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analysis on the current state of the campaign

I personally feel this is fully worth listening to
for all in the liberty movement / r3volution

it's an analysis of the recent happenings and current
state of the campaign.

This is not an interview video.

(Now, I know there are those here who dislike
Adam Kokesh, I don't like everything he does either,
but give this analysis a chance. This one really is worth the time.


I believe you will find this well thought out

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I think Kokesh pretty much nails it

Rand is an ambitious statist who support some of what Ron Paul type libertarian minded folks would like, but far from all, and he is willing to go along to get along in order to further his career.

Jesse Benton is a snake in the grass. It was a sad day for the Ron Paul campaign when they brought him aboard. He has sucked up huge amounts of campaign money while undermining the campaign. I can only imagine how much he might have also gotten under the table for his nefarious deeds.

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