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Why Jack Hunter is Wrong about Rand's Endorsement

Well, Jack is wrong on Rand's endorsement. Essentially what he is arguing is that Rand will get in good with the GOP and therefore advance the cause of liberty.

Here is the problems with that argument.

If Romney wins he won't change a damn thing, AND Rand will not run against him in 2016, period the end, especially after endorsing him. If Obama wins, and Rand decides to run in 2016, he has to explain why he endorsed a established candidate and why he endorsed his policies... and even defending some of Romney care.

IF Rand does NOT believe in Romney's policies, he has sold out his principles for a cheap political personal advancement. If he DOES believe in Romney's polices then he isn't with us at all.

That means we have to wait until 2020.

The other thing is, that the movement is GROWING and by 2016 i will be even bigger. Rand is NOT a libertarian. This cycle alone we have taken over several states GOP leadership positions, and that wasn't because of Rand. It was because of his father.

The BIGGEST problem is this. I now can't trust what Rand will do the way I trust what Ron will do... pandering to get "in" is not my way of doing things. Honesty has gotten Ron this far and build a movement that is still growing. Starting to pander at this point will HURT IT!

Why is Ron Paul so loved? Because of his refusal to compromise his principles and endorse the party or its polices just to get along.

Why would ANYONE change that now? I have heard all the arguments for trying to get along, but at what cost? Compromising your principles and alienating the very people who put their trust in you.

I say hell no!!

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Are you doing what Ron Paul might ask you to do???

So ask yourself, what DON'T "The Powers That Be" want you to do? Then lets do that, do this:

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Rand Paul.

- Publicly Blog and Speak Support for Ron Paul.

- Say HELL NO to Mitt Flip flopp'n Romney, HELL NO!

- Let these bastards know that it is RON PAUL or you ain't going to waste your gas in November.


I think the assumption is

I think the assumption is that in spite of a Romney nomination, he will lose against Obama and then Rand will go up against the Dem contender in the next round.

No compromise? Then welcome to oblivion

The Libertarian Party is the party of principle and no compromise and look where it's gotten. There's a place for purity but it's not in national politics. Was Roosevelt a pure socialist? No, but he set the country in the direction where we've implemented every plank in the Socialist party's 1932 platform.

You and Rand likely agree on 95% of the issues. Your differences are mostly on tenor, tactics, and emphasis. You both want the government to be far smaller and limited. Who else in the GOP (or politics period) comes any closer to your views?

Go ahead and wait for 2020. Your white knight will never arrive. Because ever time he does, you will notice a tarnish on his armor and reject him.

Time will tell why Rand

Time will tell why Rand endorsed Romney. Maybe Jack Hunter is right, maybe he is wrong. I will be looking closely at Rand in the next four years, observing his positions, the way he votes, and his platform. I am disappointed by the endorsement of Romney, but like Dr. Paul, I don't want to be an absolutist and say I will NEVER vote for Rand. Right now, I would like to say that.. but realistically, I don't know what the future holds. Besides, if I look at next time around.. it might be a choice between Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, and Rand Paul. If Rand can prove that he is actually for small government, spending cuts, and sensible foreign policy, I would definitely pick him over those other lunatics.

here's $0.02 as to what I don't see mentioned

Jack Hunter's whole premise is apparently based on some forgone conclusion that Ron Paul has completely lost the GOP nomination. He states this as a some kind of firm obvious reality that exists within him today.
He uses this 'conclusion' to then back up his what-if future scenarios that Rand must now support the GOP "nominee" or regret it when he runs for (R) prez in 2016....

So when did this Ron Paul loss happen so clearly & concretely in the mind of apparently one of his claimed biggest supporters? (the southern avenger)?

^ is what I would think to ask Jack Hunter as this is how he obviously feels about Ron Paul and his campaign... everything else is basically a snow ball created from this initial thrust

It wasn't sudden, just the messaging change is sudden

Hunter is no dummy. It's been obvious since at least Iowa that Ron wasn't going to come anywhere close to winning enough delegates. The 2012 campaign strategy was never to win. Hunter is the chief blogger and hence plays the campaign's message. The message now is to acknowledge reality and prepare the troops to bite the bullet and endorse the nominee.

How Could Rand Endorse A Candidate Who's Supporters

ordered or initiated off duty police to ultimately brutalize and break a disabled man's prosthetic leg and another man's fingers last weekend at the LAGOP amongst other numerous accounts of cheating by the "establishment" folks who support Romney? How could Mitt and his supporters earn Rand's endorsement or any endorsement or "respect" by Ron Paul supporters after being so disrespectful to our movement? It's been three days since this endorsement and we still haven't heard a word from Dr. Paul about his thoughts or at least his reaction...


I suppose his speech in Texas should tell us most of what we need to know about his views on "uniting the party". How can we "unite" when it's around something undesirable like cheating and inhumane brutality against people that are just trying to exercise their liberty to vote, and those who expect fair elections?

It seems that Mitt from what Rand is indicating has come around on a few issues moving more toward the liberty views that Ron Paul supporters hold. And actually, if it wasn't for all of the cheating and brutality so far, I would probably say ok I might consider possibly voting for Mitt if Ron loses the nomination. The fact is that the "establishment" has already burnt the bridge with me due to their cheating and physically brutal actions against Ron Paul supporters in this election so far. Folks, what they have done to us so far in this election is very telling of what may come if Mitt becomes POTUS, it can only get worse... I'm sorry Rand, but I cannot vote for Mitt, because his campaign has violated civil rights and I cannot stand and will never stand for such disgraceful conduct.

The more I think about this, Rand's reasons could include of course the deals made between him and Mitt or Rand could be doing this because he was either threatened/blackmailed (example could be the Bilderberg death wish exposed last week in Chantilly,VA) or to separate himself from the campaign due to the upcoming lawsuit being filed on Monday by Lawyers For Ron Paul against the "establishment"(toolsforjustice.com) so they can't hold him accountable in the future. Or it could be all of the above. Well, I'm not Rand and I am obviously not facing the same issues as he is so Sorry this is a No Deal for me...

The only possible way for me to vote for Mitt if Ron loses the nomination would be if:
1) Mitt admits he believes there has been allot of lying, cheating, stealing of votes(election fraud), physical brutality and disenfranchisement of the Ron Paul Supporter Voters and Delegates by his own supporters and campaign and also admits that he thinks the elections may have been Rigged For Romney(him) the entire time. Mitt can save face by saying he didn't know for sure about all of this but he's highly suspect for a few reasons to be articulated later. He must make his admission and apology in the MSM Realm whereas the MSM also admits that they have been reporting fake news/propaganda, but will be truthful from now on. Everyone knows why the MSM ratings have dropped about 50% in the last 6months uh hello it's because the American people are not buying the bullsh*t anymore. I predict they have maybe another 6months and they will be completely dead if they don't somehow stand to save face soon... Of course we all know this very reason is why there is continuous internet regulation legislation floating around congress to try to shut down the alternative media which is currently blowing the MSM away right now. I however assure everyone that as soon as the government starts trying to enforce any clamping down on the internet, the American people I believe will just grab their guns and it's gonna be all over... This Mitt & Media fess-up to save face can be done sometime between Tampa and the general election if Ron doesn't win the nomination. So I highly advise that the media start thinking really hard about who they are giving air time. If they don't give Dr. Paul a fair shot in this thing, they will be forced to depend on this type of deal or THEY WILL SURELY BE THE DEAD DINOSAUR MEDIA, NO JOKE FOLKS!!!

2) The Bilderberg's must admit they are Fascists and they have been infiltrating our government and trying to take over this planet the whole time. They must help stop Obama from becoming president since he is not qualified for the position. They must End Their Fed, take what they have and leave us and our country and the rest of the world alone from this point on. Oh and again we want an apology for their years of initiating death and destruction around the world, and they need to quit the bullsh*t in Syria and other places immediately. This all needs to be admitted in the MSM. They also need to agree to use a large portion of the money they are keeping to lend out to indigent women around the world in order to obtain college education. Their new income will be from student loan interest revenue. Higher education among women leads to more independence, better family planning decisions, and therefore will serve to lower and control the world population. They essentially must agree to stop meddling in the government game and take their golden ball and go home, and start conducting a more honest yet still lucrative business which contributes to world peace. Lastly, any government official who has been seen or known to have attended any Bilderberg meetings must adhere to this deal and resign from their office or pay the fine according to the Logan Act by the end of this next 2012 Presidential Election term (deadline for resignations would be inauguration day January 2017)...

3) Ron Paul's acceptance of the apologies and endorsement of Mitt is required and Mitt must offer Ron a key position that is preferable. Mitt must also agree to financially pledge a large chunk of support to Ron Paul for POTUS 2016 Presidential campaign if Ron somehow decides to run again. Mitt also needs to agree to support election laws that provide for transparency to voters requiring the states to bring back paper ballots and caucus voting for all types of elections, get rid of the voting machines, have a fair and open delegate selection process, and prove their vote count results to the public via public posting of precinct vote counts and how each precinct adds into the state totals...

I know this type of deal described above may sound silly, or impossible. It also seems to be quite a bit of a compromise for everyone, but also everyone gets something... The MSM saves face and doesn't go extinct. Both Romney & Dr. Paul share the next 8 years presidency. The Bilderberg Fascist Bankster Cartel get to keep what they have. And lastly everyone gets to stay alive!

The American people and the rest of the world have been screwed enough and consequently this Criminal Mob who controls our government have so far dug their own graves and will be buried soon in my opinion as I truly believe that if they don't give us a deal described above or something similar, there may very well be at least civil war again in America as we are realizing that slavery has become a problem again - And I'm sure it won't be pretty for either side...

I am a daughter of the revolution, my earliest ancestors came to this country on the Mayflower in 1620. I am 100% American made - no gimmicks. I and my family care deeply about this country and I will stand for freedom until my death. The situation that we are in is unacceptable and my feeling is that America will not stand for this crap and the government is done with all of their 9/11 legislation bullsh*t to try to turn us into a corporatist fascist oligarchy - it ain't gonna fly folks. Understand where we are now and where we are going...

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure." - Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

I think Rand was too early considering that after all being a son, he could be expected by many to give his father more of a benefit of the doubt. So again I think there may still be other reasons for the endorsement, but I will reserve judgement until we know the truth for sure...

I think also that considering all the lying, cheating, stealing of votes, disenfranchisement, and physical brutality that the Romney "establishment" supporters and his campaign has inflicted upon Ron Paul supporters and movement, this could have been an understandable reason for Rand to not endorse at least until the "nominations process" is truly over, and there is at least some kind of admission of wrongdoing and apology by Romney, his supporters, and his campaign etc... explained above.

I think Jack Hunter does however make some good points which do make allot of sense to me so I will accept this explanation, for now although I don't agree that it's enough reason for Rand to make this endorsement at this time considering the circumstances of this whole elections process so far. Also, I would still like to hear a reaction from Dr. Paul Sr. himself on this...

I would finally like to add that all of this hoo haa about the endorsement is gaining HUGE MSM attention and bringing some things into the MSM light that have been previously ignored. So more food for thought for everyone, and possibly reconsideration as well since his son is stating that his dad after all still is and always will be his first choice... This endorsement is being made with emphasis that Ron Paul's issues are being considered more seriously by the big players in this race. So this tells allot of people as well that the liberty movement is very much alive and also an admission that Romney needs the Ron Paul vote to win which is a powerful plus for the Ron Paul campaign moving forward in this race. LET'S GIVE THEM A BIG RUN FOR THEIR MONEY!!! MARCH ON PATRIOTS, IT'S RON PAUL OR BUST!!!

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

Insect spray

When you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

Rand Paul just marginalized himself. He has placed himself outside the liberty movement hoping to get inside the Establishment's favor. Rand Paul caved in without negotiating for even a bone. The Establishment got what they wanted and now Rand is hoping Romney throws him one. I got news for you, Rand, Mitt is the negotiator. If he wasn't, he'd be working for somebody else. Welcome to the big leagues.

Romney didn't have to give up a thing to get Rand's endorsement. Rand is now Romney's pet. Romney owns Paul.

Hunter is the official blogger for the Pauls, which spelled differently is o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l--s-p-i-n--m-e-i-s-t-e-r. It is his job to make the best out of bad situations, try to make Rand look good and salvage what he can of the base from a very compromising situation.

Ron B.

so who's left in your liberty movement?

Funny how someone who fights alongside us on all our issues is cast aside when you disagree with his strategy. Will Ron still be in your liberty movement when he endorses Romney in Tampa?

How about we judge Rand by

How about we judge Rand by his voting record? Many people are throwing him under the bus because he "endorsed" Romney. If he starts saying, e.g., the NDAA is necessary or an audit of the Fed is useless, then I'll throw him under the bus. Until then people need to take a step back and realize Rand is the only Senator defending liberty.

I agree with Hunter's assessment. He endorsed the establishment candidate to grow this movement. There isn't anything nefarious about it.

One flaw in your argument

You are assuming that everybody is like us. They are not.

Most people watch FAUX news and believe all the propaganda they hear.

We need the support of these people as well and marketing Ron and Rand in different ways is a strategic masterpiece from the campaign.

This way we can fight the fight at different levels at the same time.

I understand that. I am not

I understand that. I am not referring to those who are duped by Faux News. They will either join us when they lern more, as we HAVE bene converting them slowly, or a NEW generation will be our movement.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

There ain't no way Romney wins.

So the "if Romney wins" thing is not relevant. A few million of us Ron Paul types aren't gonna vote for him, and the liberals who would have switched to vote for Ron Paul will suck it up and vote for Obama. With all the chaos we are gonna cause at the Tampa convention, Ron Paul is gonna get a ton of heat for Obama's eventual victory (barring a miracle at the convention). The majority of Republicans are gonna be pissed at our movement, but they will still want 90% of what we stand for. They won't be pissed at Rand, and the day after Obama is re-elected, Rand's name will immediately be in the mix as a front runner for 2016. I don't think there is a chance in hell that Ron and Rand aren't in complete agreement with how this is gonna go down.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

I agree completely

I have said it before, Rand Paul is no Ron Paul!

But the thing to do if Mitt Romsney is nominated then Ron Paul should immediately switch gears and run as an independent. The independents outnumber Dem's and repubican's. The way to to bring liberal and conservative independents together to defeat the established two part system is to bring in Ralph Nader as his running mate. I happen to know that they have been in communication but to what extent I know not!

If he won't do that, then I say support Rocky Anderson.


Agreed he is wrong

Agreed he is wrong.

If we sell out to the neo-cons running the RNC like the christian coalition did what we we gain?

Little if anything.

Until the Neo-cons are not running the RNC its foolish to hand them more political capital to help them further their agendas and expect we will see any meaningful change at the same time.

The Neo-cons who prominently run the RNC in all corners would love to have us add political capital to their causes. After all, they have a lot of statist agenda to push through under the false flag true conservatism rhetoric.

Jack never points out the christian collation actually assisted the neo-conservative movement which saw little gains for their own agenda. #1 issue abortion and nothing changed. But they were used time and time again to vote for all the governmental growth and played the fools for the Neo-cons calling the shots in the RNC.

I will have no part in that.

tasmlab's picture

How about a condemnation?

I condemn endless war, a corporatist fiat money system, endless debt and basically everything Romney is for.

That's what I want to hear. Even if rand was SILENT it would been too soft for my tastes.

Currently consuming: Gatto: "Underground history of education..", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

I was going to write this

I was going to write this post...glad someone beat me to it.

I think its also important to note that the "strategy" is flawed. You cannot tell people the reason he endorsed Mitt is so that in 2016 (assuming B.O wins) the other candidates cannot throw it in Rands face the way they did to his father in the election. All they have to do is mention Jacks video blog or Rands explanation (assuming he gives us the real reason why he did this) and then its over for him. He will be exposed for trying to play the GOP

There are a lot of what ifs in Jacks statements. This decision has divided this movement. Will it be worth it?

Does he really see us all in 4 years supporting Rand like we did his father? With blimps and money bombs and sign bombs? I'm not sure if Rand can garner that kind of enthusiasm. He has little when it comes to his personality as he is very mono tone and dry.

SteveMT's picture

Nailed it, Brian.

These questions (and their answers) should be as clear as when Moses asked: Who is on the Lord's side?


Truthbearer's picture

All this...

...is based on the pretense that there will even be a country after this election.

What happened just after bush was elected?

And the March thereafter?

We have ONLY ONE CHANCE to continue on as a country in some recoverable form, and that is from the election of Ron Paul. If that does not happen, we the U S of A will become the U S of Toast?

Sounds bad? Maybe. But if one does not see the writing that is plainly on the wall in front of all eyes to see, and if one does not choose to embrace the truth, well, ignorance is the greatest sin after all and we all pay the piper some day for our life's actions, words, and deeds.

There is no escape from Karmic justice or Universal law. Man can invent them, but God creates them. You walk on one path or the other and will know the repercussions from such life led. What goes up, must come down. The Law of Cause and Effect is real. Don't just believe that, KNOW IT!

Pray there is a future for Americans, and not a future that is only is for the benefit of the elitists and globalist pig banksters that cause population reducing wars for profit and plunder.


This was the message to Jack this morning speaking to his assumptions that there will be a country as we know it now left after the next world war.

Good morning Jack.

Your good works are highly appreciated and you convey important messages that people need to hear. Thank you.

Unfortunately, what you and many folks are not getting is, there will be NO elections in 2016. Be realistic Jack and see the writing on the wall. After the romulan starts WW III and the dollar crashes, all these draconian acts will go into effect and the constitution and liberty as we knew it will be gone forever...fast out the door and replaced by tyranny to come.

What you are not seeing is, WE ARE NAZI GERMANY NOW right before WW II. The world hates America after we have gone all over the globe conquering nation after nation for isreal and her masters of unreality. (rothschilds) Were they ever surprised after we attacked them finally?

When this country falls, the world will rejoice and give a standing ovation to china and Russia who are teaming up to take us down. All as long planned of course by such notables like the rockefeller glove puppet maurice strong, who has been in china for years helping them rise up to be the next money engine for the banksters new world order.

Did nazi germany see another election after the rothschild puppet Hitler was appointed the dictator? Did they return four years later to elect a liberty minded candidate? NO! They were set up to lose the war like we are being set up to lose this next one so the banksters can come in and buy up what ever is left for pennies on the x-dollar like they did after WW II.

Jack, believe it or not, history DOES repeat itself. Also, the mass mind is too mind-control conditioned by the ignorance factor to learn from history. We live in a nation divided. Well done on purpose so we can not muster up a country full of people to stop all this insanity of war for the profits of a few. Getting people together for God and Country is like herding cats. Take this election for an example. It can not be done because of the media weapon of mass destruction that is loosened on the unsuspecting public every night for the imperial conditioning, and divide and control methodology imprint.

Speaking personally, and it may also be the same for many, what makes one sick is the true realization that Ron Paul is the only chance to stop the warmongering that will lead to our demise. War is unsustainable and will end eventually when the aggressor is exhausted of all it's resources, or vanquished and eliminated. If he is not elected, we are lost. Like really, how long can a country go around the world like nazi germany did conquering defenseless small nations for their natural resources and oil? Does anyone actually think they will get away with implementing the neo-con PNAC agenda without some intervention to stop the world domination agenda? Does anyone actually think that Russia and china will sit idly by as we go attack Syria and Iran?

The chinese are at this time ACTIVELY preparing to go to war with the USA while most americans sit on the couch watching the mind numbing digital TV brain wave control box. This country has been set up by the globalists to lose the next war so again, what will be left after the real exchange of weapons of mass destruction is still to be seen. If that happens, and the chances of that are growing every day, we will not be the united states of America anymore and there certainly will NOT be a president rand Paul in the future. Do you get that Jack? If America doe not elect Ron Paul for President and he does not radically change all this and stop the useless wars based on lies and a neo-con desire for world domination, we are toast. Period!

If you can not see all this coming, you have not done enough homework. The best plan anyone could be concerned with now is getting the heck out of the new coming nazi germany(former america) and going to some place where Americans are not hated or rightly despised for the warmongering murders we have collectively become. No one is guiltless after being complicit in allowing these wars based on lies and deceptions to go on for over ten years. If you were in nazi germany just before WW II and knew what was coming, what would you do?

All one can say is, enjoy your freedoms and liberty while you can for the day is coming when they will use a False Flag Event to implement the martial law and draconian acts they have prepared and passed just for the lock down and end of America as we knew it. Seriously praying all this is wrong, but unfortunately due to the direction we have been historically going into, nothing seems to be able to stop the hell bound USA train from plummeting off the cliff of history.

God bless you all on this fine Sunday and please pray for America. Give yourself and your families the quality time you all deserve while you can...one day at at time. We are headed towards dark waters.




-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

Another Truth bomb

We are the National Socialist Germany.

Truthbearer's picture


...or maybe...the NA-tional ZI-onist.

Or, who created them all to fight each other?



and what happened to the principle "there is too much compromise in washington." Ok so Jack says it is playing politics and not compromising principle. But they ARE one in the same. The effect is still to throw ice in the drink. It cools down the movement, eventually waters it down, and decreases it's potency.

they are so desperate to get there

they'd throw Ron under the bus and try convince themselves and everyone it's for the best and that once they get to washington they'll defend Ron's principles to the hilt.

Oh except the foreign policy stuff and the personal freedom stuff and a few other things but apart from that there will be some great rousing speeches about liberty.

I cant believe there are

I cant believe there are people that will get the Obama treatment of hope and promise, to find out they got sucked... I'm not faling for it..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

The whole plan depends on

The whole plan depends on romney losing the election. The people will be ready for a change after 4 more years of obama. If Rand runs in 2016 he will run on his voting record. The first step is to win the republican primary and his chances would be zero if he has become an outcast in the GOP. Its in our best interest to make sure romney loses but there is no way Rand could say that out loud. I dont expect Rand to work very hard to help him. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot in nov. then I am going to vote for gary johnson.The leaders of the republican party need to know that they can't win without us.

I realize

gary johnson is relativly good, but just to let you know, he knows absolutely NOTHING of Austrian economics and the business cycle. Heart is in the right place, but he is nowhere near the intellectual Ron Paul is.

If you measure other

If you measure other candidates against Ron Paul they are all going to look weak on economics but if Dr. Paul is not on the ballot we will have to choose the best option that we have. Johnson has proven that he is not afraid to veto spending bills. That would be a huge step in the right direction.

Tweet Gary. Our country is at stake. We are not alone.

Gary is reachable. Why not demand that he educate himself on Austrian economics? The Tom Woods website is a good place to start .

Our Republic is at stake.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan