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The Enemy Unmasked (booklet): Huh?

I go to a friends house and he asks what I think of this booklet called The Enemy Unmasked. I check the table of contents, looks like yer basic "illuminati" thing. I ask where he got it and he says it just kinda showed up, maybe somebody left it there.

Few days later I jump into another buddy's truck and howdy! Here it is stuffed into the console. The Enemy Unmasked. He doesn't remember where he got it. He "picked it up someplace".

Yesterday I go to the mailbox and there's a package of "unknown epidemiology" so I open it and guess what? It's The Enemy Unmasked! No note, nothing. I don't recall asking anybody to send it and I don't recall anyone saying they are gonna.

Is it possible it's the same copy of this book sneaking around and following me or is somebody out there flooding the nation with this thing? These other guys aren't exactly political types, they are regular working joes.

What's creepier, the illuminati or their opponents placing books Gideon-like anyplace humans are to be found? I dunno guys but I suspect we have a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory wrapped up in a motherhuge conspiracy theory.

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