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Doug Wead: Ron Paul Surprise in Arkansas!

While many in the Liberty Movement were engaged in a weekend of blame and counter blame, other Ron Paul stalwarts were still fighting in the trenches at district and state conventions. I have lots of video and documentary on the marathon events in Texas but before that, here is another shocker. This one from Arkansas. It shows clearly that the move to transform the GOP is organic and real and cannot be stopped, even from inside.

So here is the firsthand story coming out of the Arkansas District Conventions. No broken bones this time and, thankfully, no broken hearts either. Ron Paul was supposed to be shut out in Arkansas. Some in the establishment were going to great lengths to keep his forces from participating. But how can you stop his ideas? And how can you stop people who are awake to the truth? [Click to Read On...]

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What did we do?

Get some more delegates to go to tampa and vote for Romney?

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

I was there

I was there at district 2. It was awesome. After a few months of pessimism, I felt energized! We CAN fill the Republican party and make it ours! Their time is over - they blew it. DO NOT STOP being involved in the political process. YOU are Dr. Paul's legacy, and we owe him. It is up to us to make the Republican Party the anti-war party, the anti-prohibition party, the state's rights party.


I'm from district 3. Thanks for your work there and congrats on the big win.

Arakansas Summer State Meeting, Sat. June 23 - LIVE STREAM

The Liberty Live Stream Team is making plans to Live Stream the :

"Summer State Committee Meeting (Election of Delegates to National Convention and Election of National Committeeman and woman)"

Arkansas Summer State Committee Meeting, June 23

This event on Saturday, June 23, is the Arkansas version of their State level GOP convention. It seems that the ladies in Arkansas, in general, are very, very involved in the GOP in Arkansas at this time. The Liberty Live Stream Team is expected to be well received.

We are developing contacts, boots on the ground, in the Ron Paul sphere in Arkansas to facilitate developing a list of interviews with individuals involved in this event.

Early reports and information indicate there is much, much more support in Arkansas than you might have ever thought.

RON PAUL 2012 !

NO ONE ... BUT ... RON PAUL !!!

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

So glad you all are coming over

Great work in Oklahoma and Texas.

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

I was a delegate to the TX convention

GUYS PLEASE. US RON PAUL SUPPORTERS IN TX LEARNED A BIG LESSON. We need to grow our numbers more so that we can out right take over the party. We need more numbers and alot of us understand that we must grow just like ron paul did. Remember, ron paul grew through the ranks until he become chairman. It's the message not the man. The state chairman even said that the delegates are not bound. we got alot of delegates and alternates. we need to continue for years to come. I know i will because people tried to get me to go with the establishment but i didn't go to get along with them. I went to fight for liberty.

keep fighting

after all this bs the last few weeks, do not worry. I will vote against any republican that endorses or supports romney. Let the gop fall or rise on their own merits. My job will be to hold the gop accountable for life. I will treat the gop like it should be vote them out if they endorse establishment.

Ron Paul 2016

I Never

Gave up. I fight for Liberty ever damn DAY

Does this state count as one of the five?

it seems like it was an even split down the middle. IF anyone knows please post .


the 21 at large delegates will likely go to Romney because the establishment chair gets to pick them.

It is not the chair that picks them

They are voted on by the Arkansas Republican Committee. We need to make sure that rule gets changed as well as the rule that you must put a presidential preference on your application to be a delegate. It is really quite a sham to have to pay a $150 delegate fee, but then aren't eligible to be voted on because of your preference.

I think all those who were "ineiligible" should receive a refund of the filing fee.

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

Keep up the great job Delegates!

Don't let the downers get to you all! Keep on fighting for your freedom my friends!


the downers are tate,benton,tate and rand. who needs estabishment enemies?When you have ron paul campaign folks doing the job for them. It all reminds me to vote out anyone endorsing romney. The ron paul campaign brought all this bs on themselves. Since my convention is over now. I will be moving my support to Gary Johnson unless ron paul runs. I will forever vote against any candidate that endorses or supports the gop establishment. may rand paul burn in hell for all i care.

Ron Paul 2016

I was there...

It was pretty cool. We have the establishment shaking in their boots here in AR. I wouldn't say that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

I had been stressing out about the Rand Paul thing just like many of us, but this restored my faith in our movement. This is much bigger than the presidency. Our victory in districts 2 and 4 was great, but the old guard's palpable and unmitigated fear was just incredible.

Most of Us

have time and money invested in this campaign. I see most who are willing to still work hard at least until the National GOP convention is over. We intend to get Ron Elected whether he wants to or not. If we fail we will take over the GOP anyway, but will never vote for Romney or the best of two evils. The way we see it there is no difference between them and socialism is not an option. I took my oath to uphold the constitution in 1968 and my word is my bond.

Annebeck58 your post at 9:31pm


Gongrats to Arkansas delegates on a job well done,you thwarted corrupt in the GOP and left their evil master plan with egg on it's face,well played!


Doug Wead is an expert manipulator.


Poor souls working hard to get to Tampa just to be told to submit theirselves to Romney. Somebody start a refund my money bomb money petition now!

There is a difference

It would be well to recognize the difference between being respectful and being submissive. Jhorne10 sounds like a troll - I know, people throw that charge around too freely these days; but still. There are two ways to make a political argument: 1) shouting, shaking fists, and expressing emotions; 2) explaining, pressing the point, revealing the weakness of the opposing position.

Dr Paul is a man of honor, poise and grace. He is teaching his supporters a valuable truth. By taking the high road we can convince some of our opponents, impress some of the witnesses to the debate, and influence the overall direction of the discussion. By taking the low road we make a scene, close minds and harden hearts.

When you ask yourself whether your time and money spent in this campaign has been wasted ask yourself what principles, what core beliefs led you to work so hard. If the answer is Liberty, then you have wasted nothing and owe it to yourself to continue the path you have chosen. If the answer is to 'kick ass' and stick it to the establishment, then maybe you really do need to move on.

As for me and my house, we will continue to fight for Liberty, the Constitution, and blessing the Founding Fathers so rightly championed.


I like to do both

Millions of dollars

People spent millions of dollars to back Ron Paul and I think the people deserve an apology from Rand and Ron Paul!

apology for what?

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. Ron Paul did NOT endorse Mitt Romney.

I am voting for Ron Paul as I have intended since the beginning.

I hope you all will continue to do the same.

Get Lost!

Wead should get LOST!

You get lost. Get out if

You get lost. Get out if you're not going to help.


How about

You get lost. I been helping, doing much more than your punk ass have been. I am delegate and got many others to do the same, plus donated thousands of dollars to this shit campaign and for what? So you can tell me to vote for Mitt Romney and than you tell me to get lost if I am not going to help. I helped long enough shit stain. Keep thinking ti is about the message, you IDIOT. Our message wasn't heard. If you think so than your a retard!

Our message is being heard

Our message is being heard and it will be heard. Liberty is not dead it is coming back.


People like you make me want to PUKE because you are such a HYPOCRITE!

Get lost!

Get LOST yourself thinshin IDIOT!Don't trample on a persons speech rights unless you don't want yours taken away!What a hypocrite you are!

Free speech

Is a guarantee to speech without fear of prosecution from the state. It is not a guarantee of speech without consequences. Someone suggesting you 'shut up' does not infringe on your constitutional free speech.

Good Work

Good work on Giving up!

Some Patriot you are.