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Troop Suicide Surge Surpasses Afghan War Deaths by 50%

If we are really interested in supporting our troops then we must diligently work to ensure that we are putting them in harm’s way only when the liberties they are meant to protect are genuinely in jeopardy – not because we want to make the Middle East “safe” for democracy, not because Afghanistan supposedly needs us to build their nation in our image and not because Iran has issued bellicose statements and has a less-than-transparent nuclear program. None of these pet-projects of America’s political elite are worth the costs paid by the foot soldiers on the ground. America’s leaders chalk up our troops suffering to the fact that “war is hell.” My response, then, is that we must stop so eagerly pursuing Hell.


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Man, nobody here cares. They

Man, nobody here cares. They just want to bash Rand and tell how much more they have done for our liberties than he has. Good grief. Armchair quarterbacks who are falling for the tricks meant for the opposition.

But heck yeah, I have been a strong proponent of mentioning this suicide rate often. It truly saddens me that it doesnt get more attention.