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Ron is going to be president whether he likes or not.

It's our decision.

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Does your title imply that Ron Paul doesn't want to be president

Your title implies what I have thought for some time but have tried to convince myself otherwise.

I figured he was in it to win it this time when he started those great hard hitting ads. Then after strong results in Iowa and new Hampshire it seemed like that was it with the ads that seemed so effective.

Then right when he seemed to be getting attention from his massive crowds on college campuses, he stops doing them.

It makes me wonder if he wants to make sure he doesn't get too popular and actually end up winning.

If that is his mindset, then he really needs to make that clear so his die hard supporters don't waste their valuable time and resources fighting for for something that he is trying to avoid.

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Not til I hear it from Rons lips -

- Will I believe he is not in it to win it. I just can not say what all the Rand MSM play is all about. I trust Ron and will just continue on. I am not going to start believing MSM liars now. Delegate counts are all speculative at this stage and it just aint over til it is over in the mean time fight the good fight!

I had to chuckle when I seen

the title to this thread... I pictured the delegates grabbing him at the Liberty Fest and dragging him to the convention.... LOL
Ron Paul 2012!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

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Last time ('08), someone said on this forum that Ron Paul is

going to be president if we have to carry him into the WH!



I hope we can count on your help with the lifting.

I wish we could get a video of Ron's speech to every Romney

delegate....so they could hear for themselves....they HAVE been duped...by the media. How could we do this?



Two things, money and some organisation. There must be some one here that is in the industry that would run with this. I believe this would be a game changer..

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

What I am looking forward to is a speech at the convention

from Ron Paul and Paul delegates going crazy whistling and cheering furiously, and then comparing it to Mittens' speech and having the whistling and cheering not be anywhere near as great....how embarassing for the "presumptive nominee".

I wonder how they can cover this up on national TV....I mean if they couldn't even bring mitts out to speak in Texas.....what's it gonna be like on national TV?



They've already done it. Remember when Fox played the announcement for the winner of CPAC? Mute the cheers for Ron Paul, play a fake cheering track for Romney. No wide shots of the crowd. 99% of sheeple don't even question the most obvious of media manipulations. Even when they do get caught, the just say it was an "honest mistake" and people flip back to see what Paris Hilton or Justin Beiber is up to.

I'm more interested in seeing

how they cover up the military supporters outside.

Just remember...Stewart & Colbert will be there. Is Ben Swann going? (I hope so)

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Good point. We have their backs against the wall.

I honestly can not fathom much of what I've seen over the years in the way of un-punished crimes. It is us and our thoughts and our dreams and our wishes and our prayors that lead us to action and will ultimately determine the outcome. They cant hide any more.

Long live Ron Paul!

Good post

The revolution is in our hands now

I agree...

I'm not picking the lesser of two evils. I'm voting Dr. Paul no matter how I have to do it.

Couldn't agree more.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

our state chairman

said that the delegates are not bound in the national convention in TX. WE got alot of delegates and alternates. We will get ron paul in even if the establishment does not want it. The establishment tried to stop us by nominating from their own but a ron paul supporter gave an awesome speech and we won by a few close votes.

Ron Paul himself has said

Ron Paul himself has said that there will not be anywhere NEAR 1144 Ron Paul supporters as delegates, either bound or unbound. This is why he doesn't even want it ATTEMPTED. Because it won't work, and would destroy EVERYTHING he has worked for over the last 30+ year and what he has finally started to achieve over the last 5.

You're scared he can do it, or you wouldn't be on this site

commenting. You're scared, and this is the only thing you can conjure up in your mind to save Romney.

You posted a lot of negative stuff in the 4 days since joining.

Amazing to me that some how YOU know what Ron wants. You must think little of his 30 years if you belive it could be "destroyed" by individuals voting their coscience. Hmmmmm do you live under a bridge and eat passing goats by chance?

I have been reading.

No one legally can coerse or influence anothers vote at any time, any place for any reason. If one is considered bound by a state party the worst penalty I have been able to find is a $100 dollar fine for voting your conscience, how ever because coersion of this kind is against federal law I doubt very much if you chose to challenge it they could possibly win in court.

Ooooooooh! a hundered dollars. I was fined $5000.00 for dropping a cigarette butt out my windwing at a four way intersection.

My advice to all delegates is to always vote your cosciense every time you vote no matter what, it is you right.

Long live Ron Paul!

woah! $5000!

no. way.
seriously? where do you live? in the middle of a kindling basket?

It was in beaverton Oregon and it had been rainig for days.....

It was a four way intersection at Farmington Rd. and Murray Blvd. Business district not residential, nothing but pavement, To make matters worse my truck ran out of gas on the way to court and I called to tell them I would be late and they told me too bad they were issuing a warrant for my arrest, the next night my son and I were playing the WII when there was a knock at the door and they arrested me handcuffed me and threw me in jail.

Beaverton Cops

It seems to us that the Beaverton police don’t just have an officer with a particular traffic fetish.

They have allowed him to become a cash machine. That earns the entire department Rogue of the Week honors.


Dropping a butt out of your car

on the road up Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles County (of the Manson murders fame,) is a felony, so I hear. Yes, that place is a kindling basket where a lot of rich people live.

Nothing like complete denial

to keep spirits up.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Smudge Pot ...

Here you are again...spewing negativity. It must really kill you that our spirits can't be crushed and that we won't go away.

So you support Romney now?

A bad decision in my opinion.

Dancing with the Devil, an American Tradition.


That old story, what did the devil offer? Bread, safety and power.

My money is on Rand.

Free includes debt-free!