corporatism? Puh..leeeez

What we love about Ron Paul was we could take his word to the bank. If Rand has this secret strategy, then he needs to reveal his true motives. I hate the political chess game where you make moves and feed us BS as to why you did it. Everyone excusing Rand is speculating. I want to hear it from the horse's mouth, anything less doesn't mean a hill of beans to me.

Why don;t

you grow a pair. and while you are at it, grow some principals and a back bone.

Don't know how in the world he would go about

growing "principals." I think they are all out of school now for the summer.



Traitors, sinners and the ignorant

Rand Paul is not a traitor nor is he ignorant. We are all sinners.

Getting in bed with the enemy would be sponsoring Goldman Sachs legislation. It would be shilling fr the fed or beating the war drums. Endorsing the GOP nominee is not selling out. Taking over the party only to destroy it is. Many here want just that, destroy the party that rejected Ron Paul, only to destroy the work of all those honest men and women that fought this fight before us. Seems pretty arrogant to me that we would destroy a party and leave the chaos to our posterity, along with the debt and wars.

Rand Paul is not ignorant to how politics work, how they really work and not we want it to work. What we want to work failed, our vision did not materialize and now those who intend to carry on over the next few decades are doing what is rational. Not to us, we dont count. If we wanted to be catered to we would have won, we did not.

Lastly, for those who want use slurs and accusations.....listen to Ron Paul. He is clear on this subject and quite frankly Dr.Paul is probably embarrassed by your acts, I am.

Explain this - How does destroying the GOP help my grandchildren to live within their means and pay OUR debt back.....we are not going to pay our bills and our posterity is. Why do so many here want to see our posterity stuck with all OUR debt and no party by which to advocate change ?

Selfish, plain and simple.

Another thing...

Calling people ignorant because we are left in the dark about Sen. Paul's true motivation is taking a page out the GOP and Democratic playbook with the smug name-calling and labels.

Damn right we're ignorant because you won't tell the truth.

I don't play politics, I stand-up for what I believe in, say what I mean. No head games. What you see is what you get. It's called honesty and suggesting we are disrespecting Dr. Paul because we need to compromise it is BS.

Read the post again....

I did not call anybody ignorant, you have a comprehension problem.

What you are doing is demanding that Rand lie to his constituency.....you are demanding that he go against what his parents taught him. He promised to be a Republican, if he had ran as Ron Paul in Kentucky he would still be a country doctor and we would have another neo-con Senator.

Next time read the post